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SteamCardExchange • Trading Guide
By anmal and 4 collaborators
The official Trading Guide.
About SteamCardExchange


Steam Card Exchange is a website designed to help you with all your needs regarding the collecting and crafting of Steam Trading Cards. For detailed information, visit:

How to use our Trading Bot

The trading Bot provides a simple automated Steam Trading Card exchange service. It values each card differently, based on its current price at the community market and the latest sells. This calculated value (in $) equals the value in credits 1:1.
To get credits you must trade in your card(s) through the trade offer system. By trading in more credits than you take out your credits will be stored for later use.
To get your desired cards you have to include them into your trade offer.

  • - Inventory[]
    Since Last cards are more expensive than others we list every single card we have and show you the current price for it.
    In this list you see how many credits you get for a card, this shows the worth. If you visit a specific inventory you see how many you have to pay for a card.

  • - Profile[]
    Here you can see your current credits, enable/disable the last card trading and check your last 15 trades.

  • Your Steam Trade Offer History:

For a general explanation of the Steam Trading Cards and the Trade Offer System please see Jimos guides linked in the More Information section.

How to use the Trading Bot

Short explanation:
  • 1) Go to this Forum Thread: Steam Card Exchange Bot - Trade Offer
  • 2) Start the trade by clicking the blue "Offer a trade ..." button.
  • 3) Add the cards you want to trade in.
    (Don't forget to check the Worth Column[] and calculate the value of your cards!)
  • 4) Add the cards you want by browsing through the Bots inventory or using the Filter.
    (Don't forget to check the Game Specific Inventory[] and calculate the price for our cards!)
  • 5) Click "ready" and "ok" in order to send your trade offer.
  • 6) Wait for the Bot to accept/decline it.

Detailed Explanation
This is a pictured Step-by-Step explanation on how to trade with our Trading Bot.

  • 1) Go to this Forum Thread: Steam Card Exchange Bot - Trade Offer

  • 2) Click the blue "Offer a trade" button:

  • 3) A new window will pop up which will look like this:

  • 4) Enter the card from your inventory you'd like to trade in:
    (Don't forget to check the Worth Column[] and calculate the value of your cards!)

  • 5) Click on "Their Inventory" in the top of the trade window and switch to the Steam Community Invenvtory:

  • 6) Add the cards you'd like to get in return to the trade:
    (Don't forget to check the Game Specific Inventory[] and calculate the price for our cards. Using the filters below the inventory helps to find a specific card/game!)

  • 7) After you're done adding cards click the blue box below your offered cards to confirm the trade contents:

  • 8) Only one more thing to do in order to send your Trade Offer - Click the green "Make Offer" box:

  • 9)That's it! Your Trade Offer has successfully been sent to the Trade Bot and you will see a confirmation on your trade window:

  • 10) By clicking "OK" the trade window will close and your steam client will redirect you to the Trade Offer overview page where you can check your Trade Offer status:
    (You can always check your Trade Offer details and history here:

  • 11) After the Bot has checked whether it's a valid trade in terms of credits or not or if any other rule has been broken it either approves or declines the trade:
    (In case your trade is declined and you wonder why: Just visit your - Profile[])

    The reason why the trade in this example was declined:

Trading Guidelines

  • You can store credits up to a maximum of 100 credits.
  • If you offer a trade which would store you more than 100 credits the Bot will now decline the trade.
  • The value of a last card in stock is 1.5 higher than its regular value.
  • Foil cards aren't supported.
  • The card limit per trade is 6 cards on each side.
  • The bot stores max. 8 cards of the same type.
  • Buying Last Cards is enabled by default.
  • Use the internal inventory filter to reduce the loading time!
  • New games will be supported after 7days / 168 hours!
  • Regarding high-value cards: We only pay up to 50 credits per card while the max sell price if 100c for normal and 150c for last card.
  • Sending a trade offer doesn’t work sometimes. Try to restart your Steam client or use your Browser instead. (We really recommend to use your Browser!)

The showcase[] is a place where you can find all the Steam Trading Cards related content, such as cards, badges, emoticons and profile backgrounds.
With the constant stream of new games getting added to the Steam Trading Card System we're always looking for help to fill our database. We're especially looking for Badges and Artworks! If you find or have something we are missing, please leave a comment here: Submit Content we're missing.
For a full list of what we're missing check this Thread please: Full list of missing Content.

A - C[] | D - F[] | G - I[] | J - L[] | M - O[] | P - R[] | S - U[] | V - X[] | Y - Z[] | 0 - 9[] | Rec. Added[] | Search[]

Trading Cards

The first thing listed in our Showcase are the regular Trading Cards in their corresponding order. The current Steam Community Market price is shown under each card and by clicking it you will be redirected to the specific card offered at the Steam Community Market.
Clicking any Card Image will open up the featured Artwork in a small resolution, to get the HD-Artwork you'll need to click the small HD link in the top right corner of that card.

Foil Cards

The second listed item are the Foil Trading Cards. See the Trading Cards explanation for further informations.


Next feature are the Badges. They are sorted by level with the Foil Badge at the end and show the amount of XP they grant.


Emoticons are sorted by their rarity and feature a small chat-size preview. The current Steam Community Market price is shown and redirects to the Steam Community Market as well.


Backgrounds are sorted by their rarity as well. They come with artwork and by clicking the SD- or HD-link on top of them you can get the artwork you want. The price works the same way as the Emoticon-Price.
Badge Pricelist

The Badge Pricelist is a Tool made to see how much a set of cards for any game costs right now. In case one or more cards of a set are currently unavailable the corresponding Game won't be listed in this list.
It is alphabetically sorted by default and can changed to be sorted by price (either low-to-high or vice versa).

You can access it through our website:
Trading Forums

There are 3 main trading forums at CardTrades, the General Trading, the Game Specific Trading and the Background & Emoticon Trading. You will also find several other forums for scammer reports, bot feedbacks and trading card discussions.

General Trading

In this forum users can open a thread and post what they [H]ave & [W]ant.

  • [H] Various cards [W] Portal cards

Background & Emoticon Trading

In this forum users can open a thread and post what they [H]ave & [W]ant.

  • [H] Various Emoticons [W] Emoticons I don't have + Any HL2 Emoticons

This is a very simple and easy to follow list of rules to help prevent scams, breaking the agreements you agreed to when setting up Steam, or our own Steam Group Rules & Chat Room Rules.

General Rules
  • Any form of harassment, profanity, insulting users, or flaming/trolling will not be tolerated.
    Post discussions in the appropriate location (even if regarding the trading system, if it's not a trade post in General Discussion).

  • Do not bump your post, most mods may overlook a 12hour bump, but will not miss the spam of reported posts showing "up" "bump" "bumped" "updated" (when not actually updated). We can see and review deleted posts.

  • Do not re-post your trades repeatedly. Edit your original post and make it clear what you updated in a new post.

  • Do not post your own personal [H]ave & [W]ant list in other peoples trade thread unless what you have is on their list. Ideally both Have and Want. In other words don't be rude and try and hijack someone's post.

  • Please do not beg for free items or even hint at it or joke about it (as jokes/humor rarely translate well through text and it's not really funny).

  • Please do not advertise your own group.

  • Please do not hold a Giveaway that requires money, joining a group, leaving the page it's being posted on. Obviously giving away stuff you no longer want is fine, can even point out donations (in the form of trades) are welcome.

  • Avoid any form of spam.

Chat Rules
  • Do not post your Offer more than once at a time (double posts or within a single post).

  • Do not re-post your original offer/request before 5 minutes have passed. Turn on timestamps in the chat to make sure you're following this rule.

  • Your offer may only use a maximum of 3 lines.

  • Don't spam Emotes and refrain from writing caps only.

  • All the rules above "General Rules" also apply here.

  • Discussing trading is fine but please if you plan to get into a serious discussion take advantage of Private Messaging (right click on the users name in the list to the right and request chat).

  • Please avoid posting spaces in-between each line of your request bloating it.

  • Please avoid posting a massive list that takes up a significant amount of chat space. Instead consider posting your list in the Trading Discussion and linking it to chat. Otherwise cut it down.

  • If kicked from chat please understand you were kicked for doing something wrong and were not banned which means either you were warned or made a massive post/spammed numerous images/broke a rule which in the end was a warning so also look for a private message from a Moderator which may or may not be present.

These rules were partly copied from the Official steam trading group rules.
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rhymekun` Jan 11 @ 9:58am 
Why are some games disabled? Tried trading Duckles Jigsaw With it says "Contained missing item" before finally seeing the disabled logo on the name.
ZVERMIX Jan 6 @ 10:27am 
Is the website down?
Sensejus Jun 17, 2016 @ 5:14am 
Hey, I would like to talk with someone who is responsible for your card excahnge bot, as in the last trade he wrongly calculated the credits and gave me 6 less credits than it should have given to me. Two days ago I traded these cards:
Minigun, The Amalgamator, Trooper, Medusa (Trading Card), Basilisk, Orc Warlord
and the first 3 are from commando jack game and worth 11 credits each, and the last three worth 9 credits each from the deadly profits game, but in the end it only gave me 54 credits, like if all the cards would have been worth only 9 credits.
Who´s that POKEMON? Apr 1, 2016 @ 10:54am 
"Declined (?) Your Trade Offer contained at least one wrong or missing item." But i have cards in inventory! What that?

4 Month disame... why?
Noky Sep 10, 2015 @ 3:27am 
"Declined (?) Your Trade Offer contained at least one wrong or missing item." But i have cards in inventory! What that?
OtaKimeee! Feb 9, 2015 @ 5:39am 
I'm getting: "Declined (?) Your Trade Offer contained at least one wrong or missing item."

but the card is right in my inventory...

Tobias Rieper Jan 10, 2015 @ 5:54am 
Can i exchange wallpaperfor wallpaper ?
Need fast reply please
Lord Kief Aug 9, 2014 @ 7:04am 
Yeah blak you are right
DBG Jun 30, 2014 @ 5:50pm 
Sorry you had a bad experience Rabid, I've been using the site for some time (back when it was still running the "old system") and even though I haven't accessed it in a while, it still carried over my credits.

@wokcz Yep =).
wokcz Jun 27, 2014 @ 3:52pm 
To store credits I just send a trade without asking for items from the bot?