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The community has shown their interest in this game. Valve has reached out to this developer to start moving things toward release on Steam.

Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Players: Single-player
Feb 13 @ 5:26am
May 28 @ 11:26am
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Release date: Fourth Quarter 2014 - Early 2015

Humans are long gone and all that remains are machines, working through the motions set-up by their masters ages ago. Their only priority is to ensure everything complies to the some obscure standardization protocol, under the supervision of the all-seeing robot leader Quality Assurance System (QuAsSy).

But not all robots are the same. Maybe a result of faulty wiring, there are some willing to stand for themselves, resist conformity and find their identity.

This bleak lifeless world doesn't cut it. You are Heart, and you want MORE.

You want to become so unique and dashing that nobody will dare look away from you.

You want to be loved.


Heart&Slash is a fast paced brawler with roguelike elements, inspired in equal parts by Batonetta, Megaman and ADOM. It is also a throwback to my earlier years as a gamer, when playing games was all joy...
  • Fight your enemies using 75 different weapons and 60 different bodyparts that will change the way the game plays. Teleport, stop time, fly with a jetpack, wall-jump, discover enemy weaknesses and so on. From the trivial to the game-changing, you can try thousands of combinations!

  • Die and try again. Heart & Slash is not an easy game. But dying shouldn't matter as robots are easily and indefinitely cloned. Every time you start a new game, the levels you fight through, and the items or weapons you collect, will change.

  • A unique art style that will bring back the memories of game systems long gone.

  • Levels are short and brutal, and the game, in a successful run, should not be too taxing on your time (whether you will ever be able to make a successful run is another matter). Heart&Slash aims at offering the player something new and challenging. Ultimately, playing Heart & Slash is not about mastering one system. Instead, it’s about being able to adapt to what you are given and making the best out of it.
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Apr 20 @ 5:14pm
Online Multiplayer
May 6 @ 5:13am
i need some help guys
Abu Mayyaleh
< >
Caldozo Jul 6 @ 5:01am 
i would love to play these game
BobThePotato Jun 26 @ 3:52am 
I hate this game SO MUUUUUCH!
korefuji Jun 25 @ 7:14am 
congrats on the greenlight - when is the beta though?
BennLP Jun 8 @ 2:04am 
My Let´s Play :D This game is Amazing ^^
NitroWeasel3k Jun 4 @ 3:20pm 
The game is coming along amazingly well! So FUN! Keep it up guys. Can't wait to see the offical Alpha!
Jayapplez Jun 3 @ 3:32pm 
Loved the Demo on IndieDB, this could be a great RogueLike
HeartAndSlash  [author] Jun 2 @ 12:40am 
Thanks for the feedback, Firelord!
found you on game jolt and was blown away by the demo! it could use a few tweaks though
1) i had to do alot of tweaking in order to get the keyboard controlls to feel natural
2) the camrea starts out all over the place and is very hard dto controll without proper tweaking
and 3) wall jumping is very stiff and frustrating, and should be more like meatboy's wall jump. (or mega man x's.)
other than that this game is looking good, and i will definantly get it once it comes out. and also get mod support, it really helps keep a game alive.
Crimsonata May 29 @ 11:34pm 
Congratz on the Greenlight i was getting worried when 2 or 3 batches went by and didnt see this game listed.
FuKuy May 29 @ 1:02am 
Congratulations for the Greenlit!!!