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Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English, Norwegian
Oct 1, 2013 @ 2:19am
May 15 @ 6:37am

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Online co-op? You want it?
How to kill a Shiftling 101
Release date: Autumn 2014

What the hell is this?
Born out of a game jam in Norway, prototyped within 5 days leading to the winning entry - this is Shiftlings.

In this physics based, puzzle platformer you control two, not so bright but lovable, alien space janitors which are the main attraction in an intergalactic reality tv-show without their knowing. While we watch over their shoulders, they are supposed to solve different small tasks on five themed worlds with ten levels each and they are ready to do pretty much everything, from jumping on each-other, to dragging and dropping and using that tube till it bursts.

The fun twist is that those two are connected by an air hose through which they can shift their size which is crucial to survive the hazardous challenges the two get thrown into. As helpful as the tube can be it will also provide additional challenges.
The visual look consists of colorful, detailed, quirky, cartoony 3D graphics with fun looking characters and specially crafted worlds. Slapstick humor and voice-overs included!

The game-show is hosted by your very own Zookod Neutrino, not only giving you the run-down and lookout between the different planets and their levels, he will also not stop from commenting your every step as a player.

Shiftlings can be played alone while the player controls both characters as well as shift size between them but the most fun comes from playing locally with your friend.

A real friendship tester!

"A great man is always willing to be little" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

  • Fun Co-op that will proof how loyal your friends really are!
  • Full physics based which makes for some surprising solutions as well as several options to solve a puzzle
  • Hop, pull, push and shift your way through 50 unique levels
  • Quirky, Fun Characters to meet on the way
  • Conjoined Gameplay will provide challenges but also solutions to the dangers that lie ahead.
  • Cute and Entertaining Cut-scenes

Stay tuned and thanks a lot for your support! :)
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Big White Bear Jul 18 @ 5:37am 
Actually got to play this a little. The coop is just crazy fun, wonderfully hectic, and sooo hilarious! The background commentary and dialogue is also just pure gold! ;-D
Don't Smoke! Jul 14 @ 11:57pm 
looks cool
suicidalteacake Jul 8 @ 11:06am 
loving the look of the game cant wait for its release. i can imagine playing it with a friend would be awesome
Rock Pocket Games  [author] Jul 8 @ 1:21am 
Thanks so much for the comments everyone :) If you want to spread the word you can also support us on
TheHippieGuy Jul 6 @ 12:32pm 
This game looks fun! i cant wait to play this!
klarax Jul 2 @ 7:39am 
looks sick. ggfx look awesome. and fun from what i can see
Cristiano Jul 1 @ 10:51am 
looks* funny
Cristiano Jul 1 @ 10:50am 
ooks funny
Rock Pocket Games  [author] Jun 30 @ 1:54am 
Thanks for the comments everyone :) and for voting!
Gamefan741 Jun 29 @ 1:43pm 
looks funny