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Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player, Co-op
Feb 25 @ 5:22pm
Apr 4 @ 4:18pm

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ReLive Online
Dutch, Polish & German subtitles!
Game Mechanics

The object of the game is that you need to survive the haunted building , the building will have many floors that will each have a different story and puzzle for you to discover. You will encounter a different spirit on each floor with their own story to tell you.
You solve puzzles to escape each floor as a elevator takes you to different floors each in limbo, each floor has someone who died, you just moved into the building an your being guided by a voice from a past life, you find anything to use as light an it can attract them because they think it's the light to the other side.
You will need to use the light sources to guide you around due to the dark and atmospheric enviroment. when using these light sources you will be chased by the spirits of the dead which will cause damage to your health, if you are unable to get away then the spirit will kill you. In order for you to proceed through the game you will need to find the elevator door which takes you to the next floor.
Each floor has a different story to tell and puzzles to solve. You will open draws,find keys and books that will explain the spirits. You will have to move objects to get to certain areas in order to proceed.
• Different stories and puzzles to solve on each floor of the building
• Different types of spirits waiting to tell you their story and other spirits waiting to harm you
• Anything can be used has a light source
• Escape the building by solving all the puzzles and survive the horror set out by the spirits


I sat bolt upright and saw nothing. My new apartment had been blanketed in complete darkness and the sound of the fuse box lid swinging open came to my ears. My eyes watered and I rubbed them vigorously.
‘♥♥♥♥,’ I mumbled to myself as I swung my legs over the side of my camp bed and became instantly tangled with the duvet that lay on the cold floor. After picking myself up, I reached for my phone. My furniture was due to arrive around 9am the following morning and after trying, in vain, to connect to a wi-fi that wasn’t password protected, I decided to sleep through the night.
I stared at my phone. 2 missed calls and a text from a friend I wasn’t even sure remembered who I was until I mentioned I had moved to this side of town. My eyes watered again from the glare of the screen and I wiped the fluid from my cheeks, irritated. The text read, ‘Hey, there’s a Subway down the block from your building. Couple of friends are meeting there around 10, join us?’ That was two hours ago. Doubting they’d still be there at 11:30pm, I sided with my grumbling gut and, by means of mobile phone light, grabbed my jeans. I pulled them on with ease and rubbed my tummy. The move had been a difficult one, fueled by dispute after dispute with my parents and had led me to lose weight. I shook my head, rubbing my watery eyes. The past was behind me now and I was ready for a new life in my new apartment. I decided to fix the power situation on a fuller stomach and grabbed the keys from the countertop before making my way to the door and locking it firmly behind me.

Stepping out into the corridor, I caught my foot on the carpet and stumbled. I am known for being notoriously clumsy, which is not helped by my overly active tear ducts, leading people to believe that I am constantly crying. I groaned at the memory of years and years of bullying for being a ‘wimp’ and leapt to my feet. I shook my head again. I didn’t have to live in my past anymore, I could close the book and never have to read it again. I glanced up at the lights that dotted the walls and noticed that, although they flickered softly, they were in full working order. I deduced that the fuses had definitely tripped in my apartment, which is a dilemma easily solved.
I sauntered to the elevator and stepped inside. The stench of old urine, accompanied by suspicious stains that decorated the interior, invaded my nostrils, causing me to wrinkle my nose in disgust and clap a hand to my face. ‘Urgh,’ I coughed, trying to not let the odour migrate any further into my body. I pressed the button marked ‘G’ with my free hand. A series of whirrs and clanks announced the beginning of my descent and, leaning back against the wall that had the least stains, I closed my eyes.
After a few minutes, I re-opened them. The sounds had stopped and I was sure I had reached the ground floor; after all, my apartment was only on Floor 3. The doors were still shut. I frowned behind my hand. Turning to the button board to my left, I drew a sharp intake of breath.
The lights were out. I drew both hands to my face and rubbed; I could feel a headache coming on. My hands flopped back to their original place. ‘Brilliant, just brilliant. First my power goes out and now the bloody elevator gets stuck,’ I sighed and let my head fall back onto the wall. I looked up in my newly acquired enclosure and noticed how brightly the overhead light shone. ‘I wouldn’t mind that light going out if it meant the right lights would come on and let me out!’ I joked to myself. My words faded into silence as I closed my eyes again, before they could leak.
My head snapped down. The greeting was little more than a whisper but it sent a chill coursing through my veins. The elevator was silent. ‘Who’s there?’ I moved forward and made a full turn, checking for a source of the voice.
‘Can you hear me?’
The voice came louder this time. It was still soft but I could distinguish the girlishness and youth of whom the voice belonged to. Perhaps the voice was coming from outside the elevator doors? I cleared my throat and put on my most persuasive voice. ‘Please, I need help, the doors seem stuck.’
‘The doors are not stuck, you are.’ The voice called from overhead. I looked up, confused.
‘Huh?’ I did not understand. ‘What do you mean?’
‘Please, this really isn’t funny.’
‘Just listen to me and they won’t hurt you.’
‘Wha- who won’t hurt me?’
‘The others.’ The voice whispered behind me.
I shivered and moved back against the wall. ‘What others? You’re making no sense!’ I fumbled for my phone and checked the signal. Nothing. ‘Look, the power is out in my apartment, so just call for help, my phone doesn’t get signal in here!’ The overhead light began to flicker.
‘Why did you come back?’ the voice questioned, somewhat angrily. ‘Why couldn’t you just go away?’
My previous confusion paled in comparison to the utter bewilderment I was feeling now. ‘Go away? Come back? You must be mistaking me for someone else- please, just get help,’ I pleaded as the light danced my shadow all around me.
‘They’re coming.’ The voice was in my very ear, soft yet firm. ‘I can’t help you right now, they cannot know I am here.’ I whirled around, dazed by the sputtering of light that cast a crowd of shadows around me, looking once more for a body to the voice.
‘Please, stay safe. I’ll be back.’
‘No, don’t go! Just find someone to get THIS ♥♥♥♥ING LIFT OPEN!’ I shouted.
As my voice rose, I heard the surge of power and the bulb blew. I was enveloped in darkness.


Lead Designer/CEO - Mark Hann
Dev Manager - Matthew Lee Venner
Developer/Manager - Andrew 'Majestic' Henderson
Page Admin - Ash Sunderland

Female Narrator - Siàna Banana
Male Rolde #1 - Dave Osity


More updates soon
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awesome!! ADD and Vote
aBomberZ Apr 14 @ 4:18am 
Your thumbnail grabbed my attention. Very nice art style in the videos. ;)
AddleTwintone Apr 12 @ 12:04am 
@Kapot It's focusing more on puzzle solving and critical thinking. The slow pace is to help us from dying too quickly. ... @inACTIVE Oh cool.
Kapot Apr 11 @ 9:17pm 
Looks a little bit too slow paced even for a horror game.
predatorfox4 Apr 10 @ 5:52pm 
Lonepride Apr 10 @ 2:36pm 
viral advertisment Galaxy S3
tonyfloow Apr 10 @ 1:07pm 
killtorres13 Apr 9 @ 10:02am 
se ve muy bien pero estaría mejor si tuviese idioma español :D
Ggmdark Apr 8 @ 9:09pm 
I'm interested in this game, but I wonder if it will have settings for older PC's. Anyways, looks really good.