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Dead Sky
Aug 5, 2013 @ 9:19pm
Jan 26, 2016 @ 7:48pm

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Dead Sky Released!
Happy Halloween, We're Greenlit!
Release date: Fourth quarter 2013
Dead Sky takes place amidst the chaos of a mysterious undead outbreak, where you will fight tooth-and-nail through hordes of zombies in order to escape the epidemic and find a safe haven. At its core, Dead Sky is an action-packed survival shooter that ties in several strategic tower defense elements. The gameplay consists of a mix between defending objectives as well as clearing paths through zombie territory by using the variety of powerful weapons, buildable structures, skill upgrades, and power-ups at your disposal. Fight your way through a variety of undead-infested environments, where you will encounter powerful and mutated zombie types that require strategy and quick reflexes to defeat; all the while, you will be moving ever-closer to safety…and discovering the truth about this so-called “virus”.


• Experience the excitement of a fast-paced top down shooter with the satisfying strategic aspects of tower defense

• Craft a variety of turrets, traps, and barricades to add to your defensive parameter

• Gain the edge you need with a plethora of randomly dropped power-ups and weapons

• Randomly generated zombie mobs and boss encounters provide a unique experience every time you play

• Fight against a wide variety of enemy types with unique abilities and attack synergies that always keep the action fresh

• Compete via online leaderboards to see how you rank against other players

• Play online in cooperative multiplayer mode with up to 3 of your friends and survive as long as you can

On what platforms will Dead Sky be released?
PC, Mac and Linux.

When is it going to be released?
Fourth quarter 2013

Will this game support multiplayer or co-op?
Dead Sky will feature a 4 player multiplayer co-op mode

Are gamepads supported?
Yes; Dead Sky will have Xbox 360 controller and gamepad support

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