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In Exilium
Feb 17 @ 12:05pm
Jun 21 @ 12:14pm

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In Exilium Beta on Desura
New Gameplay Trailer!
Release date: Summer 2014
In Exilium is a hack & slash role playing game in the same vein as games like Diablo, yet focuses on exploration and discovery as opposed to creating an expansive RPG experience. You play as a king who has been exiled to a strange, hostile world by an unknown force. There are no other characters and no quests to help you along the way. Only through exploration can you learn why you were exiled and how to return…

- Single player campaign
- Many secrets to explore and puzzles to solve
- Boss battles, lots of boss battles.
- Randomized loot.
- No other characters, no hand holding quests. Exploration and discovery focused.
- Seeded, randomly generated end game dungeon [Spelunky Style!]
- Online multiplayer battlegrounds
- PC, Mac and Linux builds

Some commonly asked questions:

Q: How much will the game cost at release?
A: Currently I'm planning on targeting a $10 pricepoint on release. This price is subject to change, but this is what I'm currently thinking.

Q: How many hours of gameplay are there?
A: This isn't really the easiest question to answer... For the single player campaign (starting with a level 1 character) it can take anywhere from 8 - 20 hours to complete, depending on knowledge of where to go and what to do. The game doesn't give the player much information on his goals right from the start. The player must discover what they need to accomplish. This will take time, so a first playthrough will take much longer than succesive ones. On top of that, after the campaign is completed there is a seeded randomly generated "End Game", that takes influence from games like Spelunky, that you can do in runs. Theoretically you could play this forever. Also there is an online multiplayer battlefield, which functions as competitive matches.

Q: What is the class / lvling / skill system.
A: These systems in In Exilium are pretty straightforward and intuitive. Each character has attributes (strength, dexterity, etc. etc. ). These directly effect your stats (hitting probability, defence ratios, health regen etc. etc.). You lvl up by defeating enemies and bosses. When you level up you can increase any of your attributes. There is no strict class system (meaning that you dont have to choose to be only a warrior / mage etc. etc. and level up only attributes that pertain to that class). However, skills all correspond to one of these general classes, so you should pick and choose how you set your attributes wisely. Skills are unlocked automatically by meeting the neccessary attribute and equipment requirements. For example (there is a mele skill called "Berserk", you need to have a certain amount of Strength and be holding a mele weapon to use it). All skill requirements can be seen by the player at any time, so they can plan out how they want to assign attributes to get the skills they want. You can mix skills from different class types as long as you meet the requirements.

Q: Are there puzzles, bosses, secrets, loot?
A: Yes, yes, yes, yes :)

In Exilium website[]
Conflux Games website[]

For development updates:

For those interested in a more indepth design discussion of this game, I wrote an article here: In Exilium: Design Goals[]
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BlackWidow Jul 8 @ 1:41pm 
Promote, package design & merchandizing options are your main ingredients toward recognition. If there is an upcoming game convention - BE THERE & have the product available for play testing. It is like a beautiful child that must be nurtured & given quality content . . . seclusion & shackled to single locality will suffocate that child's potential . . . just so with "In Exilium". Get the commentators & convention reviewers, visiting fans, & trade magazines talking!!! "In Exilium" is something too valuable for you just to take a number & stand in line. Promote & network, have a dynamic, basic, 1-2 primary colour logo / scrolled or jagged styled name. Compare & contrast what previous games have had, what they have done --- then revolutionize with something a Yankee slugger can take a swing at. You can do it.
confluxgames  [author] Jul 8 @ 1:07pm 
@BlackWidow wow, thank you for your comment!
BlackWidow Jul 6 @ 2:33pm 
It is reminiscent of "Diablo" when it was a spectacular new kid on the block - yet contains a wide range of optical effects to increase as the level of the adventuring character advances. It seems to have a variety of opponents. ALso, there appears to be those moments when you are toe to toe with opponents that seal the deal on whether to live or die - reminding me of the need to never over-estimate yourself nor to underestimate an enemy. The tier system is beneficial, in that there is the endowed power of "Choice" . . . a rare virtue since most skill trees in games grant the next ability, rather than directly affecting selection yourself. When
"In Exilium" hits the market, this will be one consumate gamer who will snap up a product that dares to challenge me with maximum potential to craft the proverbial 'stuff of legends'.
confluxgames  [author] Jul 4 @ 4:03pm 
@CongoBro thanks you, cheers!
CongoBro Jul 2 @ 9:16pm 
This game looks awesome, Ive been watching all the updates on YTube
Ed. Lumberjack Jun 30 @ 7:21pm 
good job
BlackWidow Jun 2 @ 10:43am 
2 points. First, the storyline is essential in needing to be compelling, to draw the gamer in & to keep them pursuing the threads until reaching a climactic battle. Quests have to be many, their level of difficulty commenstruating with the actual character level to be available for selection. Second, make sure to get rid of the wooden plackard . . . unless infused with a VERY vivid lemon yellow or palest green. Stale as it might be, the old parchment scroll is probably your best alternative. No player should go blind trying to squint so as to read information. Numbers, letter - make them jump out with their stark colour. The game looks exceptional & I already am hoping for release in the nearest future.
Strategy Player May 27 @ 2:26pm 
Your welcome, glad to help the independents any chance I get.
confluxgames  [author] May 27 @ 2:04pm 
@StrategyPlayer I have updated the games description to reflect a more accurate estimate on gameplay hours. After reading it again, I do see how it could have easily misrepresented the game. Thank you for your comment :)
confluxgames  [author] May 27 @ 1:57pm 
@Strategy Player I believe it reads a player could speed run through the game in 4+ hours if one knew exactly what to do, where everything is and succesful strategies for defeating all the enemies. The average "first run" of beta tester playthroughs is about 12 hours give or take a couple. A big part of this game is that it doesnt tell the player very much, they will need to discover what to do on their own, and this will take time. I would be very impressed if someone beat the game on their first run in under 8 hours. Not to mention, that is only the single player campaign without discovering all the secrets. Furthoremore, there is the unlimited, spelunky-esque end game, which one could technically play forever. I do believe this game has more content than you are giving it credit for. I hope you will reconsider on a vote :) Cheers.