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Vulture for NetHack
Platforms: PC, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Oct 25, 2013 @ 3:24pm
Dec 17, 2013 @ 3:22am

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Coming along steadily
Free xmas copy: Vulture Fanboy Edition
Release date: Already released on other platforms
Vulture for NetHack in an isometric graphical interface for the roguelike engine: NetHack.

This game is and always will be completely FREE on steam as it is elsewhere, not even in-game micro-transactions or anything similar. It's simply FREE, download it, play it.

NetHack is a turn-based stategic single-player Roguelike dungeon crawler who's development started in 1987 and has evolved since then. Vulture is a 2D Isometric graphical interface to the rich world of NetHack.

Multiple Classes, completely different dungeon layout each game, potions, magic, weapons all with differing effects each and every time you play. Large community of players who've been playing NetHack for many many years.

This is NOT your basic hack-and-slash, you'll need to stop, think, and have patience. There will be times when you think there's simply no way you can survive, but learning how all the various pickups work and interact with each other in the game is a lot of the fun. Don't simply assume that the obvious use is the only use ... for anything ... or anyone you might meet.

The amulet of Yendor is with in your reach ....

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Oct 26, 2013 @ 10:52pm
Difference between this and Falcon's Eye?
Apr 21 @ 9:27am
building nice
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DarkArts Studios  [author] Apr 19 @ 2:20am 
@kaistockard: I will definitely be bringing it to mac. This is first and foremost on my list as soon as the windows & linux versions become available.
kaistockard Apr 18 @ 3:48pm 
Wish it was on mac
Free Like GNU Apr 12 @ 8:27pm 
oh mais oui!
watermelon1425 Apr 11 @ 8:19pm 
Please yes.
Finnishplayer100 Apr 11 @ 12:01pm 
I have played this on my old computer. Would be cool, if this would be available on steam1
catchthebear Apr 10 @ 6:42pm 
Looks good.
psam Apr 10 @ 11:06am 
It's a great game, and it has standed the test of time. Hopefully, making it available on steam will increase its popularity.
Sephiroth1993 Apr 9 @ 6:27pm 
Pls, is nethack, nothing more to say, just release this awesome game!
MebeMebe Apr 9 @ 5:51pm 
Nethack for the win!
scapegoat Apr 9 @ 7:52am 
Please please please release this!