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Summon Forest Mounts and Followers 1.3.1
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Nov 10, 2013 @ 10:12am
May 7, 2014 @ 8:46pm
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Summon Forest Mounts and Followers version1.3 allow you to summon 14 Mounts: Armored Gazelle, Vale Deer, Elk and Moose*, White Stag, Spectral Stag, Foxes (2),Wolfs (3), Vale Sabrecat, Skeevers (2), wherever you want.

You can easily DISMISS when you want with a "Spell tome:Dismiss Summoned Forest Mounts"

You can find the 5 -complete- (with speech) Followers/Companions near the south bridge of Ivarstead/Fort-Ivar (Silver Fox, Little Fox, Arctic Grey Fox, Timber Wolf, Male Deer)


* Bethesda calls these animals : "Male Elk" for my Moose - "Female Elk" for my Male Elk !

Moose in Wikipedia [en.wikipedia.org]
Irish elk (Megaloceros giganteus) [en.wikipedia.org]
Deer in Wikipedia [en.wikipedia.org]
Elk in Wikipedia [en.wikipedia.org]
Reindeer in Wikipedia [en.wikipedia.org]

*******************************INSTALLATION (very important)**********************************

1) You must place the new .esp at the bottom of the list in the Data Files when you launch the game to obtain the 15 books...(Normally, this is done automatically)

2) If (and only if !) you have subscribed to several mods Summon... You must install these mods ONE BY ONE to obtain the books! (ALL my mods are STANDALONE !)

You can find the “Spell tome: Summon XXXX” and the "Spell tome:Dismiss Summoned Forest Mounts" at Farengar Secret-Fire in Dragonsreach/Fort Dragon (Whitherun/Blancherive) or with an other Spell Vendor (ex: Sybille Stentor in the Blue Palace/Palais Bleu in Solitude).

Duration of the summon: 1 hour (15' for the Spectral Stag)

3) You can put in your Skyrim.ini (\ user \ my documents \ my games \ Skyrim \) the following settings (you can copy / paste the following):



These settings allow you to see all mounts (of my mods) correctly, whether your character takes his weapon out or not

*************************************Bugs or Problems********************************************

1) You can only have one Follower at a time: if you want a different one (in my other mods), you need to dismiss the first one before you recruit them.

If telling the follower to return at home (With message: “Your companion heads home”) doesn't dismiss him, or if you have lost the active Follower, you can try this:

Type “²” key to get into console, and type:

set playeranimalcount to 0

With Amazing Follower Tweaks , or other mod with followers, if problem to dismiss the followers, you can uncheck this mod (AFT or other) in the Data Files when you launch the game

2) When you mount a Elk/Moose/Deer you must be patient a few seconds before moving !

If you have any problem with these mounts, you can try a FAST TRAVEL...


CRO White Wolf for his mod CRO White Wolf and Astarcis Wolf Textures [skyrim.nexusmods.com] with the Texture of the Desert (little)Fox

Bellyache for his mod Bellyaches Animal and Creature Pack [skyrim.nexusmods.com] with the Textures of the Timber Wolf and Red/Silver/Arctic/ArcticGrey Foxes

AlienSlof for his mod Better Skeevers ( “ Use these textures freely”)

Testiger2 and XP32 for the mod: Sabrecat Idle Animation Fix [skyrim.nexusmods.com] ("Permission : Free according to original tweaker/modder -testiger2-")

Tumbajamba for the Meshe and the textures of the Armored Gazelle (« i decided to upload all my unreleased mount models as a modder resources ») in his mod Armored SabreCat Mount [www.nexusmods.com]

DIRECT DOWNLOAD Final Version 2.1.1 (Because my upload limit is -almost- reached on Steam)

Ce pack contient aussi une Version Française du mod

Summon Forest Mounts and Followers version 2.1.1 [www.mediafire.com]

Summon Forest Mounts and Followers version 2.1.1 allow you to summon 23 Mounts: Armored Gazelle, Gazelle, Vale Deer, Male Elk*, Female Elk, Moose* , Bull Moose, White Stag , Spectral Stag, Foxes (2),Wolves (3), Vale Sabrecat, Skeevers (2), Beaver, Raccoon, Cave Lion, Eurasian Lynx, Canadian Lynx, Cougar, wherever you want.

You can easily DISMISS when you want with a "Spell tome:Dismiss Summoned Forest Mounts"

You can find the 14 Followers/Companions near the South bridge of Ivarstead/Fort-Ivar (Silver Fox, Little Fox, Arctic Grey Fox, Timber Wolf, Male Deer, Female Deer, Fawn, Male Reindeer, Megaloceros, Beaver, Raccoon, Eurasian Lynx, Canadian Lynx, Cougar)

The DLC Dawnguard is required !


Extract the .7z file and Drop the folder « Data » in "...Steam/SteamApps/common/skyrim "

overwrite everything

and activate it (esp) using Skyrim Launcher.


To access in Vvardenfell (Morrowind) and Cyrodiil (Oblivion) you have the 2 mods WIP: SKYWIND and SKYBLIVION [morroblivion.com]
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kc7lzk 14 hours ago 
Hi this is a great mod and could it be possible to take the followers out this would help my game from kicking me out and i don't use the followers. Thanks.
hroberts74 Feb 12 @ 6:15pm 
i <3 this mod ^//.//^
gg77  [author] Jan 19 @ 8:45pm 
Thank you, I tried in the CK, and I have not found the solution....
eolsgaard Jan 19 @ 8:14pm 
Great mod! One question, is there a way to increase the ability for the deer mounts to turn, similar to horse mounts?
Navaara6 Jan 15 @ 4:46pm 
Farengar didn't sell the spell tomes and I couldn't find it via the console....then I came back to steam and realised I hadn't subscribed yet...*epic face palm*
gg77  [author] Nov 22, 2014 @ 8:42pm 
SKYWIND and SKYBLIVION [morroblivion.com]
trueheart79 Nov 22, 2014 @ 4:05pm 
Skyrim Oblivion mod?
u have?
hopecreelman Nov 8, 2014 @ 5:24pm 
i hate that the dawngaurd is requierd fo everything!!!!
DragonAion Oct 19, 2014 @ 1:01pm 
I would install this mod in a heartbeat if it weren't for the summoning aspect. :( The idea of having a deer suddenly appear and vanish out of thin air is the only thing that is stopping my drool-fest.
If this mod were to make the creatures not be summonable- perhaps with a quest line so it is lore-friendly- I think I might go comatose with joy. :D
Potat-Stache Apr 21, 2014 @ 9:10am 
(/OAO)/<are those the cat people from Monster Hunter?!? ME WANTS THEM!!!!