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Akaviri Serpents: Venomous Playable Race
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May 13, 2013 @ 2:09pm
May 18, 2013 @ 1:36pm
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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~AKAVIRI SERPENTS: VENOMOUS PLAYABLE RACE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The Akaviri Serpents are a unique race similar to Argonians. But, as their name implies, they are more serpantine than lizard. Akaviri Serpents are known for their black fangs, black eyes, and venomous bite. At any given moment they can strike their prey with those formidable fangs, wether the target is sleeping or awake. The venom in an Akaviri Serpent's fangs is known to increase in potency as they mature, eventually becoming as deadly as any blade. Their claws are also sharper than their well-known relative, the Argonians. Akaviri Serpents are completely resistant to Poison Damage.

  • Venomous Strike
  • Allows the player to approach humanoid targets and bite them, inflicting poison damage for a few seconds after.

  • Honed Claws
  • Allows the player to inflict more Melee Damage than a normal man or Argonian.

  • Poison Immunity
  • Gives the player 100% immunity to Poison Damage.

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~UPCOMING MODS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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  • Argonian Improvement ~~~ A mod to add several new skin tones, eye colors, and powers to Argonians.

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  • In the event that this mod is updated, you will need to re-make your character. An easy way to do this is to load your last save and press the ~ button, near the top left corner of your keyboard, and typing showracemenu which will pop up the character making menu. Re-make your character, and all updates to this mod will be applied. Using the previous steps will lose your skill points, but not your perks. This is another reason to subscribe to NInja Snake's The Ultimate Trainer mod.

  • This mod does work with the Dark Brootherhood quest whereyou assassinate the Emperor.
    However, any other race-adding mods that also work with it will probably be conflicted with (for instance, my other race mod, The Shadowscale Order: New Races). To fix this, go to your data files, and place the mod that adds the Race that you are playing as at the bottom of the load order (below any mods with check boxes beside them). Play through the part of the questwhere you are making the poisonous stew to assassinate the Emperor, and any other part of that quest until the new quest name appears on your screen. After the quest is complete, it does not matter which race mod is at the bottom of the load order, unless you re-do the quest. In this event, just follow the steps above again.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MOD USAGE PERMISSION~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • If you wish to use this mod in another mod that you will publish, write a comment stating what your mod will do, and how this mod will be used in it.


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  • Ninja Snake: Scripting, Spell Designing Asistance

  • Me: Race Designing, Primary Spell Designing


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kamenriderozutajadoru Jan 5 @ 3:12pm 
A Tsaesci is more or less a humaniod torso, and snake-tail instead of legs.

Think Medusa from Clash of the Titans, just without the snake for hair.
kamenriderozutajadoru Jan 5 @ 3:07pm 
Yeah... this is actually more in line with the Naga race then the Tsaesci race.

The Naga were a breed of Argonian who resembled puff adders with legs and arms and whose height ranged from seven to eight feet tall. They possessed black scales, black eyes, and large mouths full of fang.

Hell you even got the venom ability right even.
Dolphinjamez Jul 25, 2013 @ 4:06pm 
Like I said, The Tsaesci are the real Akaviri Serpents.
Bubbly Frog  [author] Jul 25, 2013 @ 12:56pm 
@ Dolphinjamez: Sounds good.
ImaSeal Jul 25, 2013 @ 10:55am 
you might wanna follow this piece of the lore i found on the Tsaesci or Akaviri serpents "The Tsaesci, which means Snake Palace, are a race of vampiric serpents originating from the continent of Akavir, east of Tamriel. The serpent-folk apparently "ate" the men that lived on Akavir, although this phrase could mean that they assimilated with them as a culture. Their appearance has been described differently on many occasions, the only consistency being that they are "tall, beautiful (if frightening), [and] covered in golden scales." They have been described as having human upper bodies and serpentine lower bodies in some cases and being entirely snake-like in others. The Tsaesci are known to fight without shields or armor, using only swords in combat. The nature of the race is a tapestry of historical contradictions, so what little is known about them is uncertain. It is impossible to separate fact from possible embellishments by storytellers eager to make the Tsaesci more monstrous."
Bubbly Frog  [author] Jul 20, 2013 @ 4:08pm 
@ bron3ykid14: As for the tail instead of legs, I had wished I could have done this a while ago, but it would require new textures, models, and animations, which are all quite difficult to create while mantaining Skyrim-level detail.

@ Dolphinjamez: Sounds interesting, please explain how this fits into Skyrim lore.
Dolphinjamez Jul 20, 2013 @ 11:31am 
Maybe you should make the name Tsaesci after the real Akavri Serpents?
bron3ykid14 Jul 16, 2013 @ 12:40pm 
you should try to make the legs into a snake tale
Bubbly Frog  [author] Jun 17, 2013 @ 12:38pm 
@ Veruka: That is in the next update, which is almost completed.
Elia Jun 17, 2013 @ 9:27am 
Is this Vampire compatable?