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Tadpole Treble
Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Nov 18, 2013 @ 8:35am
Nov 18, 2013 @ 5:10pm

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Promotional Item: Tadpole Topper
Release date: December 2014
Steam fans, lend us your ears!

Tadpole Treble is an action/music adventure planned for the PC, Mac, mobile devices and Wii U! You play as Baton, a young tadpole attempting to make her way home across numerous dangerous levels and boss stages. Brought to you by the artist/writer of Nintendo parody webcomic, Brawl in the Family.

While music plays a large role in most games, the music of Tadpole Treble directly determines the layout of the stage. The very obstacles Baton is swimming past in-game mirror the layout of notes on sheet music--you are literally playing along with the music!

The game will be released digitally on the PC and Mac within a year. If we can get enough support, we'd absolutely love to have Tadpole Treble become greenlit on Steam!

Of course, each stage will have its own surprises in store: mid-air jumps, creatures swimming toward you, crumbling environmental pieces, lightning strikes, carnivorous beasts that chase you, and plenty more. We want this game to be varied so that players will constantly be surprised while playing...and naturally, it'll all be to the beat of the music.

Multiple stages, each with their own unique look and theme
-A full, separate song per stage
-A currency/shop system (that's nickel-and-diming here!)
-A ranking system per stage; try to get an S!
-Comic-style transitional scenes between each stage
-Boss levels
-A challenge system for expert players
-And much more! But some things must stay secret for now...

"Watch out for these Super Taranto Bros. – Tadpole Treble is a testament to their strength as a game-developing sibling duo. What began as a simple proof-of-concept demo over a year ago has been polished and refined into a design that combines unique new rhythm mechanics with the winningly playful art style of Matthew's Brawl in the Family comics. Get in on the ground floor with these Tarantos, people. Tadpole Treble will only be the beginning for them."
- Lucas M. Thomas, Leader of the Nintendo Force / Editor-in-Chief of NF Magazine / IGN Writer since Nintendo's active console was still the GameCube

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maclover1204 Nov 26 @ 9:01pm 
Also, will this game be available for ios and android devices?
maclover1204 Nov 26 @ 9:00pm 
Hey Mat, will the soundtrack of this game be on bandcamp after the game releases?
_GalaxyHero Nov 25 @ 3:04pm 
I really hope you succeed with this, Matt! You are my all-time favorite person in the world and I would be really sad if you failed!
MitchCaignard Nov 20 @ 5:24am 
yeah, I want this on steam and Wii U
The skeletons with the guns Nov 18 @ 6:11pm 
I have been laughing at Bitf since the begining, and have been looking forward to this for a long time. C'MON VALVE! MAKE IT HAPPEN!
anthony Nov 10 @ 4:50pm 

Batfreeze Nov 6 @ 9:03pm 
LETS THROW MONEY AT IT! Also are you still doing the Turnabout Musical Project?
☆ShinyMew112 Nov 5 @ 1:31pm 
As BiTF has ended about a month ago, i cant wait to play this
[WNDA]The BetterWolfy™ Nov 4 @ 11:41pm 
bacchusdiem Oct 30 @ 6:34pm