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On The Lam: Fugitive Simulator
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player, Co-op
Feb 25 @ 2:22am
Apr 12 @ 9:01pm

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On The Lam featured on popular radio show
Release date: April 11th, 2014
Experience what it is like to actually be a fugitive on the run. On The Lam was designed to be the most realistic fugitive simulator game ever made. Many hours of researching actual fugitive cases were spent to bring the most authentic and realistic experience to the player. The game is text based with RPG and survival influences. Gameplay influences are Plague Inc, DayZ, and Oregon Trail.


Before the game starts, you can pick a perk to start with. It can be a car, drugs, money, street smarts, etc. The game officially starts by letting you know the crime you committed. You then have to decide whether you speed away or hide out. You need to decide fast because as time progresses, cops will get your description from a police sketch or surveillance photo. You will be identified, have your DMV info looked up, and have your apartment searched.

Your friends and family members play a big role in your escape, or your capture. Call someone to try to get them to help you, or get advice. They can help you by providing a hideout location, giving you food, money, weapons, or drugs. Family or friends can choose to turn you away after a certain amount of time or turn you into the cops. Not all of your contacts will help you, and you have to be careful about who you can trust. Even if they do want to help you, cops can be hiding out in front of their house waiting for you. You perception and paranoia stats help you determine who you can trust by their tone of their voice and previous history with them. Character names and willingness to help you change each time you play.

As the same in real life, your character will have various needs and wants. Each stat affects everything in the game, whether it be how likely you are to steal a car, or how long you can stand hiding out in the woods. To satisfy needs such as hunger and thirst, break into a house and loot it, or go to a store to buy it. Going into a store to buy items increases the risk of a pedestrian recognizing you. You can also steal items from stores, but if your tiredness is high or dexterity low, you run the risk of getting caught. You can rob liquor stores too!

Another way to get items is find a house to rob. Houses can contain food, guns, money, and other items which you can sell to a pawn shop. The longer you stay in a house, the more of a chance the owners will come home. If your tiredness or perception is at a good amount, you will hear them pull up and enter the house. You can then tie up or kill the owners (each with its own consequences). Finally you can steal their keys and take their car. Breaking into a house also has the risk of someone still being inside, which they can call the cops on you, or shoot you.

If the police presence in the area is high, you must hide out somewhere safe. Hiding spots can include the woods, city park, abandon buildings, alleyways, and more. If your character is hiding somewhere outside, their stats will be affected by the temperature, location, and other factors. Hiding out at night makes it harder for someone to spot you. Be careful that your character does not oversleep, or stay in one spot when hiding, because you may be discovered if you are in one area for too long.

To travel, you must steal a car. Cars can be stolen in a variety of ways, from holding up at gunpoint, to hot-wiring, and more. Based on your current stats, you may not always be successful, and someone who you failed to hijack can report the crime. If you match the description of what the cops know about you, cops will be in the area faster and in full force. If someone sees you stealing a car, or committing any other crime, cops can determine your current location.

The goal of the game is to flee the country, which can be done in multiple ways. You can try to get the number of someone that can smuggle you out of the country, which costs money or you can also risk crossing over the Canada or Mexico border. You have a higher chance of crossing the Mexico border in the desert, but only if you have enough water and endurance to handle the desert heat.

On The Lam was made with the Wintermute game engine, with custom built middleware for multiplayer.

Player skills and stats:

Endurance – Determines how long you can survive in the cold or heat. Also helps calculate how much damage you can take and how likely you are to get sick.
Dexterity – Determines how quietly you can move to avoid detection, how likely your chances are to win in a fight, and your chances of getting an accidental injury.
Perception – Determines how likely you are to figure out of a friend/family member would turn you into the police. Perception also helps you determine if a pedestrian recognizes you from the police sketch/photo, and if you notice anyone around when committing a crime or hiding out.
Paranoia – To successfully elude capture, this stat must be in the middle. If you are not paranoid enough, you won't notice police or pedestrians spotting you. If you are too paranoid, your character will not be able to perform various actions. Tiredness and drugs can lower or raise your paranoia.
Health – Affected by getting in a fight, sickness, accidents, and overall wellness. Character will die if health reaches zero.
Hunger – Satisfy your hunger by buying or finding food. Character will die if it reaches 100%.
Thirst – Satisfy your thirst by finding or buying water, soda, or alcohol. Character will die if it reaches 100%.
Tiredness – Affects your dexterity and overall ability to do things. Too lower your tiredness, you must find a place to sleep. Sleeping in a public place runs the risk of getting caught.
Comfort – Hiding outdoors, hunger, health, and other factors affect this. Low comfort level will raise your tiredness.
Bladder – Increases when you drink. A high bladder level combined with low high tiredness can cause unwanted accidents, reducing your comfort level.
Bowels – Increases when you eat. If you go into hiding, and don't have toilet paper in your inventory, your comfort level will be reduced.


  • Three types of fugitive scenarios: Murder, prison escape, and terrorist attack. Each made to simulate what it would really like to be a fugitive after committing those crimes.
  • Every decision you make has an impact on how successful you are.
  • Break into houses for shelter, items, or to rob house owners.
  • Steal cars, rob stores, hide out at motels, etc.
  • Player can get injured, suffer sickness, and depression. Items such as medicine and drugs can effect these.
  • Change your clothes to prevent pedestrians and cops from recognizing you.
  • Events take place based on time, i.e. if you steal a car at 3:00 AM the crime will take longer to get reported than if you did it during the day.
  • Player can start with the Street Smarts perk, which allows the player to think more logically and gain additional skills for certain situations.
  • Player is affected by weather and temperature. Weather is determined by the player location in the US(desert,mountains,etc), what the player is wearing, and if it is night or day.
  • If cops are nearby, player can hide out in the woods, buildings, and more. Each hiding place has certain advantages and disadvantages.
  • Areas on the map light up to let you know when police know your last known location.
  • Gather items to help you escape. Items include clothes, tools, food, drink, weapons, and drugs.
  • Post-game police report is generated detailing your known actions, crimes, states traveled to, etc. Report is written on how an actual police report.
  • Realistic mode – In this mode you will not be notified on about the cops movements, when a pedestrian reports you, etc.
  • Original soundtrack
  • Multiplayer(PC only)

Coming to iOS and Android as well.
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