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The Field Lab
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Sep 12, 2013 @ 11:59am
Sep 14, 2013 @ 12:06pm
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A floating Telvanni field lab (player home) that can be summoned anywhere in the world.

This plug-in gives the player access to a unique, magic artifact: the field lab of Divayth Fyr – an ancient and powerful Telvanni mage from Vvardenfell. It is possible to summon this small home anywhere in the world, including cities and interiors with high ceilings such as caves or Dwemer ruins. The field lab's interior mainly contains furnishings for characters that are affiliated with magic, but might as well be used as a mobile safe house with storage possibilities.

- Skyrim (Version or newer)
- Dragonborn DLC

–A hovering field lab, built in the typical architectural style of the Telvanni. It features a platform for an unimpaired panoramic view and can be summoned at any place in the world, provided there is enough space for it. It can be accessed by ascending to it (included floating feature) or via the map marker.

–A brief introductory quest that provides the player with the key to the field lab. It starts with a letter, delivered by a messenger (as usual it might take a while for the messenger to find the player).

–The exterior (platform and the building itself) is not visible from the ground (only visible through light refraction – chameleon effect), in order not stick out in cities and block the view. In its visible state, the exterior is illuminated according to day time.

–An interior with bed ('well rested' bonus), safe lockers and chests, a book shelf, an alchemy lab and an enchanting station

–A crystal basin inside the building that can be used to create empty or filled soul gems by combining eligible materials.

–A magic pillar in the middle of the lab can cure any kind of sickness or poison and give a minor, temporary boost to the strength of destruction spells, so that you are quickly on your feet again to face the rough world outside of the lab.

–Small bonus: a couple of items like robes and spells that already have been in the base game, but have not been accessible to the player, can be found in the lab.

FieldLab 1.0 English
You can also download the English or the German version on skyrimnexus: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/41902//?

How to install:
Simply click on the green "Subscribe" button

How to uninstall:
Make sure that your latest savefile is neither inside the lab, nor on the outer platform. You can leave the key in any of the lab's containers. After that, you can deactivate or delete the plug-in.

Notes on use and technical limitations:
–To use the 'Summon Field Lab' spell, position yourself in a way that there is enough space above the player character. The final test whether there is enough space is then done via the Havoc collision detection. Ceilings, walls or rocks are going to detected most of the time, but there is still a small chance that something like a tall tree is not going to detected asan obstruction, due to its minimal collision geometry. This might cause the treetop to peek through the outer platform.

–The map marker is not going to be set under the following circumstances:
1. In interiors, since it would collide with the game's quick travel feature.
2. In places with their own world map (i.e. Mods that add new areas). It does, however, work in Solstheim. I put a dedicated map marker on this map
3. In most places that are relevant to quests and have the quick travel function disabled (i.e. the balcony of Unterstone Keep).

–Companions of all sorts can neither use the „ascend to lab/descend from lab“ function, nor can they enter the lab's interior. This is due to the fact that the Navmeshes (NPC navigation grid) of the game cannot be generated dynamically, which would be necessary since the lab is a non-stationary object. There are few exceptions like the Dremora Servant/Merchant, but aside from those, the player is the only character to enter the lab. It would be best to order the companion to wait under the field lab, otherwise he will continue to run around below the platform.

–In order not to destroy the balancing of the combat, it is not possible to ascend to the lab, if you are in combat or being looked for. Additionally, the projectile proof railing prevents an unfair bombardment through magic or projectiles from above.

–The ability to reach high places will allow the player to overcome obstacles like city walls and to take shortcuts in dungeons. You will have to decide for yourself, if you want to use the feature that way, since it might give you no significant advantages throughout the game.

–When filling empty soul gems at the crystal basin, make sure that you are not using any soulgems that have already been filled through the use of soul trap (identifiable through the low price). The game regards those soul stones as empty, since the item id stays the same, even after filling them.

Thanks for the English translation to: Philzer
Thanks for the video to: Preykousis

If you have any problems with this mod, post a comment (please read the full description first).
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jaden_ramalho Dec 3 @ 6:22am 
WOW IM SO MAD RIGHT NOW. I love your mod and have been using it a my main base of operations, had like hundreds of hours of items stored and custom space fitted inside. i just did the main questline just before you go find esbern and you have to infiltrate the thalmor embassy by getting into the party and sneaking the stuff in... ONLY PROBLEM IS when my inventory got wiped by the quest, the spell for the summon lab did as well. what the hell helpppppppppppp im so mad. i just have to revert to an old save for now but how inconvenient!!!
looser20055 Oct 31 @ 11:30am 
i was SOOOO SAD as the game crashed and crashed after i subscribe. This mod had soo much potential so realy dissapointed
Grizz Oct 19 @ 11:28am 
This mod crashes game after the bethsdeda logo shows. Turned off all other mods, left this one on, and it still crashes. Unsubscribed it for now
soreass Oct 13 @ 3:45pm 
This is so well done! Nice touch with the little quest and the letters and great mysterious tie in to TES III. Very unique, yet immersive. All that a transient mage needs!
Derpz The Herpz Oct 12 @ 5:01pm 
dose it have a bed? because ive ben serching around for mods like this and if it has a bed then Im subscribeing...eh what the heck im subscribing anyway.
41st_Rimfire_Division Oct 12 @ 6:18am 
In comparison to other house mods this is acctualy my favorite even though this isn't a house but it's just SO COOL
Armoured-Lemming Sep 21 @ 7:00am 
Ive resently encountered an issue where i can no longer is the field lab as it states that:
Levitation Failed (No solid ground), this happened in Markarth at the market place a little while after the completion of the Forswarn Conspiracy completion.
I've tried to summon the field lab elsewhere but it seams to be stuck where it is, thankfully i was able to revert back to a previous safe file to fix this.
WolfaI_ Sep 20 @ 5:06am 
what will happen if i dont have downguard ?
oFFliNerxd Sep 17 @ 11:52am 
Silvak Lance Sep 16 @ 8:01am 
For those who are having problems with the bookshelf, Nexus has a version 2 of this mod. I just tried it and it works perfectly. He added a gate to the platform, MCM/SKSE integration, strongbox, cooking pot. To install, unsubscribe here and then follow the install instructions on Nexus. I had nothing lost/overwritten. The dwemer chests is moved to the other side of the pool, and the knapsack is moved to the other side of the door, but nothing is lost/rest.