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Liliths Black Sun Armor Set
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Lilith's Black Sun armor

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Latest version: 1.0

This mod is basically an absolute remake of my earlier Lilith's armor with a fairly different design. This time the mod includes full set of armor (and hoods) for both genders and all races!
Even though I though I'd never make an armor retexture for a vanilla mesh ever again, I'm quite glad I did it anyway. The male armor is quality-wise a little better than the female one as the UV-mapping on the female one is fairly bad but hopefully the difference is quite small in the end. I hope you enjoy using these :)

The plugin file has been made from the lilith's armor-mod's plugin file, meaning all the stats and crafting requirements are still the same.

Stats and crafting:

All the stats of the armor pieces are two points above daedric armor and are crafted with daedric smithing at any forge. The chestpiece for example requires 2 daedra hearts / 3 ebony ingots / ebony plate armor. This is heavy armor. Light variations of the hoods can be crafted.

or use the console

1: type "help lilith" into the console

2: it gives you the IDs (page up / down for scrolling the list)

3. type "player.additem *id* *amount* " without the * and " (for example: player.additem 08000d69 1)

- - - - - -
NMM or manually:

1. Dump the bsa-file and the esp-file inside the data folder into the skyrim's data folder. / or use the mod manager. it should work.

2. check the .esp file and you're ready to go

- - - - - - - - -

Just remove the files you added.
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Codfishius Jul 7 @ 5:30pm 
Also a bow would be nice. but great job none the less. satisfaction lvl is over 9000 after i equipped everything
Codfishius Jul 7 @ 5:29pm 
needs a shield. i would love a fucking epic shield, searched all over the workshop for one that would match but no luck D:
pixeltapiapi2 May 23 @ 5:13pm 
can you make a light armor version please?
Ninjapig May 20 @ 5:12am 
Love it
XxPOWERWOLFxX May 9 @ 4:03pm 
It would be awesome if the creator made an armor for the dark mages of this game and a cool bad ass staff with like a life drain effect that i think would be very awesome
Sleepy Hollow May 7 @ 12:15pm 
its so dark. i love it. X}
Stone Summit Ranger Apr 15 @ 8:51pm 
nvm im fucking retarded
Stone Summit Ranger Apr 15 @ 8:50pm 
is this a light or heavy armor? XD
Helljumper ADB Mar 28 @ 2:40pm 
ok thank you.
Noukheim  [author] Mar 27 @ 6:12pm 
nah, the subscribe should work. There's no other way to get mods from the workshop.