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Frederic - Deluxe Pack
Jan 9 @ 7:28am
May 16 @ 1:04pm

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This pack contains a duo of quirky rhythm games: Frederic - Resurrection of Music (Ultimate Edition) and it's upcoming sequel: Frederic - Evil Strikes Back with bonus soundtracks from the games.

Step into the shoes of Frederic Chopin, one of the worlds most renown composers, and fight the evil forces that want to destroy the world of music.

He passed away in the middle of the XIX century, leaving behind some of the most beautiful music known to the mankind. He fulfilled his life to the greatest, surpassed every expectation and gave the humanity a timeless gift. One would think that he's done his fair share. But he's not allowed to rest eternally. The evil forces, hidden behind the worlds biggest musical corporations, are threatening the future of music. Soulless, mass produced, tracks and celebrities behind whom stands not talent, but pretty faces; one after the other, are dominating peoples minds, ears and hearts. Step into the shoes of Frederic Chopin and battle the worlds most popular musicians to once again show who's the master!

- Rhythm games unlike anything the world has ever seen
- Fantastic remixes of Chopin's greatest compositions and modern music
- Colorful and full of easter-eggs locations from around the world
- Demanding musical duels with worlds greatest
- Explosive amount of humor
- Exciting and original story
- Fully customizable controls. Keyboard à la "Typing of the Dead"; Keyboard + Mouse; Touch for touch enabled computers
- Available for Windows, Mac Linux, Android and iOS

Frederic - Resurrection of Music (Ultimate Edition) A critically acclaimed and appreciated beginning of the epic voyage. Frederic Chopin gets resurrected from behind the grave to challenge the evil forces that drag the music to the rock bottom. He gets special gifts from the muses that will help him in his struggles. But who is responsible for his come back and what greater forces stand behind this ploy? Contains all the extra content and the soundtrack from the game

Frederic - Evil Strikes Back - The Bigger, Better, More Awesome sequel. Great new tracks. Great new locations. Great new features. Great new story.
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Markus Jun 20 @ 4:34am 
This game looks ...... what can i say..
♔.sir.lunchalot.♔ May 27 @ 8:50pm 
THX for the Key xD
Nekrux May 27 @ 3:43am 
IndieGala key delivered for me. Thanks. :D
eifelkenny May 24 @ 7:41am 
Still no IndieGala keys. What's going on here?
crisphot May 22 @ 1:00pm 
where are the steam keys from IndieGala Greenlight bundle???
SlimLakers May 21 @ 12:11pm 
Отличная игра!
ian_william_craig May 20 @ 2:04pm 
Likewise regarding Steam keys - it said specifically we'd get the keys when the game went live in the Store, thus far no one has received keys from the greenlight bundle. It'd be nice to be given at least a suggested timeframe of when this will happen.
IloveindiA May 19 @ 8:45am 
yeah, when we will get steam key!!! we bought the greenlight bundle!!!
Nostradamus May 18 @ 12:56pm 
+1 about Steam keys from the Indie Gala Greenlight Bundle.
Shade² May 17 @ 8:16am