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The Lady
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Jan 19 @ 11:48am
Mar 25 @ 7:26am

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"The Lady" Releasing in MAY on Desura and Greenman Gaming
Release date: Summer 2014
"The Lady" is a 2D Surreal/Puzzle/Adventure game, with horror elements. The game features hand drawn character art, photographic backgrounds, stop-motion themed animation, and a hauntingly abrasive analog soundtrack.

The Lady is a short and surrealist journey that takes The Lady through a series of fever dream hallucinations, while being at odds with her own inner struggles of anxiety and depression. She encounters multiple versions of herself throughout the game, unsure of which versions to trust.

Inspired by classic SNES and Turbo Grafx16 type games, gameplay features side-scrolling exploration and arcade-style battles. The difficulty level will be brutal like old school games, reminiscent of titles such as Ghost N Goblins. The game plays in letterbox full screen HD.

The Lady releases this May/June on Desura, Greenman Gaming, Game Streamer, and several other online distros.
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Feb 6 @ 8:29pm
Does this game fit in with Steam?
< >
Korrag4 Apr 7 @ 5:02pm 
Call it whatever the hell you will, this mess is just moving left, right and headbutting things.
[CHAR360] Fire at Will Mar 24 @ 3:01am 
Looks awsomely creapy.
[NB]Grandpa Bardock Mar 19 @ 12:48pm 
what the heck am i looking at?
LilDad Mar 15 @ 2:14pm 
Dr. Gonzo Mar 2 @ 11:52am 
so far i do not understand what the point of this game is. the visuals are interesting and really high-quality, but the thing itself is no more interesting than a flash game. i am delaying my vote and my potential funding until i understand more about the game.
[D&C-G]Spike Feb 24 @ 11:09am 
WTF is this
Nillas Feb 24 @ 3:58am 
I've downloaded and played the demo. I like the style and atmosphere, but for me there is not enough gameplay. You go from one side of the screen to the other back and forth trying to understand what to do to advance to the next area (shoot down other ladies, go through all the barbed wires, avoid the glass shards). It's all a bit too slow and basic for me.
juliusz.horst Feb 24 @ 2:12am 
The visuals alone made me click 'Yes'.
Will check the demo tonight and if I like it, you have my $10 :)
Be2maru248 Feb 22 @ 1:53am 
I am a Japanese. Please support Japanese.
Toolkitz Feb 17 @ 4:39pm 
Well...that face made me click. That's...something.