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Rp_City17 - Open Beta [Build 181]
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Jun 6, 2013 @ 3:45am
May 31 @ 2:47pm
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In 1 collection by |PP| Kill22pro (Asleep/AFK)
Project Prologue
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Currently in Open Beta

Welcome to City 17. You have chosen, or been chosen, to relocate to this workshop page.
I thought so much of this workshop page that I elected to establish my administration here, in the workshop page so thoughtfully provided by our benefactors.
I have been proud to call City 17 my home. And so, whether you are here to download, or passing through on your way to parts unknown - welcome to City 17.
It's safer here.

Walk through the remarkable places of the Half-Life 2 singleplay.

What the map has to offer:
* The entire train station
* The Plaza
* An industrial area with working factory machines
* Combine checkpoints
* A Huge nexus
* Nova prospect-ish prison
* The real Breen office
* Working pod system
* Enter-able part(s) of the citadel
* An underground sewer and vent system with a few trigger-able traps
* An underground resistance base
* 5 to 7 shops
* 3 apartment buildings
* The abandoned playground
* Judgement and Autonomous waiver with special in-game scripted events such as the citadel walls expanding into the map.
* High quality textures
* 2 secret rooms
* Dynamic 3D skybox
And more...

Although we still recommend getting it because there might be a few non gamebreaking missing textures

Manual Download links (In case you have issues with the workshop):
> Mirror 1 (Build 181) - Dropbox[www.dropbox.com]
> Mirror 2 (Build 180) - Gamebanana[gmod.gamebanana.com]
> Mirror 3 (Build 180) - Dropbox[www.dropbox.com]
> Mirror 4 (Build 167) - Dropbox[www.dropbox.com]
> Mirror 5 (Build 152) - Dropbox[www.dropbox.com]

Please note:
> Do NOT redistribute, share, decompile or edit the .bsp and .vmf files.
> Please do not forget to post your feedback! Help us improve the map! :)
> Please keep in mind that the map is still in 'Open Beta' and that a lot of things can or will be changed.

The doors do not respond to the +use command. Normally they are opened by being a Combine character in most HL2RP gamemodes. You can also download STools that will force open doors, or enabling sv_cheats to 1 and binding a key to "ent_fire !picker door".

We are investigating this, please post your specs if you get these issues.
Current fix: download the map from one of the mirror links.

Map created by:


Click here for the full list of Special Thanks.[projectprologue.com]

Originally posted by Kill22pro:
"I remember the day we started this project, I was flying around in hammer and started to remove useful props, walls used for optimization, decals used for details and more.
Just because I did not have a single clue why it was there, what it did or what it was.
I laugh when I look back.
Back at that kid who tried to make something for himself and his own community, thinking he could do it all without help.
I would have never come this far if I did not get your help, support and strength to do this.
All for free, public for everyone, no annoying advertisement spam, not trying to be better than another map creator, just us creating something to make all of you fans happy and I hope that we've fulfilled that objective."

You can also support us by donating!
Get your spot in the Credits section of the map!


By joining the project, having joined the project or by providing us with any kind of material/file for this project, you agree to surrender all copyrights for anything you create(d) for the project whether that be a 3d model, concept art, sound tracks, animations, textures, level designs, mechanic designs or coding.
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|PP| Kill22pro (Asleep/AFK)
Jun 27 @ 6:44am
JW stopper ?
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[♫]-♥Thorns♥-[♫] Jul 8 @ 12:27pm 
Running Server With this map :D Awesome map come join us if you want :3
<GRG> ICallHax Jul 7 @ 8:37pm 
Kill22pro it does work, I can garantee you...but ya
|PP| Kill22pro (Asleep/AFK)  [author] Jul 7 @ 5:14pm 
We're glad you like it!
Oh and if anyone can confirm that your code works then I can put it in a thread or the description.
<GRG> ICallHax Jul 7 @ 4:40pm 
I have made a DarkRP server with this amazing map.

The Ip is or join it by searching City 17 in the DarkRP muiliplayer browser
<GRG> ICallHax Jul 6 @ 3:51pm 
For all of the people using this map for a server and not being able to open combine doors this is what you do.

Go to garrysmod/lua/autorun/server/ Then make a file and call it combine_door.lua

Then paste this code exaclty into it

function KeyPressedUse (ply, key)
if key == IN_USE then
local t = {}
t.start = ply:GetPos()
t.endpos = ply:GetShootPos() + ply:GetAimVector() * 100
t.filter = ply
local trace = util.TraceLine(t)
if trace.Entity and trace.Entity:IsValid() and (trace.Entity:GetClass() == "func_door" or trace.Entity:GetClass() == "prop_door_rotating" or trace.Entity:GetClass() == "prop_dynamic") then
hook.Add( "KeyPress", "KeyPressedUse", KeyPressedUse )

Save it then RESTART the server and you are done hope this helps.
Clocksworth Jul 6 @ 3:05pm 
Other than that, it's the best map I'v ever played.
Clocksworth Jul 6 @ 3:04pm 
Can you add some sound cables to the other screens like you did with the out side one on the pole tower thing?
ericc5268 Jul 4 @ 12:42am 
The links are not poping up. :(
|PP| Kill22pro (Asleep/AFK)  [author] Jul 4 @ 12:37am 
Try to disable Addons.
If that doesn't work, try to download the map from one of the mirror links.
ericc5268 Jul 4 @ 12:23am 
I have a problem. Everytime I load up this map, gmod crashes on me. Can anyone help me?