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Franchise Hockey Manager
Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Oct 24, 2013 @ 4:08am
Jan 26, 2016 @ 7:48pm

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Release date: September 3, 2013

Franchise Hockey Manager[] is the richest hockey management game in the world. A truly global game, FHM features leagues from around the world, with hundreds of real teams and thousands of realistically rated real players included.


There are three ways to set up a new FHM game:

A Historical Season
Travel as far back as 1947 and take control of your favorite team. Can you replicate its success? Can you right the wrongs of previous GMs? Chart a new course as you play your way through history.

Custom League
Set up a league configured the way you want, from the number of conferences and divisions to the playoff format. Stock fresh franchises with fictional players and watch your hockey universe grow.

2013-2014 Season
Launch a 2013-14 season campaign in one of 19 playable leagues (many more non-playable leagues are included, and more playable leagues will be added as research is completed on them).


We're the company who created the best-selling, long-running Out of the Park Baseball series, so we understand sports sims. FHM leverages everything we've learned from OOTP's development to deliver the most realistic hockey experience available. You'll find realistic statistical output coupled with in-game AI that delivers the perfect armchair GM challenge.


FHM features not only the usual hockey stats - goals, assists, +/-, shorthanded and power play goals, etc. - but also plenty of other numbers that let you dive deep into your roster. Examine shots blocked, fights won, giveaways and takeaways, time on ice in various situations, penalty specifics, and much more, including Corsi, Fenwick, and other advanced stats.


This is as close as you'll get to sitting in a GM's office without drawing a paycheck from a team. Oversee team finances, keep an eye on the salary cap, check on your assistance coaches and scouts, watch the waiver wire, put together trade packages, make contract offers to free agents, and much more.


You can oversee your team's games or let the AI handle them for you, based on the wide array of strategies you set. During games, a realistic scoreboard gives all the vital statistics while the play-by-play lets you know what's happening and the player portraits show you who's on the ice.


When you start a new game, your league will come alive with news articles, messages from other GMs and players, announcements of upcoming milestones (a player's 500th career goal, for example), and more. You'll read about hat tricks, thrilling come-from-behind victories, key trades, devastating injuries, and other important happenings.


FHM's easy-to-use interface will help you quickly begin running your team, starting with the Manager Home Screen, which alerts you to important tasks, upcoming games, news items, injury reports, and more.
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[ₕₒbₙₒbₛₓ] Jun 18, 2014 @ 5:21pm 
This is troubling. A company that removes features (they apparently couldnt get into the game) without telling there customers are allowed on steam? Immature devs who promises too much should stay indipendant until they can keep promises.
intruethere Jun 13, 2014 @ 7:24pm 
Any manager game is a + for Steam
Priam Jun 5, 2014 @ 3:04am 
insta buy
thenxr May 23, 2014 @ 1:44pm 
I can't wait! When will this be released? I'm ready to spend my moneys on this game :3
Gingivitor May 21, 2014 @ 9:48pm 
YES! Finally greenlit!!
Rigafan May 21, 2014 @ 9:40am 
Marcoso you can easily add the logos/pictures etc through user made add on
NegansBat May 20, 2014 @ 2:40am 
Any news on a price decrease? I really appreciate your games but I feel $40 is quite steep for a game still in progress.
NphX May 18, 2014 @ 11:20pm 
Would be great if this game had licensing from NHL and NHLPA (original logos, jersey designs, official photos of players...)
Germanicus B. Bus May 17, 2014 @ 7:57am 
Congratulatin! Glad to see another great sports sim on steam. Anyone excited about this might also checkout Solecismic's Front Office Football, also up on Greenlight atm.
Out of the Park Developments  [author] May 16, 2014 @ 3:38pm 
Working on getting it ready now, and since we've got some experience getting OOTP Steam-enabled, it shouldn't take too long. Just trying to coordinate it with a new patch version.