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Infernus TCG
Mar 9, 2014 @ 3:42am
Jan 30 @ 10:23pm
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Welcome to Infernus

Infernus is a beautifully painted strategic trading cards game based on the judeo-christian mythology of Hell.
The game will be available on multiple gaming platforms as well as a Tabletop game so you can enjoy the game with your friends online as well as in real life!


Since time began, The King of Infernus the traitor son of God has lorded over all of the nine realms of hell.
but no longer..

He has abandoned his position and disappeared proclaiming that anyone who sees themselves worthy to claim the throne can do so.
So now war has come to Infernus!

Each of the lords of Infernus have brought their demonic armies for the chance to become the new Keeper of nine realms.

Build your Army:

A lot of beautifully designed cards allow you to create an endless combination of decks to bring you Victory!

Forge your Path to Glory:

Build your all-powerful army and destroy anyone in your way to become a NEW KEEPER of NINE REALMS.


For the start we plan on creating the game for: Windows,Mac,Linux and Tabletop,
but we are still planning on developing the game for iOS, Android and PS4 at a later date.


We are planning the release it in 4 different languages: English, Polish and German and Russian, of course that’s just the start, in future we will translate the game into many more languages!

What is different than other TCG?

We tried to create something different for this game out of all of the TCGs out there. We believe in good gameplay, as also having a good relationship with the players, and we believe that this can be achieved by creating a one-of-a-kind Trading Card game. Below are some things which we believe make our game different from other TCGs:

- Each player that buys cards physically can add them to their digital deck for free.

- In the game players will be able to trade cards between each other freely.

- The Game Mechanics are different than the other TCG Games and we hope it will provide more strategy to our game.

- Everyone who has supported our project will have a chance to vote on our monetization system for what we should sell and for what price.

- Our focus is on gameplay and not on money (that's why we are asking for a minimum amount to create this game).

The reason for that is we want to make the best TCG and in order to do it we don't want to kill the game by putting unnecessary items for real money and automatically make players think that the game is pay-to-win.

That's why we want you to decide the price and deal is fair for a player and us, the developers (We need micro-transaction to keep the servers running smoothly as well as for personal lives, every artist wants to live off their art).

Game Mechanics

Victory Conditions:

Each player starts with 4 cards in their hand and one Infernus Lord. To win the game the player has to either surrender or their Infernus Lord has to be destroyed. Infernus Lords health is displayed on the card and its health is being reduced each time it is being attacked by an opponent.

Turn explanation:

Opening phase:

Game is based on turns, in each turn player is able to choose what they want to do, by the end of their turn, the next player opening phase begins. At the start of the game, each player receives 3 souls which then they may spent it on summoning minions. Player does not have to play Infernus Lord at the beginning turn, however if they don’t play Infernus Lord and their resource zone is empty, then the next turn they have to play Infernus Lord and the Lord will receive 3 points of damage for each turn that the resource zone remains empty. At beginning of the turn, player takes one card from the deck and puts it in their hands. After they got the card in their hands, they move into game phase.

Game phase:

In game phase players have options of what they want to do in this phase. They may either play a card into the battlefield, change position on the battlefield, summon minion into the resource zone, play a spell card or they may choose to attack. It is important to note that each card has soul cost assigned to them and it is important for player to have enough souls to play that card. If the card gets destroyed or used, it is then going to graveyard from which it can not be played again. After you end your turn, it’s your opponents turn to make their move. Game continues using this strategy until one player gets defeated.

Board rules:

On the board there can only be 2 minions at the resource zone at a given time and 5 minions on the battlefield. Each card has one action each turn (unless stated otherwise), and player may choose to move minions from battlefield to resource zone and vise versa, however it does count as an action for this turn. Amount of souls that the player receives each turn depends on the level of minions that are present at the resource zone.

Deck condition:

Each deck contains 35 card including one Infernus Lord card. They are made up of spells and minions where there can not be more than 3 copies of the same card in one deck.

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yes it is (big update soon)
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Voted is good game
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I would really like to cover your game on my YouTube channel 40k+ subscribers, but I can't find any contact information? Email me at
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Не люблю карточные игры, поэтому и не нужно её добавлять в магазин Steam, в нём и так куча всякого кала и хлама