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Wearable Dragon Wings Unfolded
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Apr 7, 2013 @ 6:24am
Sep 14, 2013 @ 12:27pm
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This mod add's wearable dragon wings that are unfolded to Skyrim

*Wings can be forged once you've obtained the dragon smithing perk

*Each wing requires:
-3 Dragon bones
-3 Dragon scales
-2 Leather strips


-Fixed Argonian missing tail glitch
-Added Light armor Version
-Added unique names to differentiate wing colors

Next Update:

-Varying Sizes (need to tinker with the model)

This is a remake of the original which had folded wings. There are a variety of colored wings to create.

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Drake The Demon Lord Aug 23 @ 9:47pm 
i would subscribe if i could fly with them
Croganis Aug 4 @ 9:36pm 
If you do the flying part, I would make it a stacking mod like the mod that allows a total customization of the character is or the wet cold set.
19pricw Aug 1 @ 6:23pm 
is this the sam mod that @dragonbornadventures uses
littlepanda115 Jul 11 @ 10:23am 
can you still wear armour underneath?
ASheepNamedBlart Jun 14 @ 2:36pm 
@below, There's a Skyrim Nexus mod for that. They did a fantastic job.
CloudDistrictLately? Jun 8 @ 1:30pm 
make it to where we can fly in them.
dragonheart May 10 @ 1:03pm 
the argonians tail vanishes when equiped.
Smokey Joey Mar 17 @ 9:18pm 
they are great. move well when jumping etc.
Geetoss (U.A.O) Mar 9 @ 6:51am 
i have a suggestion. you could combine tis mod with the flying ring mod (not sure if its on the steam workshop or the nexus) so that you could use these wings to fly. awsome mod aswell!
MajoraKid444 Feb 14 @ 1:05pm 
dafuq? @Death Strider