Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2

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Jul 3, 2013 @ 6:33pm
Jun 5, 2014 @ 4:52pm
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Watch the video above for a tutorial. Playing with friends is recommended, but you can play alone too. Move objects and build barricades, scavenge for food and water, and sneak around zombies. How long can you survive?


* Stranded is a WIP. Currently in Alpha; taking feature requests / bug reports in the comments. To play this, you need to select MUTATIONS on the title screen and click "Change Mutation". Then, from the lobby, Edit Game Settings -> Server Type -> Local Server.

* Survivor glows / names are hidden and players spawn at random locations; when you spawn, your friends will be somewhere else on the map, so you need to find them first

* Inventory system: store food/water in a custom inventory. Share your inventory with nearby players. Type !inv into the chat box to access your inventory.

* Zombies see players based on sight and hearing. Each player has a visibility bar. Ducking / shift-walking will make it harder for the zombies to spot you.

* Gunshots attract nearby zombies, but you can outrun them (to the point that they cannot hear and/or see you)

* Powerful infected. You cannot easily fight more than a couple Common Infected at once

* Pick up and move objects to create custom barricades

* You start with one STUN PIPEBOMB. This is a powerful pipe bomb that will stun all common infected in the vicinity for 2-3 seconds (giving you enough time to escape). Save it if you can-- there are no other pipebombs on the map.

* Shove Special Infected off you by holding down RIGHT-CLICK (the melee button) when being attacked

* Works with any Coop map. Maps with narrow tunnels, hiding spots, and abundant number of physics props work best with this mutation

* Custom survival timer

* More sound effects

* To play in SINGLE PLAYER mode, first enable Developer Console in Options -> Keyboard Settings, then in the main menu, press the tilde (~) key: Type the following into your console (feel free to replace the map name): map c1m3_mall stranded

* Special Infected disabled on EASY difficulty

Questions? *****Read the description first*****, and if it's not answered above, then ask in the comments.


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dude this is sick! for another survival thing u should add flashlight battery :D
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v well fuckity doo
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its a cool mutation but not many ppl play it and its very difficult and gets boring quickly when you play alone :(
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This is way to difficult and the infected respawn.