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Genre: Action, Sports
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Oct 11, 2013 @ 10:22pm
Jul 18 @ 11:53am

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KarBOOM's free update
  • 12 player support - play with 4 keyboard players AND 8 gamepad players.
  • Multi-team - work together in any number of teams in Klassic and Showdown.
  • 3 new kar skins.
    • Bots now come in 3 difficulties:
    • Scaredy bot - replaces the "trainer" mutator. Scaredy bots are very timid, and will go out of their way to avoid head-on collisions. Takes a while to build up much courage.
    • Balanced bot - a competent bot that rarely takes big risks.
    • Hasty bot - an aggressive bot that won't hesitate to use charge-boost attacks. Its aggression only increases with each collision. Relentless, but often self-destructive.
  • Flag bonus - when playing with the flag in time limit mode, bonus points can be awarded to whomever has the flag (if anyone) when time runs out. This makes the flag worth fighting for even in the last few seconds when someone else has the lead.

  • Bot AI has had an overhaul. Changes that aren’t listed here are listed under “Bugfixes” below, due to some issues not actually revealing themselves until post-release:
    • PATHFINDING - bots now calculate an ideal path around obstacles to their target.
    • Bots take ball velocity into account in calculations.
    • Bots now attempt to avoid threats - their likelihood of doing this varies by difficulty.
    • Bots sometimes use charged boosts to attack - this varies by difficulty.
    • Bots have a slight bias towards targeting higher scoring players (including bots), since they're the biggest threat to each bot's victory.
  • No more "teams" button - to team up with another player, make your kar the same colour as theirs.
  • Kars now spawn in random order at the beginning of each round.
  • Removed aliasing in some of the notifiers, such as “heat scores”.
  • Left and right arrows on the top option for each kar no longer switch between keyboard and bot players - click the black icon to the upper-right to toggle between bots and keyboard players.
  • Trainer mutator removed. It was just confusing players, and its purpose is met by having multiple bot difficulties now.

  • Removed absurd bug where bots on the Coaster stages would not chase a target unless they had the flag.
  • Bots with the flag in KarBall will now go for the goal as soon as they get their bearings, rather than sometimes continuing to attack the other team.
  • Explosion scars no longer move around on Sandstorm Showdown.
  • The KarBall "rules" screen will no longer be blank if set to "life limit" in Klassic.
  • A little dirt was added to the centre of Closed Coaster and Open Coaster so the battle ball doesn't immediately explode.

KarBOOM's in Indie Royale
Release date: October 29, 2013
The short version...
Up to 12-player car-sumo with a variety of modes - knock each other out of bounds, fight for points or just to survive, compete for possession of the flag or the battle ball, play in teams, free-for-all, or one against everyone, bid on how long you'll survive, play KarBall (think car soccer) or replace the ball with a flag (think car rugby).

Get KarBOOM on its official website[] (which I personally prefer, since you get links Humble-Bundle-style, you get a Desura key anyway, AND more of the sale price goes to me), as well as Desura, ShinyLoot and FireFlowerGames for $10 US, and I can't imagine it being much different (if at all) on Steam.


KarBOOM brings the console party-game experience to PC (whether Windows, Mac or Linux). Play with up to 8 gamepads and up to 4 players on keyboard(s). Play in one-on-one duels, 6 teams of 2, 2 teams of 6, 12 player free-for-alls, or just about anything in between.

This kind of game plays best with gamepads (XBox 360, PS3/4, Wiimote+Nunchuk, Logitech, presumably the Steam Controller... anything that your computer can recognise and has at least one analog stick [or equivalent]), and KarBOOM makes it easy for every connected controller to configure their own controls quickly while setting up their kar, without interfering with other players.

What's in the game?
5 game modes:
  • Showdown - best with fewer players, particularly the showdown level that comes with the demo. Each player has one life and must outlast everyone else as the level changes to force the game to its conclusion. The Sandstorm Showdown (in the demo) shrinks fairly quickly, making it impossible for all players to stay on the level for long.
  • Gamble - a strategic game mode that's a bit more drawn out and requires at least 2 human players to play, players bid on how long they think they can last against everyone else. The highest bidder gets the chance to prove their skill - if they last as long as they bid, they get points towards victory. If they don't, they lose those points. The demo level provides an open area with grass in the middle (a hazard in KarBOOM) and open edges, giving the highest bidder plenty to watch out for.
  • Klassic - played free-for-all and/or with teams, choose to compete towards a score limit, life limit, or time limit. Stay off the grass and try to get your opponents onto it as you try to outmanoeuvre the opposition. Klassic has more mutators than other game modes for added variety, so check those out below.
  • KarBall - think car soccer or car rugby, depending on the mutators. Play one-on-one, in teams against each other, or in teams with each other against a team of bots. My mates and I kill lots of time playing KarBall. Switch on the flag to make it more like rugby - the flag must be carried to the goal line, and can be passed between team mates by bumping into each other.

There are also 5 mutators, depending on game mode, that can change the rules:
  • Weak Spot - add a glowing weak spot to the backs of all kars. Any kar hit on their weak spot will instantly explode, so watch your back!
  • SlowMo - slow down time whenever someone boosts. This not only looks cool, but can really leave you exposed if you miss someone with your boost and they take advantage of the slowmo to careful time their counterattack.
  • Battle Ball - only in Klassic, add a big heavy ball to the arena. The last kar to touch the ball gets possession of it, causing them to glow and giving them a mass advantage against all other kars (which is a big deal in this game). If weak spot is enabled, the kar's weak spot disappears. And if you're playing in teams, the entire team gets this advantage - think about having some kars protect the ball while others wreak havoc throwing around their extra weight and seeking enemy weak spots.
  • Flag - whoever (or whichever team) holds the flag gets a constant stream of points, or causes everyone else to lose lives, depending on the rules in place. You'll want to set a higher score limit or life limit when playing with the flag. The bigger you kar, the faster you get points (since there's almost no advantage to having a heavier but less agile kar when playing Flag) - and that score rate is doubled if Battle Ball is enabled and you (or your team) have possession of the ball!
  • Trainer - give yourself more space to learn the game, or just chill out a bit by turning on this mode, making the bots really docile.

There's also a bunch of different levels for each game mode - 2 for KarBall, 3 for Showdown, and 7 that work in both Klassic and Gamble. Each level is designed to provide different strategic options for players, and encourage different combinations of rules, player numbers, and mutators.

Where have I heard of KarBOOM before?
I dunno, maybe:
If I can't get KarBOOM on Steam yet, where can I get it?
Get the full game now at:
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