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Iron Soul
Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Jul 3, 2013 @ 12:58am
Jan 26 @ 7:48pm

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Steam Edition is here (With Robotic Upgrades of course!)((
Iron Soul Launches on Green Man Gaming
Release date: Coming This Fall (2013)
Availabe on store:

What is Iron Soul about (AKA Bot-mageddon’s guardian), you ask?

Well, the short and cyber-fast answer is:
- Singleplayer but Robot-powered & Story driven
- Hybrid 3rd Person Shooter & Platformer With a Hint of Old-school Action
- Fully voiced, regardless of sanity or humanity
- Achieves the unreal by using the Unreal

The robo-tastic but slightly longer answer is:
Iron Soul is the unpredictable fusion of 3rd person shooting and fast platforming in a story driven, 3D action game. To make it happen, the team drew inspiration from various old school 3rd person titles we all know and love (Name dropping MDK!). Such elements are reinvigorated within an industrial setting full of mad robots, unknown voices and mysterious compounds. It has been a long, two year journey for both the project and its protagonist, H-25 but we are finally there. Now we must stand united to withstand the force of upcoming threat, commenly known as bot-mageddon!

Features list for list fans:
* Mechanical Tales: 2 story-focused campaigns (Though more like 1.5) that tell the tale of one robot invasion as well as the strange interferences our hero and his mentor suffer from during their journey.

* Machine Perfect Controls: Fluid action and movement controls for intense robot battles and tight air jumps. This is one bot-mageddon that’s full of shooting, platforming and of course, mild puzzle-solving challenges.

* Cunning Enemies: Uniquely designed enemies that can come from the sky, ground or even underground in the most robo-tacular fashion, forcing you to choose your weapon (And tactics) wisely.

* Combat Robo-tactic: More methodical players can use the free and non-sticky cover system while the crazier bot-slayers can go all in and run-n-gun their way through hostile territories.

* Fallen World: Various environments from outdoor valleys to underground military bases have come to life thanks to the power of UDK. The levers are fully optimized and hold many challenges and secrets.

* Crazy Voices: Full voice acting for all characters... excluding our main hero of course. After all, he is (allegedly) supposed to be a silent protagonist.
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