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Ragdoll Roper
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Jul 21, 2013 @ 2:00am
Oct 23, 2014 @ 2:38am
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Ragdoll Roper

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LEFT CLICK = Become ragdoll + rope yourself to whatever you are aiming at.
RIGHT CLICK = Unragdoll.

RELOAD = Change target bone.

WASD = Move ragdoll.

SHIFT = Shorten rope.
ALT = Lengthen rope.

Regular attack creates an elastic rope that you can make longer/shorter.
If you hold USE (E) when you attack it will make a regular rope that cannot change length.

If you are repoting some kind of bug, take a screenshot if possible, otherwise describe it in as much detail as possible. "Dosnt werk 4 me" is not helpful.
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Maniac of Doom May 10 @ 5:30pm 
When is spawn the gun in, only part of it actually shows up... I have no idea why it would do this but here's what it looks like: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=440898665
YoshiGamingFTW May 9 @ 6:55pm 
When i am a Yoshi Player Model from Gmod Tower Player Model's Pack, i am green and when i ragdoll i turn a weird bluish grey, this happenes for every playermodel that can change its color, how do I fix that because i saw someone with the same Yoshi skin and when he ragdolled he was still green, i want to know how not to turn into a bluish grey color when i ragdoll
Dr. Zenkho™ May 8 @ 9:05am 
just spawn a model, rope yourself on the model and then remove said model, now you're a free man!
Herderploo May 5 @ 7:03pm 
yea is it?
_p0go_ May 3 @ 1:26pm 
is it possible to ragdoll without the rope?
insazan332 Apr 22 @ 5:12pm 
its like ur spider mann
Silence Apr 20 @ 4:12pm 
youre penis is the rope 0_0
XThat crab is a spyX Apr 19 @ 5:09pm 
guys i have a trick if u search the mod u can find vencherin tale who links this stuff
Oladin Apr 18 @ 3:58pm 
This is already one of my favorites. This is a true gem. ♥ However, it came to my mind that the swinging or "moving" while roped is quite awkward and not what you would expect from hanging at the end of a rope. Also, I would love to see this as an addon for TTT, what do you think?
Beta-Powers Apr 15 @ 3:42pm 
You should include a console command so that we can rope with a bind