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Monster Hunter 3 Mod V1.07
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Mar 4, 2012 @ 4:56pm
Apr 7, 2012 @ 7:30pm
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Need more Monster Hunter in Skyrim?

This is a Monster hunter 3 Based mod implementing weapon and at a later date armor sets.

These weapons and armor are found by crafting at any forge.

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version 1.07 update:

- added new weapon model Dark Claw.
- changed world models of Anata Boneblade and Rising Soul to show sheath on ground.


version 1.06 update:

- added new weapon model Rising soul.
- small re-texture to Rathalos Great sword (handle)
- Fixed description bug on Anata Boneblade.


version 1.05 update:

- added new weapon model Anata boneblade.


version 1.04 update:

- added new Armor model Azi dahaka Shield.
- added small descriptions to each item.


Version 1.03 update:

- added new armor model Nardebosche Shield.


A Big Thanks to KrimsonLust for creating this spotlight video!


Version 1.02 update:

- Added new model / texture to Nardebosche weapon.
- Added Azi dahaka as a new weapon.


Total assest list:
weapon - Dark Claw
weapon - Anata Boneblade
weapon - Rathalos Great Sword
weapon - Nardebosche
weapon - Azi Dahaka
Shield - Nardebosche
Shield - Azi dahaka

Concepts and art design are based on the Monster Hunter game series and Capcom.

Mod developers

Kris Rogeness - 3D modeling, texturing, importing.
David Thacker - 3D modeling.
Johnny Couto - Texturing.
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Ξ❊♕Snags♕❊Ξ Sep 17 @ 5:15pm 
This looks great, I can't wait to download it.
LaggingSlayer Sep 16 @ 3:11pm 
how do you get the weapons
Sir Biscuits 'ah' Tickling Aug 30 @ 11:04pm 
curious if you could do single weapon downloads or not? i love certain weaponsin your packs and the others just take up space in my crafting screens >.< and i never use them
Sionnach  [author] Aug 28 @ 7:24pm 
Thank you Biggles for the feature!
CheesnOnions Aug 13 @ 9:51am 
awesome, now the only thing I need is the rathalos armor :D
wash.hasted Jul 13 @ 7:35am 
wats the bow called
Never_Kal Jul 11 @ 1:30am 
cool but maybe a bit too flashy
LoCo SAin Jul 10 @ 8:23pm 
all thats missing are the maps and the "total conversion mod" sign in the name
yea but i dont think that mod was including mh3 stuff