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May 13, 2013 @ 11:02am
May 19, 2013 @ 9:57pm
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A very small mod that lets you know when you are near the borders of a hold.

Requested by daventry, may his castle never end up in a bottle.
Request thread:

1.31 Bugfix release

This mod notifies you when you are getting close the border of a hold, and again when you actually cross that border. Optionally notifies you of any bounty you may have in the hold you have entered.

That's all.

Thanks to Brodual for creating a video review! You can view in among the screenshots above.

A note, since there seems to be some confusion on the subject: This mod doesn't require SKSE or SkyUI to function in its default state (immersive + bounty notifications). It DOES require SKSE and SkyUI 3.1 or higher to get to the options screen. I'd forgotten that many people using Steam Workshop for downloads don't have SKSE (although you really should, it's not hard to install!), so I may add an alternative method of changing the options in a future release.

A note on accuracy:

This mod relies on the Bethesda-provided location identifiers being accurate. Some of them aren't, and I'm fixing them as I go.

If you encounter an obviously wrong location notification, please let me know by posting! I can't fix it if I don't know about it. You should post:
The nearest named location to where you got the bad message
Where you were in relationship to it (i.e. southwest of Ragnvald, the middle of Salvius Farm, etc)
What the incorrect Hold was and what it should have been

What's new?
Fixed misidentified Bethesda-provided locations that were causing inaccurate notifications:
* Wilderness cell 1,-15 (SW of Riverwood near Embershard Mine) belonged to PurewaterRunLocation, changed it to None. This was pretty clearly a mistake.
* HillgrundsTombLocation belonged to PaleHoldLocation, changed it to WhiterunHoldLocation. Hillgrund's Tomb is pretty clearly WAY south of the Pale, and it was triggering bogus notifications when crossing the Eastmarch/Whiterun border.
* SnaplegCaveLocation belonged to EastmarchHoldLocation, changed it to RiftHoldLocation. This one is a border case (yeah yeah) but since it's between two locations that are definitely in the Rift and it's at a much higher elevation than Eastmarch, I'm calling it the Rift.

Fixed a bug where a bounty notification would be displayed even if your bounty was 0.

Special thanks to Kirilov13 over at the Nexus and SJR here on Steam for pointing out the bad locations!

Added optional bounty notifications (on by default).

Several different levels of notifications have been added.
* Immersive (Default) - Tells you not only which hold you are nearing/entering, but how the player knows that (landmarks, weather, smells, vegetation, etc).
* Detailed - Tells you what hold you're in, and what hold you just left. Optionally, tells you which direction the border is from your location.
* Basic - Minimalist notifications that tell you what hold you just entered, nothing more. When border proximity notifications are disabled, this behaves almost exactly like Oblivion's location system.

Added the ability to turn off border proximity notifications, so you are only notified when you actually cross a border.

Completely rewrote much of the location detection script to be a bit more reliable, and infinitely easier to manage from a coding standpoint.

This mod monitor's the player's location and compares it to all loaded hold locations. DOES NOT require SKSE to run, but requires SkyUI/MCM (and therefore SKSE) to use the settings page.

This mod uses the SkyUI MCM. Options are available to turn on directional notifications and
disable notification sound effects.

Unless a mod alters or destroys the vanilla Hold Locations, it should be fine.

Only works in Tamriel. Doesn't break elsewhere, just doesn't work.

Known Issues or Bugs
Sometimes the detection will be a bit off. This due to how the game keeps track of location data. Since most wilderness cells do not have a parent location, the script tries to guess where you are by looking at nearby named locations. Usually this works fine, but sometimes a location is miscategorized, which will result in the wrong hold being displayed. I have fixed this where I've found it: please report as laid out at the top of this page!

* Alert you when a nearby NPC reports to a Hold other than the one you're in. This is actually implemented already but disabled due to a bug.
* Possibly improve detection of player's location.
* Possibly implement the wall-of-light concept originally requested by daventry.

Sources are included.

1.31, 2013/05/19 – Minor bugfixes. Changed several Locations to more accurately reflect their... well, location.
1.30, 2013/05/13 – Added Bounty notifications.
1.20, 2013/05/12 – Added Immersive & Basic notifications. See What's New and the Changelog. Initial Steam release.
1.10, 2013/05/06 – Made notification sounds more audible.
1.01, 2013/05/05 – Yeah, I forgot the ESP. Go me.
1.00, 2013/05/05 – Initial beta release to Nexus.

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Faiien May 13 @ 10:06pm 
I don't want to install skse yet, will I have any option at all to change settings?
PuppetMaster9000 Apr 23 @ 5:59am 
Skyborn alter = hjaalmarch?
crosherg Apr 4 @ 3:33am 
One small change that would help...noticed that it says your in Falkreath hold when you are to the North of the Throat of the World, on the very steep road East of Valtheim Towers. But, very nice mod. Very useful in reminding you of bounties on your head as you pass into each hold. One of my favs.
Tiber Septim Feb 10 @ 6:59pm 
Still one of my favs.
simeon369 Aug 2, 2015 @ 3:42pm 
@【Kingdom VI】 the auto installer works perfectly, it installed absolutley fine and took second. no errors and and the result is the same as installing manually. (only i saved more time)
【Evilzonne】 Jul 17, 2015 @ 6:47pm 
I'm probably going to sound stupid with this, but could you release a version with the Basic settings for those of us without the technical prowess to install SKSE and SkyUI? I went through three or four different guides to installing SKSE manually (which was recommended over the auto installer) and couldn't figure it out (so much for "it isn't hard to install"). By the time I said "f*** it" and just used the auto installer, I was not willing to go through a SkyUI hastle.
SSS Agent 318: Fallen Angel May 30, 2015 @ 3:54pm 
For some reason it says im in falkreath when i fast travel to casile volcore sorry for spellinhg
maneki_nekomata May 21, 2015 @ 8:24am 
This would've been a great feature in the vanilla game. Thanks for the mod!
G-Rant May 3, 2015 @ 7:20pm 
Excellent mod. One slight bug: On the road to Riverwood around the Guardian Stones it tells me I'm in the near the Reach. Other than that, 100/10 with rice.