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Fun with Flags
By Tя!cky ツ
In this turtorial I'll teach you "How to Make your own Melee Flag" using Splinks Gimp Flag Template. I recently wanted to try Splinks template(s) and found it was complex. Also, I wasn't the only one having troubles figuring it out. So after messing around for some time in the Gimp paint program. I figured out the necessary steps to making a sucessful Melee Flag.

So let's have, Fun with Flags

Get Free Paint Program(s)
Splinks provided 2 flag templates: Photoshop and Gimp
Here is the orginal post -> http://forum.l4dmaps.com/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=7639

Flag making for me it was just easier using his Gimp template. But i also found Gimp version 2.6.10 to be better than the newest 2.8.6. (I used 2.6.10 in this guide, get it at link below)


Since i'm only using that Gimp 2.6.10 for just making flags only. I suggest you use another Paint Program to make the image you want to insert into the flag template. I use Photoshop myself or you could use another Free Paint Program used by many texture people here, Paint.Net

Get the Flag Template
Download Splinks Flag Template from here:

Create an image for your Flag
To keep it simple, create a new .jpg image and size it 1024x1024 (as shown below).

His template won't use the whole height of your new 1024x1024 image. So keep it in the upper portion as I have here. You might need to adjust your image a few times. Once we load it and see it's position on the flag template. (feel free to snatch this as starting guide .jpg image)
Let's Open the Template
Now that you have the Gimp Program 2.6.10, and made your 1024 x 1024 Image. Click on Splinks Gimp Flag template you downloaded earlier. Gimp will open up and should look like this:

Now for some reason if you don't see the Layers floating tool box shown in the above pic. Then look at the top options of the Gimp Window all the way across and select Windows, Recently Closed Docks, move to the right and click on Layers, Channels, Path ect. to open that back up again. As we will be using this Tool later on.

Let's insert your Image
Let's insert your image into the Flag template. Look at the top options of the Gimp Window and click on File, Open as Layers. You'll get a search box, find your image and click on the Open button.

Now you get to see your image applied to the flag template!

If you feel like you need to go back and adjust your image a tad more. You'll want to undo this one, to try over again with a newly adjusted image. Just, look at the top options of the Gimp Window and click on Edit, Undo open Layers. You'll be back to Splinks Default one.

Once your happy with the image. You'll notice in the Layers, Channel floating tool box (i said eariler we would need it). Your image layer is now showing too. What we want to do next is delete Splinks layer the one that says "PUT IMAGE HERE". Just click on it to Highlight it, then right mouse click, an options box comes up and move down the list and select "Delete Layer".

Let's save your Flag
When your ready to save it, look at the top options of the Gimp Window.
select File, Save As and you'll get a pop-up window like this.

Rename it and change the extension from .xcf to .jpg, select it's location and hit Save button.

You'll see this Export File pop-up continue on and hit Export button

Lastly you'll see this Save as JPEG with Quality Slide, do nothing continue on and hit Save Button

ALL DONE now just make into a .VPK and upload to your steam workshop and share with the World!

if you don't know how to make a .VPK then watch this Doktor Haus video
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Tя!cky ツ  [author] Oct 7, 2013 @ 3:16pm 
VPK is the finished Mod, kinda like WinZip it's a compression packing tool used by Valve Games. The Melee Flag Mod is contained within the VPK it holds many more files. I suggest you watch the video by Doktor Haus above. Then pick any Melee Flag Mod in the workshop subscribe and test with it as Doktor teaches you.

Once you can pack and unpack VPK's you then need another program called VTFEdit v1.2.5.

This will allow you to extract and import textures packed in files called VTF or Valve Texture Files. So you'll just click on any VTF file and you'll see the Texture within. In this case locate the Flag VFT file from any workshop mod you subscribe to. Click on to open, then File, select Import, choose your Flag .jpg you made, then save it as the same file name. Repack as a VPK and test it.

How do you test it? Put the VPK file in your ADD-ON folder, start L4D2 and you'll see it listed in the Menu that shows all your ADD-ON mods.