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Better Follower Improvements
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Feb 25, 2012 @ 12:00am
Mar 8, 2012 @ 5:56pm
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IMPORTANT: This mod is designed to work with my co-released "Horses for Followers".

Click: "Spudgunner's The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Workshop" above the title to find it. Or the link to the right.

PLEASE READ THIS >> My latest update will stop followers at certain times in the game from returning home when the player mounts. However, you may find they will not mount the horse. The reason for this is that a quest has started that will use a completely different follow routine. Its quite easy to see the reasoning behind this. So the basic follow routine is literally switched off for the duration of that particular quest. Its part of the new Alias system introduced into Skyrim that is a mixed blessing. When this happens to you, its vitally important that I know which quest(s) are doing this. When you find it happening to you, please tell me 1) Your current "active" quest that you select whether its a main quest or side quest. 2) Also the follower name. Thanks.

This plugin is what's required to make followers actually ride the horses, and as such is the real heart of the "Horses For Followers" mod. The instructions are on the "Horses For Followers Page.
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Halcyon Dec 21 @ 9:31am 
Is there a problem with how many many actiev quests are activated at a time with this mod? After I finished the kynesgrove/blades quest with uthgerd the unbroken as my follower, I expected it to work because for that quest there is a follow mechanism. Unfortunately, it never started working for me.
MistakenHero46 Dec 11 @ 1:41pm 
I had J'zargo following me from Windhelm for the College quest, "Revealing the Unseen". I paid for his horse and nothing happened.
thewrener Dec 6 @ 10:54am 
sorry man, didn't work on athis...
Snake Oct 27 @ 5:02am 
My followers won't ride anymore :(
talynamber Oct 5 @ 10:50am 
I think I have a problem because my follower is my spouse, he is now very buggy. And..his horse keeps trying to get in the house. It's nice to have him be able to ride, very cool indeed
Libre de rien du tout Oct 2 @ 8:21am 
La pauvre Lydia me faisiat îtié à courir dérrière moi, j'éspère qu'avec tes 2 mods elle va pouvoir me suivre nimp.
DarkDemoness Sep 20 @ 11:32am 
this isn't working... i have both mods that you created and my follower (Lydia) still won't ride the horse i bought her... help?
faerywing Sep 7 @ 12:20pm 
I have had my follower not use the horse only once. It was Vilkas during the Companions quest to take out the Silver Hand after Kodlak's death. I was thinking it was because it's a "forced" follower and not a choice at that point.
RazerGamer Jul 1 @ 8:12am 
I have a few quests, not on any this mod ( with Horses for Followers ) won't work! I have Serana with me, and all 3 DLC-s, bought game on Steam. Serana won't ride the horse, and I'm not even thinking about leaving her! Tried to buy her a horse, but I can't! I go to Markath ( bought first in Whiterun ), and all i get is another horse I own! ( My name in the game is Warren, and in both says Warren's Horse ). I dunno what to do! Please, help! :( And I liked this mod from description soo much, i use Conjure Rideable Ethereal Horse Spell mod with this, and it still won't work! Maybe bcause i use SKSE... ?
Kittyzord Jun 9 @ 6:38pm 
It used to work fine, but then I changed of follower and the new one just don't wanna ride the horse ! Is there a command to... I don't know reset the settings ? Or something like that? Still a nice mod tho !