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Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Jun 9, 2013 @ 9:28am
Dec 4, 2013 @ 11:25am
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Wayward Beta 1.8 Released! Some of the best stuff includes:
  • Fixed a bug where Legendaries were not giving skill bonuses.
  • Tiles now also save durability between uses. This will make more sense moving forward when some monsters can perhaps break down walls?
  • Resource tiles are now physically spawned, rather than items simply spawning on top of them. This will give a large performance boost as well as reduce save file space by 40%+ on new saves. Unfortunately most of this will only apply to newer saves.
  • Resource tiles now appear visibly different on the minimap, and are visibly different even outside line of sight.
  • Tons of HUD/GUI design changes and bug fixes.
  • Lots of performance improvements (especially to the offline version).
  • A brand new creature! Along with some graphical improvements to all enemies.
  • Fixed a bug where Solar Stills and Stone Water Stills recipes would duplicate in crafting dialog.
  • english.js (translation file) now reveals when changes are made to the file to keep your translation up to date easier (Removed/Added/Edited with version information).
  • Tons of other fixes and improvements/balance changes. See the changelog[] for more details.

In other news, we've recently moved over to Trello for the Wayward Todo[]. This allows everybody to view what we are working on. Donators get to become "Members" which allows them to vote and comment on everything. Additionally, there's also a fully public board, which let's everybody submit ideas, suggestions and bugs here[].

Wayward Beta 1.7 Released: Refine/Define
Some highlights in beta 1.7:
  • Fixed a long standing bug that would cause the character to continue moving if focus of the tab/window was left while a key was being pressed (among other causes). This would routinely cause players to die as they would continue walking into monsters or getting hurt from stamina loss.
  • Translation system implemented[]. Official translations will be coming later.
  • Environmental items are now damaged when dug/carved back up. If they reach 0 durability, you can no longer use them in that context.
  • Daily Challenge Mode added. Extremely difficult mode that is only for fun (or frustration) that changes each day. Does not effect your save.
  • Removed all “Poor” items. They have been all renamed to match material descriptors instead of quality descriptors. Several minor recipe changes because of this.
  • You can throw any item. The distance is dependant on the item’s weight and Throwing skill. The damage is dependant on the attack value of the item thrown, or the weight if the item has no attack value shown in the tool-tip. Some items can only be thrown if the player has the proper strength (based on item’s weight).
  • Crafting order is now based on the order it appears in your inventory, equipment or quickslot (in that order). No longer just limited to just inventory items. The hover effect will now only show which items will be used in the craft.
Read more in the changelog:

Special thanks to vlsd and Orillian on this release.

Original posting:

Release date: TBD

Wayward is a turn-based, top-down, wilderness survival roguelike currently in beta.

In Wayward, there is a large focus on simulation, survival and openness. There are no classes; there are no levels. Progression of your character depends on individual skill and stat gains by your interactions with items or objects in the world. You are free to play and explore the game in any fashion you wish.

Play the Beta Now!

Download (Windows/Mac/Linux):

Play in web browser:

Wayward is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, all modern web browsers and on most tablet/mobile devices via their corresponding web browsers.

Stylistically, Wayward hearkens to a 16-bit aesthetic in graphics and in sound. Game mechanics wise, the game is similar to the Ultima series, more specifically, Ultima Online, with inspiration from other roguelikes and roguelikelikes such as Dwarf Fortress and Minecraft.

Wayward will continue to grow, expand, and evolve over time to open up new modes of play, add depth and complexity, add content, and further refine the systems presented. In this public beta, you are free to come a long for the ride as we try to make this game a truly unique experience through our iteration and through your feedback.

Current Beta Features
  • 5 distinct environment types to explore – all generated procedurally.
  • Nearly 200 items to craft, discover and interact with.
  • Around 20 nasty creatures and animals to combat and harvest.
  • Sandbox game mechanics mixed with roguelike gameplay.
  • Deep, multi-faceted skill system.
  • Open-ended and open-world gameplay.
  • 10+ hours of content and gameplay before reaching the “end-game”.
  • Day and night system.
  • Preliminary modding support.
  • Iterative game design and community feedback driven.
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Foxhound Apr 17 @ 2:56am 
pretty amazing fun and addicting game not so good when the forrest decides to send a couple bears and wolfs after you when you have nothing but when you have a good base and lots of good stuff .It really makes proud of surviving lol at about 60,000 talent
Faper66 Apr 7 @ 1:35am 
Lubię tę grę!!!!!!!
pre-sprays every corner Mar 28 @ 8:20am 
Addicting and fun! Game-breaking lag and temporary freezes seem to set in after playing for more than an hour, but that much is expected in a beta. Should be a front page top seller once everything's up and working! Great job!!
Papaиatas Mar 21 @ 12:49pm 
LIKE THIS GAME *--------*
SH4D3R Feb 17 @ 6:38pm 
This Game is amazing and I can't wait for the full release
takeshiBEER Feb 15 @ 8:51pm 
I like this game !!
WhiteNiggar[DK] Feb 14 @ 10:26am 
you can play it over
muffin man gaming Feb 3 @ 2:16pm 
zelda mineraft or minicraft
mrfacefur Jan 15 @ 6:29pm 
i love this game but i gotta say the music is probbably the best part
TuRkEy  [author] Jan 12 @ 8:06pm 
@moose Thank you for sharing your experience and kind words.