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Jun 18, 2013 @ 7:14am
Nov 24 @ 2:36pm
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Отредактированный русификатор.
- Исправлены ошибки и непереведенные места.
- Надписи не вылезают за границы интерфейса.
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Day-Z Men Nov 22 @ 8:21am 
obama idiots LOL
Cpl.Dujic Nov 20 @ 5:36am 
Oxice, you earned a mega chicken burger, congratz. Now go take your insults and english to hell faschist.
[O.P.G]Doctor Nov 19 @ 7:32pm 
NM Nov 16 @ 5:54am 
Lev Abramovich Isakovich Nov 15 @ 12:02pm 
@OxidePC: give em' a break, they just wana play a bloody game, and engoy some freetime, not learn a second bloody language, and furthermore, take your fascism elswhere you fascist pig-dog you. ☭ Смерть фашистским ублюдкам!
OxidePC Nov 15 @ 4:16am 
Russians are complete retards or something. First of all, every english speaking person is not a fucking American. Second, nobody gives a fuck about some moonrune language. Nobody gives a fuck about your Putin and we are not faschists if we dont like your kind around here.
@PistolRex: Trying to learn seven more letters.. wow.. I know all your moonrunes, but that doesn't mean that I speak your language, you dumb fuck.
PistolRex Nov 10 @ 12:51pm 
da, learn english, not that hard. if learning language so easy then learn russian. no never mind, would not want to blow up your head, trying to learn seven more letters, you mudak americans could not handle it.
PistolRex Nov 10 @ 12:37pm 
Sleep is for Pussys Oct 27 @ 12:24pm 
hey hey hey guys...
There are still plenty of us here who are not discrimatory towards other countries!
If you read something discrimatory against your country, don't insult their country back. It just turns you into one of them. Just disagree with them. I know its not a satistfying however...
Vladimir Putin Oct 27 @ 8:32am 
обама черная тупая обезьяна ! и чмо и так далее ! я всё сказал !