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Satellite Reign
Jul 1, 2013 @ 9:28pm
Aug 8, 2013 @ 12:01pm
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Developer Diary #11
Release date: Late 2014
A real-time, class-based strategy game, set in an open world cyberpunk city, from the creator of Syndicate Wars.

Satellite Reign is a real-time, class-based isometric strategy game. You control a team of four agents, each with distinct and unique abilities, collectively battling for control of a fully simulated, living cyberpunk city.

The game world is designed to facilitate emergent gameplay, giving you the tools and freedom to play how you want to play, so you can create strategies and scenarios that not even we had anticipated!

Customise your team with the strength to destroy your enemies head-on, or hack into their facilities to manipulate their infrastructure without them ever knowing you were even there.

Will you take down your enemies with brute-force? Covert espionage and infiltration? Or will you use propaganda to influence the citizens of the city and overthrow the controlling powers?

You can help make this game by Backing us on Kickstarter.
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Dec 15 @ 6:00pm
Game doesn't start
Kuro no Shinigami
Nov 9 @ 5:57am
Any chance of a Demo?
Dec 11 @ 3:57pm
any update on an expected release package?
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Malus  [author] Dec 15 @ 6:02pm 
Please direct all further discussions/comments to the Steam forums.

Thank you.
[kroW] YogaPants9000 Dec 11 @ 3:58pm 
Malus  [author] Dec 5 @ 12:21am 
1 week until Steam Early Access!!
Click here[]
Malus  [author] Dec 2 @ 10:50pm 
For those of you who weren't able to get in on the beta and Alpha build, Early Access is scheduled for the 11th of December.

Here is the link to the store page.
alation13 Dec 1 @ 8:20pm 
Hopefully it will be as good as syndicate for its time. Most of the other "remakes" etc have not really delivered.
Knightfury Nov 30 @ 3:11pm 
Please - what date for early access. It saves a lot of hunting/checking. If not, what's the earliest :)
Knightfury Nov 25 @ 1:30am 
been watching this but... generally don't like the whole "pay us to make a game" structure so have been chewing off my wallet arm.
Is there some form of mailing list I can sign up to when early access is launched? I get it's probably going to be after dec 10th, so there's a couple of weeks yet but would be interested in throwing support behind it at that stage.
Obc Nov 20 @ 3:32pm 
"Release date: Late 2014," it's Nov.20th, it's late 2014 now. Any news on a release/early access date yet ?
Blitz Nov 19 @ 4:12pm 
Wish they would make a remastered edition of syndicate wars XD throw all the money at it
braincoolingdad Nov 18 @ 7:03pm 
Playing Syndicate Wars right now...omg THAT game is still so AWESOME!