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Amazing Follower Tweaks
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Amazing Follower Tweaks

Multiple followers. Manage outfits, spells, combat style, home assignment and level up. Make werewolves or vampires lords. Followers ride horses, make camp, avoid traps, ignore friendly fire, toggle city/standard outfits & helmets, pose, dance, and more...

Current Version: 1.66

Skyrim Patch 1.9 required
Dawnguard is NOT required.
DragonBorn is NOT required.
SKSE is NOT required.

Check your inventory for a book called "Aft Readme" after you install the mod. May take up to 30 seconds to appear.

Full Readme:

=== Details ===

- Increased max followers to 5 : Makes sense given the number of available horses.
- Followers Avoid/ignore traps
- Followers Interact with environments
- Followers Auto-toggle helmets
- Followers Recharge weapons
- Followers Ignore friendly fire
- Control Follower Outfits: Mod supports In-City and Standard outfit. Feel free to use your favorit mod items.
- Teach Followers new spells: Like it says. Custom spells supported.
- Teach Followers Tweak Spells: Tweak spells are managed by AFT so you control the conditions in which they are cast. Summon weapons, armor, heal the PC, etc... All kinds of possibilities.
- Assign a new home: Dismiss followers, but tell them to hang out anywhere you want
- Turn followers into werewolves!: If you are a werewolf, just tell them to drink your blood.
- Turn followers into vampires: If you are a vampire, feel free to "embrace" your follower.
- Turn followers into vampire lords: If you have Dawnguard turn your followers to Vampire Lords.
- Set Follower Combat Style: Make any NPC fight how you want. Lots of styles available.
- Manage Level Up: Do nothing or specify where every stat and skill point goes. It is your call.


- Control Followers Remotely during combat using Tweak Commands Power
- Pose Followers: A fun way to add ambience to your camp or house. They even dance!
- Possess the body of your followers (Vampires only): A cool new ability that you get to keep even if you cure your vampirism.
- Stealth Mode - Followers can become invisible until you get caught or they attack someone. Great for assassination missions.
- Tell Followers to Make camp : Very basic tent, sleeping bags, and fire. Only works outside.
- Option: Followers Ride Horses: It is Amazing how much immersion it adds to see your followers mount up. See readme for restrictions.
- Option: Followers cant die: For people that don't like reloading.
- Option: Followers Catch up on weapon draw: Handy when you accidently run into a pack of wolves.
- Ask Followers to sleep anywhere: Now vampires can use followers as a travelling happy meal.
- Option: Werewolf/Vampire Lord followers ignored like summoned creatures: You can walk around with 2 Daedric Lords, so why do people care if you have a werewolf or Vampire Lord?
- Option: 1000 Follower carrying capacity: Get through 2 quests before needing to visit a merchant.
- Option: No Follower Recovery: If they go down in combat, they dont get back up until combat is over.
- Item De-duplication: Followers can automatically remove duplicate items from your inventory.
- Followers can Fence items: Save time when you have 5 followers sporting 5000 lbs of inventory.
- Control Follower Aggression (Optional): Now they wont attack people when you're sneaking.
- Control Follower Courage (Optional): Prevent them from running from combat.
- Control Follower Morality (Optional): Ever get tired of a follower refusing to do something you tell them to? Well, this mod makes sure that doesn't happen.
- Additional Marriage Options: Illia, Aranea, Eola, Ugor, and Lydia by popular request. Also Erik the Slayer, Golldir, Ahtar.
- Ability to remove Follower Bows: What can I say. The bow on the back is irritating.
- Bonus Outfit Support: See readme for details
- Minor bug fixes: Lydia no longer sits in your Breeze home room all day like a stalker.

** If you have any issue that requires the authors attention please post to the Skyrimnexus forums
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Elvis Martini
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Stanky Tree Jul 20 @ 1:56pm 
i don't have the option in the dialog
[C3:M] Bubbanator Jul 17 @ 12:55pm 
@Satan are you asking Jzargo to follow you because of his quest line? That MAY be the problem, i have no clue. (joking incomming) If not, then dont ask Jzargo to follow you in the first place, no one likes him :P
Satan Jul 16 @ 1:03pm 
When i ask Jzargo to follow me it replaces Lydia and i dont want that.
[C3:M] Bubbanator Jul 15 @ 12:26pm 
@ultrafarabixp try uninstalling and reinstalling the mod.
ultrafarabixp Jul 15 @ 10:27am 
the book doesnt show up, can someone help? Not working
LONE_TOASTER Jul 13 @ 12:21pm 
Sometimes a follower will just leave out of no where and im not sure why. Ive even caught them just walking away from the group. Is there any way to stop this its very annoying
[C3:M] Bubbanator Jul 8 @ 6:05am 
@Legalize Gay Weed If you uninstall AFT does this problem still happen?
Legalize Gay Weed Jul 8 @ 3:04am 
@bubbanator it still happens, even with a new save, the powers dont appear in my magic list and the AFT readme book doesnt appear
[C3:M] Bubbanator Jul 7 @ 7:58pm 
@Legalize Gay Weed This doesnt sound like a problem with AFT, but rather your game itself. I would sudgest shuttinhg off your game then going back into it to see if this problem re-occures
Legalize Gay Weed Jul 7 @ 5:40pm 
Whenever I ask someone to follow me beacause i need their help nothing happens for a few seconds, then the conversation starts again with the same option, asking them to follow me, and if i end the conversation and walk off they don't follow me. Why isn't it working?