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Copy Kitty - Turbo Edition
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Dec 8, 2013 @ 9:29am
May 8 @ 1:16pm

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Turbo Edition
Copy Kitty 1.62
- A fast-paced action game, with giant robots and explosions!
- Copy powers from your enemies, and then combine them into one super-weapon! 350 unique combinations total!
- Contains over 80 action-packed missions, plus Endless Mode and a level editor!

You can purchase Copy Kitty (or download the free version) at the page for this game.[]


Boki has a special power like none other: being able to perfectly copy the abilities of anything she fights! But not content with mere mimicry, Boki can also mix and combine up to 3 abilities at once to form completely unique ones! She wants to be a hero one day, but doesn't think she's cut out for the job. To help hone her skills, Boki's insectoid uncle sends her into a virtual reality to do battle with hordes of dastardly robots!


Mission Mode lets you blast through a huge variety of stages, ranging from exploring crystal caves to deathmatches against gigantic robots! Clash against hundreds of different enemy types - the stronger they get, the stronger Boki gets too! The game also includes a complete and unlimited mission editor, allowing you to create your own levels and easily share them with your friends!

Endless Mode pits you against never-ending formations of evil Constructs, raising in intensity for as long as you can handle it! No matter how many times you play Endless Mode, it will always be different and provide new challenges. The environment changes as you progress, passing through forests, caves, volcanoes, and even outer space!

When you're not busy blasting robots, there are plenty of unlockables to enjoy too! The Database will let you learn more about the world Boki lives in, and the enemies she faces! Browse a gallery full of concept drawings and fanart! Activate special modifiers to change the way you play!


The Turbo Edition includes:
- a second playable character, with completely new moves and weapons
- 15 additional missions, and 4 completely new bosses
- Pandemonium Mode, which randomizes enemy properties each time you play
- expanded database, with more information about the enemies and world
- rainbow letters on the title screen


Feel free to contact us with any questions or chat, we don't bite!
Updates, more info, and download can be found here:
The full version is already up for download there, but with your support, we can make Turbo Edition a reality!
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May 8 @ 9:26pm
Dec 17, 2013 @ 11:51am
So I just finished it...
Dec 15, 2013 @ 12:29pm
WTG: Gameplay and Review
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Entanma Project  [author] Jul 4 @ 2:01pm 
It has built-in support for an X360 controller, and you can use a controller-to-keyboard thing if your controller isn't compatible by default (for now). The game has a controls config on the options screen, so you can pretty much do whatever you want with it.

Also, if you buy the game elsewhere and it comes out on Steam, you'll get a free Steam key for it so you don't have to buy it again. It probably won't have any extra features except Steam achievements and maybe uploading your custom levels on the Workshop.
Brandon Jul 2 @ 9:42pm 
This game looks really fun and I hope it gets Greenlit but is it controller compatible? There's nothing worse then having a otherwise amazing game that doesn't work with your controller. Also, is the Steam version going to be different from the one already purchasable on your website? I'd hate to decide to buy the game and then have it come out on Steam and have a bunch of extra features that force me to buy it again.

Either way, this looks like a great game and I will definitely buy it either way.
[MAG] LD Jun 28 @ 1:13pm 
castlepokemetroid Jun 20 @ 1:08am 
I can't wait to destroy the world like raocow.
SelfRus Jun 19 @ 9:16am 
По скринам норм ;3 даю зеленку
Shezow ITA Jun 8 @ 7:31am 
This is a Great Furry Game for pc.
Wiikly Reviews Jun 7 @ 3:31am 
This is probably a Nope never going to happen.. But could you guys if it becomes a success maybe port it to Wii U? I'd love to play this on GamePad. PC is of course awesome too But maybe try possibly on Nintendo? Hell i'll buy two copies. One for PC one for Wii U.
♥BTD♥TerrySagar Jun 3 @ 6:54pm 
Not enough ways to say yes to this.
marcavis May 26 @ 5:37pm 
Finally got around to watching the trailer and... whoa, if there's a game where the static images *really* don't do it justice, it's this one. It's still crazy, mind you, but it works.
mogwaimon May 25 @ 9:56am 
I did my part, I picked up Turbo edition from itch and I put my vote in here long ago. Can't wait for the Steam release, hope it's soon! How far are we from the top 100 here? I'd check myself but I think from what I read only the devs can see that information