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Volaan - Bow of the Dragonborn
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Volaan - Bow of the Dragonborn

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Zun Se Faal Dovahkiin - Weapons of the Dragonborn
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After the sucess of my Qahnaarin - Sword of the Dragonborn mod I was inspired to start a series of similar weapons. Volaan is the Bow of the Dragonborn.

It has the model and most of the stats of the standard dragonbone bow, however it is more powerful and much faster. Volaan in the dragon language represents 'quickly', the main feature of the bow.

Due to the name, the main feature of this bow is its speed. It can fire at TWICE the rate of a regular bow. Keep in mind that this does stack with the archery perk which also inccreases speed. If you are thinking that it might be too fast and that it might look strange. it actually doesn't! I thought it might too and even with the perk it still looks quite natural whilst giving you a great boost in speed.

Perfect for shooting down hoardes of enemies, just as a Dragonborn should!


Base Damage: 30 (Compared to 20 of Dragonbone Bow)

Weight: 20

Speed: 1.5 (2x as fast as a regular bow) (Compared to 0.75 of Dragonbone Bow)

Value: 3000 (Compared to 2725 of Dragonbone Bow)


- Requires Dawnguard.

- Found on the very top of the throat of the world. Only accesible after learning the 'Clear Skies' shout.

- When you get the top of the mountian, get the bow before the notched pickaxe. If you pick up the pickaxe first the bow might fall off the mountian due to a quirk in the vanilla system.

- For everyone worried about confliction with oter mods in this series, the bow is now found in an urn at the top of the mountian. This means there will be no conflictions between this mod and Qahnaarin.

- Don't complain about it being overpowered. Keep in mind that it is meant to bethe most powerful bow as it is the Dragonborn's special bow.

- The increase in speed is actually not as overpowered as I thought it might be. It does not look oddly fast, it still looks natural whilst giving you a much higher firing rate.

- As always, enjoy! :)

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Additional Lore by Mikhael IceFang and jasonjwillis:

''Legend has it that when Alduin, First son of Akatosh, was killed, his bones were scattered across Tamriel. Millenia later they were found by the Blades and were taken to the greatest blacksmiths of Tamriel, those who could take the blood of the gods, Ebony, to legendary heights. And so, guided by the prophecies of the Elder Scrolls, they forged the bones of the World Eater and the blood of the gods into eight penultimate weapons. Qahnaarin - Sword of the Dragonborn and Zahkrii - Blade of the Dragonborn, they carved from the leg bones of the worldeater. Volaan - Bow of the Dragonborn, they made from the smallest of Blackwing’s ribs. Kinzon - The Daggers of the Dragonborn, were expertly wrought from two vertebrae. Mulaag - The Hammer of the Dragonborn, was fashioned from the thighbone. Hahkun - Battleaxe of the Dragonborn and Vahlok - Waraxes of the Dragonborn, they made of fangs from his great maw and Krongrah - Mace of the Dragonborn they fashioned from each of the mammoth dragon’s back claws.After the creation of these weapons, the leader of the blades with a Moth priest, sacrificed his sight to use the Dragon Elder Scroll to cast the weapon through the time wound to the peak of the throat of the world at the dawn of Tamriel.''
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mad_monk_1492 Nov 18 @ 2:13pm 
Thanks. I'm going after this bow...just as soon as I complete the Main Quest. :-)
Godfather of Illuminati Jul 19 @ 7:14am 
i sthere a mod with all of these Dragon Bone weapon are in 1 mod?
IvillhealYou Apr 6 @ 12:24pm 
Can you make a Non DLC version?
:^) Feb 27 @ 9:16am 
So did I FACEpuncher
Caaros, The King of Chaos Feb 18 @ 1:15pm 
I wish there was a combination of al of these mods in one. That would be great.
FACEpuncher Dec 25, 2014 @ 2:28am 
I got this mod when I searched bow sights.....
TheGreyLight  [author] Dec 7, 2014 @ 10:03pm 
Huh, the wiki has changed since I wrote this. Thats weird, it used to be 'quicky'. Oh well, intruder works too I guess... Thanks for letting me know
Edwee Dec 7, 2014 @ 9:09am 
Volaan actually means intruder
BullBars1 Oct 4, 2014 @ 8:39am 
Could you do a crossbow for the Dragonborn that can be upgraded as the enemies become more powerful? It would look real nice if it was fashioned from the sword or dagger blades attached to the wood and/or the Dwarven handles but without the dwarven metal accents. I think if you could use dragonbone inlay it would be be a weapon made for a king. These would be excellent for anything from ordinary hunting to high stakes assination.
mc_rog46_sd1 Aug 4, 2014 @ 5:27pm 
Thanks, I like this bow a great deal, perfect for a Dragonborn.