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Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Jun 10, 2013 @ 7:57am
Jan 21, 2014 @ 1:09pm
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Inverto is back (and alive)!
Hello everybody!

I apologize for keeping you waiting so long for a new update. Guess I should explain what was happening to me and the project for all this time. As you may know I'm from Ukraine and for last 8 months it was not easy times here (and still are). Not going to tell you a lot about it, if you wish you can find more info on The Internets. All I can say, I was involved.

...But enough politics here and let's get down to business.

Inverto is alive!

Again! Well, Its development was not really suspended, just paused for some time now. Now I'm back to development, but as a "spare time" project. That means it will be slooow. By this time a lot of improvements were made and a lot of bugs were fixed. Full list is coming with later announcement, and thanks to Tomas Zahradnicek for feedback & testing, hope we will continue this cooperation.
New levels, new editor functionality, new gui and that is not all of game aspects that I'm working on right now. There is a lot to do, so not an easy decision was made. To keep development stable, predictable and close to the recent plans, released game will be only 12 levels long (it was planned as a short 9 level game initially) and story, characters and drama will be put aside, sorry.

...But hey, you will have an editor, right?


So let's summarize: developer is Ok, game is (kind of) Ok, development is slow but is also Ok, that means new update (and Steam release) is coming. Stay tuned for later announcements!

And Thanks for reading this!

P.S. Really sorry I was absent that long. Oh, and didn't I told you, I'll be a real father real soon?

...But it won't affect game development in any way, I promise ;)

Level Editor!
Release date: End of 2013
'Inverto' is a first person shooter-puzzler with gravity manipulations a pinch of parkour and platformer elements.

You play as a private detective, ex-Space Ranger signed up on a dangerous testing experiment, in an attempt to find a researcher in Gravity Labs facilities and uncover an evil conspiracy, mandatory, in such cases.

Proceed all of the testing areas with your trusty gravity gun (some resarchers gently call it 'Gravitron'). Prepare to explore Escher-esque spaces and solve navigational puzzles by changing gravity direction, employing body momentum and fighting nausea (only if you have weak vestibular system), pushing boxes and carrying a lot of different keys.

  • Gravity manipulations in first person view.
  • Puzzles built around concept of switching gravity direction and employing physics laws in order to proceed.
  • Explorable environment to improve your gameplay experience, Use keys, keycards, switches or even heavy objects to open some doors, procced to some areas.
  • Find secret rooms, hidden passages, corridors and shortcuts.
  • Clean and simple art style

Some secret game features, that are not presented yet in alpha version:

Teleports. As you have already seen in a trailer, Inverto makes use of teleports, its not a mega revolutionary feature, but it adds complexity to the puzzles I'll present in near future.

Energy circuits. They control energy flow in Gravity Labs. Teleports, for example are connected with a circuit line which defines next teleportation point. Circuits can have branches, which means different teleport can be chosen. Some objects are powered by them, like, bridges, doors, force fields. In this case different branch powers different device, level part etc.

Physics. Actually it's not new but used in a new way. Some parts of a level might be blocked from player access, but it's not always have to stay that way. Proper use of gravity direction, heavy objects and physics laws may break out a new way for you. Like this giant bit in a trailer you've all seen.

Gyroscopic switches. Some switches in a game does not require player interaction, rather they use gravity direction. Just like in real life gyroscopes do. That means some devices connected to such switch, can be turned on only when gravity vector is correct.

Fast facts:
  • 'Inverto' is developed on Unity3D game engine and is planned on Windows, Mac, Linux and Web.
  • Game will be released at the end of this year.
  • Game formerly known as 'Gravitron' (see second video)
  • Game is developed by one-man studio.
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Guys, the dev is Ukrainian, check out his latest tweet on Apr 26 for a clue as to what may be holding back this release...
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PLEASE defaxer! I need this on Steam! It's so fun on Desura but I need it on Steam! PLEASE!
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The maker has not been on for 121 days so he has either given up hope or is deep in development for a huge update and possibly the release. or he just has designer block