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Genre: Arcade, Music
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Mar 8 @ 8:17pm

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Release date: Late Spring 2014
Vinyl is a dynamic indie music game that experiments with the aesthetic distance between gameplay and music.

Every Song is Unique
  • Load your own music.
  • Your music procedurally generates the world...
  • The way you play changes the music!
  • Pick a music genre and let Vinyl remix your song how you choose.

Arcade Styled Runner
  • Dodge all of the obstacles to see your music in vibrant neon synesthesia.
  • Make mistakes and your music will be taken back in time.
  • Rewind to undo your mistakes, and your score.
  • Collect audio filters to manipulate your music even more, and score more points!
  • Too easy to dodge obstacles? Boost to increase your multiplier and gain the ultimate score!

Score Attack
  • Use all of your abilities to rack up points.
  • Challenge the online leaderboards.
  • Enter your initials to claim the number one spot!

We began development on Vinyl by asking the question: how does altering a player's own music affect how they play a game? Vinyl is a new and playful take on the music game genre which seeks to bridge the gap between gameplay and audio. By creating the game's world dynamically for every song, the visuals completely mirror the music. By directly manipulating the music based on the player's performance, the music completely mirrors the gameplay. This uniquely ties audio, visuals, and gameplay in a previously unexplored way.

Vinyl: Play Your Music
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This game is similar to another Music Game called Music Racer for PC & Mac.