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The Lungaris - a Rabbit-like Race
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Jul 2, 2013 @ 6:08am
Sep 7, 2013 @ 2:32pm
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The Lungaris - a Rabbit-like Race

In 1 collection by Mickyan
Rabbit Themed Mods
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-Added two followers and marriage partners, one male and one female. Find them respectively in the Silver Blood Inn in Markarth and Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood
-Removed leftover khajit complexion from female characters
-Fixed typo in racial bonus
-Changed "Lungaris" to "Lungari" in race selection

Adds a playable rabbit-like race, the Lungaris.

Natives of a small island off the coast of Valenwood, the Lungaris are a secluded population which generally avoids civilization. They live in small tribes of hunters and gatherers.
Despite their tall stature, they are extremely agile, have a faster regeneration to wounds and very sharp senses. They are skilled with a bow and blade but have difficulty in learning magic, although it is not unheard of specimen that mastered the arcane arts.

The name is loosely based on the latin longus auris, long-eared.

-Faster running speed
-Increased health regeneration
-Low starting health
-Slightly decreased magicka regeneration
-Lesser power that detects living/dead, tagging them for 1-2 seconds

Mainly suited for stealth/rogue characters, giving increased mobility and health regeneration perfect for evasion and hit and run tactics at the expense of base health

The head uses the Khajiit's helmet models, as such, there might be some clipping. Generally it shouln't be an issue however, as the shape is very similar

Females have facial hair because, well, it's hard not to when your face is already covered in
hair. Makes no sense not to have the option to make your character's face extra fuzzy! Males get to keep the mustaches though.

---Known Issues---
-Odd lighting on ears, particularly females (hard to notice for the most part)
-Ears clipping when actors use facial expressions (not an issue for player characters for the most part)
-Missing No Hair option
-Females do not have large buck teeth

---Future (possible) Additions---
-Concentration-type spell version of the Sharp Senses power
-Making the hair and facial hair less floaty
-Stat balancing
-More NPCs scattered around the world

This mod uses quite a few khajiit assets, so anything that overwrites some
of the khajiit features (mainly body, eyes and hair) will also show up on them.


Q: Is this based on the game Lugaru?
A: No, while it was an inspiration, the similarities in the name are a coincidence.

Q: Are you going to add large rabbit-like buck teeth?
A: They already do have them! Real rabbits do not usually have visible teeth when they have their mouth shut, unlike you might see in cartoons and the like.

Q: Are you going to add a tail?
A: No, for technical reasons aswell as personal preference.

Q: Will you make a version without floppy ears?
A: See above.

Q: Can you make their ears move when they change mood?
A: They already do, to a degree. Their facial expression files are that of the Khajiits so I currently have no control over them, and I don't plan to change for the time being.

Q: Will you add increased jump height?
A: Can't be done without SKSE, and I won't make it a requirement just for that.
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SOION Jun 14 @ 5:44pm 
You obvoiusly have talent considering how professional this mod looks but it would be really cool if you could make the Ka' Po' Tun. They are a race simular to the Khajiit exepct they look more like a lion. This race is actually real and their from Akvir so you would not have to make up a backstory, Thanks
I have a prob and that its not showing the race at all? help?
RustedCutlass717 May 20 @ 8:49pm 
Alright, whenever I go into third person and mess around, my character just disappears and dosen't return until I reboot the game. What's up with that? It was working fine about a week ago.
shaebie May 7 @ 1:23pm 
Its not showing up on my datta files. Also, when they are a vamp, can you make the buck teeth stick out and be pointy
shaebie May 7 @ 1:01pm 
I had a dream that a rabbit was the dragonborn. Now my dream can come true.
dirashino Mar 14 @ 6:16pm 
So, two problems, one(I know you can't really fix this), i lost the followers... both of them. they were following me and whenever i fast-traveled to dragonsreach, they would disappear, and i can't find them now. Two, I used the 'rabbitrace' thing you previously posted on the forum with dawnguard as a vampire, and it doesn't recognise the rabbitrace as a program in the code, so yeah... BUT! I love this mod and make most of my characters a beast person, so this mod is fun to mess with!
I tried rebooting steam I tried re subbing un subbing - repeating this motion and still they do not show up in my race mennu. I'm at a loss at what to do...does anyone have any suggestions? Or am I just missing a step that I didnt see in the description?
etherealxgrace Dec 30, 2015 @ 11:25pm 
I love this mod. My pet rabbit passed away of old age (none of you laugh - I'm really attached to my pets) on Christmas, and I miss him a lot. But with this mod, I was able to base a character on him. Now it's like he's adventuring around Skyrim with me.
[ 14K ] = Daankai™ Dec 30, 2015 @ 2:55am 
Overgrowth, is that you in Skyrim too??
Rata coluda Dec 29, 2015 @ 8:05pm 
This looks great, i love the bunnies!
Just one thimg, are you going to add a hariless versión? because it feels weird to give a furry race more fur, that's all.