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Fetish Armour Collection
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Apr 23, 2012 @ 8:47am
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This will be the collection of slinky/kinky/sexy armours I will grow over time as fancy strikes me.

Plenty more armours availble at the Fetish Wardrobe mod by my goodself - either search for it or subscribe via my Fetish Mod Collection on Steam which has all my mods listed for easy access.

Female only armours at this time since that seems to be the most popular, however I figure it's kinda unfair that males don't get the opportunity also so if you want to see male armours added let me know by leaving a comment voting for male armours aswell - enough votes will make it happen :o)

Remember if you like a mod RATE IT UP (thumbs up icon) - it tells the author you like their stuff and provides motivation to make more cool stuff to play with :o)

Armours are craftable under the ebony section (white/silver items under Iron) at the forge amd can be tempered with void salts.

12 choices of armour so far:

1) Shiny Strap version
2) Leotard version
3) Nylon Leotard version
4) Rogue armour (+nylon variation)
5) Plain dress (+nylon variation)
6) Diano armour (light and heavy version with choice of gloves, and Dark Heels)
7) White Diano Versions (light and heavy with silver gloves and heels)
8) Spiky Chain armour (kinky...)
9) French maid outfit (everyone loves the look)
10) Winged Demon Armour
11) Clear catsuit with thighboots and black modesty bikini (to keep our conservative/republican friends fronm having heart attacks)
12) Opera Gloves with wicked sharp nails
13) Skin version of Straps Armour (called Black Leotard)

Misc Additions:
1) Ninja Type Mask and Hoods added
2) Stockings with heels added (will fit Diano armours on weight 0 - or if you dont want to change your weight via console, I have included Stocking Diano armours in white and black that are the right size)
3) Demon wings to add to any outfit (human flesh required to make Muahahaha)

If you like the wings in the pictures you can get them here:
Working Dutch Version = http://www.skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/11240
Original defunct version = http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/downloads/file.php?id=10658

The halo can be found here:

The swords can be found here:

The horns can be found in my other mod on Steam called Fetish Latex Catsuit.

Since a working highheels system is not yet out for Skyrim, to make high heels look better use this female skeleton mod which can be found here (lengthens legs amongst other things)

If you like this mod you may be interested in my other mods which can be found here:
Fallen Angels:
Summon Angels:
Stripper Dresses:
Gatti Renaire High Heels:
Fetish Latex Catsuit (also on Steam - you don't need both Nexus and Steam versions!)

Credits and thanks to:
Electionis for heels
Gatti for straps
Caliente for the body
Coldblood for Rogue armour
Hentai/MAK for Curvy Dress
R18pn/Nausicaa for Curvy Diano
AmethystDeceiver for mask/hood
Alan for Stockings/Spike Armour
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LORRA Jul 6 @ 10:10pm 
nvm, looks like it's not skin, it's the suit.
LORRA Jul 6 @ 10:01pm 
my skin turn black... do i need to install some skin mod? my follower is super hot tho!
bigbadbill3789 Jul 5 @ 2:38pm 
im looking for light armor for my artcher any sujechtions would be nice
oceanvista Jul 5 @ 4:04am 
I like ;)
EisenhelmSilverbag (Ger) Jul 2 @ 6:51am 
Man soll beim zocken doch keine Keule kriegen :D
rogmiller551 Jul 1 @ 1:54pm 
how do u get them?
Asmodayan Jun 30 @ 8:51am 
Male outfits please (my demon feels over dressed ;)
herr.marcoarnold Jun 25 @ 7:01am 
Sorry got it^^
herr.marcoarnold Jun 25 @ 5:47am 
I download it but i couldn´t find the Amours in the Game. Is there a Box or something else in the game where i find it?
EиGeЯ Jun 24 @ 12:17pm 
well thx btw nice mod