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D Series Off Road Driving Simulation NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE!
Jan 21 @ 7:05am
Feb 12 @ 6:16am

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D Series Simulation New Off Road 13-15 km Long Track Map Teaser Pics...
Try the Free DEMO today and Top the Leader boards! New build version 094
Release date: Early 2014
D Series is a new driving simulation that indie developer "devotid Media" has been working on quietly for the last two years. The game is intended for PC Computers. The game now supports ALL controller styles.
The focus is capturing the intensity of off road driving and trying to give folks the idea of what its like to harness the big power of these off road beasts. The game will feature a Practice mode, Computer AI offline racing mode and also a Multiplayer Mode to battle your friends. I have finished 5 vehicles and 5 tracks so far. There is also a replay mode, GPS mode, moveable on screen HUDs, custom paint-able vehicles, damage, dirt build up, Trackside animated spectators, Global Leaderboards and time of day with night driving....

We have started this Greenlight to to raise awareness of our new project. Please check out the early Videos and In Game Screenshots. We are currently working on new videos as well, as these are a few months old now and don't show all the new features we have added. If you think is something you would like to see on Steam please help us out and give us an up vote.

The game also has a free demo of 1 car and 1 track to "test it out" on your system before purchasing the full game. I plan on making more tracks and vehicles after the public betas are up and running and the main framework has been stress tested.

I am also VERY excited to announce that I have decided to focus 110% on releasing an early full version TODAY! I have spent the last week building a special new Version 093 for sale on the D Series Website for $18 USD. Complete with 5 cars, 5 tracks with Global Leader boards and a couple other surprises. ;)

Full version available for sale at our website here.

The full game is AVAILABLE right now for purchase. No more waiting. I have also added a few options for "extra backing" on the purchase page for this early stage to help pay for the Multiplayer. I have also added some Ad Packages for interested Companies to get their name on some in game placements. If you can please help spread the word to anybody that may be interested playing the game that would help tremendously.

I will add the clothing and swag packs on our web store when they are available in time.

Again Thank you for your support and I hope to see you out on the track.

Kevin (devotid)

Lot of new Version 093 additions:

- XBOX and all Joystick Controllers now supported (simply click the appropriate desktop icon to start the game (WHEEL or XBOX)
- New Time Trial Events on all tracks with online global leaderboards. (Website shows Top 15 results from each track)
- New Starter Flag man for all race events (His name is Larry and he will instruct you what to do at the start of each event)
- New Trackside spectators with cheering and "race intensity controlled" animations. (work in progress)
- New "race mode" crowd background audio
- New Starting Lights on all tracks for time trials and race starts
- More options added for other pedal systems and handbrakes
- New Controller configuration reset option in main install folder (C:\Program Files\DSERIES\DSeriesSimulation\ResetControllerConfig.reg)
- Improvements made on the FFB on all cars.
- Physics updates to all cars and tire models.
- Reduced the rolling friction multiplier on all tracks a little to "free" the cars up a bit ie; "depth of the surface dirt"(work in progress)
- Updated all track surface textures and normal bump maps (work in progress)
- New player signup and game setup menus
- Improved some guis and menus to look better accross a larger range of monitor setups
- New F3 Follow cam on all cars with adjustable distance (view for joystick controller driving)
- All new website areas for track maps, Leaderboards, and Vehicle info

- Changed the way controllers are handled which makes setup a little easier
- Fixed sound issues the game was getting on some sounds cards
- Fixed an issue with the Karts lifting there front wheels too much under heavy acceleration.
- ADjusted the ackerman angle on the DHatch AWD
- fixed some crashing bugs in the garage loading area
- Fixed a bug on the "GroundPhysicsMaterial" on the rear of the Pro4

Current "private Beta" V.90 Release Notes:
- 4 Different Vehicles (Unique FFB, Physics and damage models)
- 4 Different Track/Maps (with different style of racing venues ie; Indoors, outdoors, hill climbs and more)
- DX9 Rendering (working on DX11 still)
- Time of Day (8AM, 2PM, 7PM, 11PM night)
- Night driving on any track (with headlights)
- Custom paintable vehicles (with photo editing software)
- Lap timing system with results slip
- High detailed off road mesh geometry
- Car and Suspension damage
- Dirt build up is modeled
- GPS Menu for future “large cruising maps”
- Automatic “autosave” feature built in
- and much more to come......

"Rough idea" of Minimum Computer specs:
- Intel CPU, AMD 64 CPU (1.6 GHZ)
- Windows XP SP2 (Windows vista and 7)
- NET 2.0
- 512 MB Pixel Shader 2.0 GPU
- 1 GB RAM
- 2.5 GB of free disk space
- Internet connection for activation of full game

- Any Force Feedback enabled Steering Wheel
- Any amount of inputs supported. Just remap them through the setup menu at game start.
- See forums for different wheel recommended settings.

Monitors and Resolution:
You can use any resolution monitor that you like but obviously, the bigger the better....;) The game was designed with 1920 x 1080 HD. D Series will also support triple monitors and almost all resolutions. We are still working on “oculus Rift and True-Triple screen Rendering” and plan to include them in future builds.

Please feel free to share this info with your friends or favorite Sim Racing/ Video Game news outlet.... every small bit helps us as a small indie developer.

Thank you,
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ive seen this project before on the unity forums, or was it youtube? i dont remember lol but great job man! Im guessing unitycar 2.2? looking forward to it. upvote
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This game looks pretty promising.
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parece un muy buen juego y divertido
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This will fill a great gap in the market. Good luck :)
Verbouc Jul 4 @ 10:01am 
I Fell Like it is Real Driving... Congratulation... Voted!