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Sep 1, 2013 @ 5:58pm
Jun 1 @ 4:04pm
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Competitive Map based in and around Palermo, Italy.

Terrorists are plotting to destroy a vital tourism spot.

GameBanana/CEVO mapping competition 2014
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May 3 @ 4:18pm
[Å] - DieNamenlosen.com only Custom
[CCG] Heipau @ WM Fieber
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http://youtu.be/5snmTJRU52s Jul 6 @ 12:06pm 
Good job. +1. wow How long it takes textures. wow nice :d
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Graffy Jun 21 @ 5:24pm 
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Mapping-Verminbe Jun 7 @ 2:48pm 
good joob
ted  [author] Jun 7 @ 7:39am 
The rooms use to connect outside to middle, but the gameplay was really fast.
Gimpel Jun 7 @ 6:22am 
I have a visual bug (playing with low video settings): In mid, there's some space on the right when coming from T spawn with a door and a barrel next to it. The door disappears when you look at it while walking away in direction of the white car near T.
Also, I'm not a fan of B banana with the two cars. Don't know how I would change it though. Everything else is really nice :)
Gimpel Jun 7 @ 2:52am 
great gameplay, great visibility. I have a complaint though: the vent doesn't look like a vent at all. You have boards on walls everywhere on maps and there's nothing about the vent that screams "I'm a vent" when you come from CT side and look at the boards. Once you know it, it's easy to see but when I was first looking around the map, I looked at the minimap and thought "it looks like there should be a room, but I can't see an entrance and I can't self-boost from outside". I even looked through the gap between the boards and only realized it was a vent when I actually no-clipped inside the room. You may think I'm stupid if I don't notice it earlier, but I think it should still be way more obvious. Maybe put the boards on the inside/the other side? or make them smaller?
Goodman Durnik Jun 5 @ 9:17am 
Really nice map, at first i was sceptic to the whole "competative" play on it. then i played it with some bots/friends and i am sold. This map is one of the best maps out on the workshop atm and if you won't make it to the "operation" I will riot. Thanks for this map!
Olkarer Jun 5 @ 3:46am 
You deserve more recognition
→大腦◆進水← Jun 4 @ 7:30am 
Nice !
Single Jun 3 @ 6:54am 
Looks terrific, great aesthetic, lots of fun to explore. I love T spawn, it's really brilliant.