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Soccer Legends
Genre: Strategy, RPG, Sports
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Sep 16, 2013 @ 4:04am
May 25 @ 9:44am

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Expansion #2 Soccer Legends: Universe
Expansion #1 Soccer Legends: Elements
Release date: Summer 2015

Soccer Legends is comprised of two elements, a classic manager of football with a few RPG elements, and a turn-based strategic game during the match. Similar to other games like XCOM, where resources could handle in a manager mode and then use it in battle mode.


It takes the best facets out of boardgames, like turn-based strategy, well-balanced gameplay, quirky style, 3D environments, and gorgeous special effects, and blends the soul of 90's anime series in a fresh take on the genre.

• Captain Tsubasa
• Final Fantasy Tactics
• Bloodbowl
• XCOM Enemy Unknown

Imagine the gameplay of Final Fantasy Tactics, mixed with atmospheric elements and action style of Captain Tsubasa, the excitement of figuring out what strategy to use in XCOM, with comedic tones and a thriving system like Bloodbowl; that's Soccer Legends.

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Soccer Legends puts the fate of the entire club in the hands of the player. You'll be able to manage things like tactics and trades to hopefully keep your club toward the top of the standings. Balancing the payment of wages and fees is key. Bankrupt your club and you'll find yourself at a "game over" screen. Your success will take you to different teams throughout your career, to make real Soccer Legends team.

On the field you will have the ability to move players around on the hexigon-based field and make use of over 50 skills to try and score goals. These skills include the obvious and necessary choices like dribble and shoot. Strategy cards can also be deployed, which can affect things like a player's strength or an opponent's ability to use certain skills. Weather and crowd mood can also affect games, much like a real-life match.


• A TBS of soccer: Tactics and strategy will be an essential part of this game.
• RPG Components: create and customize players or teams, manage the economy, improve your players abilities, design the best team.
• Adapt your strategy: to the events that can influence in the match, as the moral, the public, the injuries or the weather.
• Strategic cards: each manager will have a collection of strategic cards that he can use to tip the scale in his favor at the matches.
• Clasic style video game: Soccer Legends couples tactical turn-based gameplay with incredible action sequences in a unique style that reminds to the 90's cartoon series.
• +50 different skills: to boost your team players.
• Unique database: each game is different, with different players and teams.
• Complex AI: able to get in serious trouble. Each player or teams have a unique behavior.
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de.netto 20 hours ago 
leotocchet Jul 29 @ 4:21pm 
This type of project can count on my support! Nice Game! Good Luck!
Datakan Jul 22 @ 3:47am 
Looking forward to it!
Dooleh Jul 19 @ 12:35pm 
I wouldn't mind a football rpg coming to steam. voted!
peteg88 Jul 11 @ 7:54am 
can't think of another game like this. could really go either way
Daytrader Jun 30 @ 10:11am 
Looks interesting!
Evil Jun 12 @ 10:53am 
Wow Nice
ionutudor2012 May 23 @ 4:08am 
Elninio May 22 @ 4:39pm 
Love the gallactik football cartoon
MaMoo ♥ƸӁƷ♥ May 4 @ 7:07am 
my favorite game