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Better Follower Improvements
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Feb 25, 2012 @ 12:00am
Mar 8, 2012 @ 5:56pm
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IMPORTANT: This mod is designed to work with my co-released "Horses for Followers".

Click: "Spudgunner's The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Workshop" above the title to find it. Or the link to the right.

PLEASE READ THIS >> My latest update will stop followers at certain times in the game from returning home when the player mounts. However, you may find they will not mount the horse. The reason for this is that a quest has started that will use a completely different follow routine. Its quite easy to see the reasoning behind this. So the basic follow routine is literally switched off for the duration of that particular quest. Its part of the new Alias system introduced into Skyrim that is a mixed blessing. When this happens to you, its vitally important that I know which quest(s) are doing this. When you find it happening to you, please tell me 1) Your current "active" quest that you select whether its a main quest or side quest. 2) Also the follower name. Thanks.

This plugin is what's required to make followers actually ride the horses, and as such is the real heart of the "Horses For Followers" mod. The instructions are on the "Horses For Followers Page.
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RazerGamer Jul 1 @ 8:12am 
I have a few quests, not on any this mod ( with Horses for Followers ) won't work! I have Serana with me, and all 3 DLC-s, bought game on Steam. Serana won't ride the horse, and I'm not even thinking about leaving her! Tried to buy her a horse, but I can't! I go to Markath ( bought first in Whiterun ), and all i get is another horse I own! ( My name in the game is Warren, and in both says Warren's Horse ). I dunno what to do! Please, help! :( And I liked this mod from description soo much, i use Conjure Rideable Ethereal Horse Spell mod with this, and it still won't work! Maybe bcause i use SKSE... ?
Kittyzord Jun 9 @ 6:38pm 
It used to work fine, but then I changed of follower and the new one just don't wanna ride the horse ! Is there a command to... I don't know reset the settings ? Or something like that? Still a nice mod tho !
JimClarke Apr 26 @ 4:09pm 
Superb, much needed mod (lost my first 2 horses in ridiculous kamikaze charges from the crazy vanilla horsees : D). I havent had any probelms and its one of those great mods that should have been 'features'...but once installed seem liek they were in the game all along.


Didnt need any fiddling...just clicked subscribe and it worked (along with the other mods that go wth this ofc)

Subbd Favd
CannonBallCurry Apr 22 @ 3:21pm 
when I have this subscribed the followers don't follow...
Pineapple_Man Apr 14 @ 2:56pm 
Where's the download link
everybody-has-to-die Apr 5 @ 2:59am 
How can I download it? I subscribed it, but I don't see a download link.
Meikitamemo Mar 27 @ 2:03pm 
Never mind dunno why but it worked again :s

These are things i have\done that might triggered it to worked (not sure) i am a bit surprised that out of the blue it works again.

1) I have SKSE for some mods (this might be the solution but i ran this one before and still it didn't work so not quite sure).
2) I un-subscribed and subscribed again and opened Skyrim through steam so it can update (had done that before and got erros like my topic under here mentioned but it may made it work).
3) Quicksave before buying a horse buy one go on your Companion horse and if the mod works she will go onto Your horse (companion horses are cooler then those that we get :\ ) If it aint working exit let steam check for possible updates and open Steam through SKSE.

Try this out and maybe it will go to work if not let me know then i have to check what i did (not editing mod) what did make it work. I will do my best to help everyone out.
Meikitamemo Mar 27 @ 1:20pm 
Hey :)

I have been using this mod before and it seemed to work back then but now it aint working :\
Its been a long time since i played Skyrim Last and wanted to enjoy the awsome mods the modding community created.
This is the problem when i open Skyrim (through steam ofcourse) it will detect all mods installed and then it says that an error accured when it scans Horse for Followers.

Does anyone got an idea on how to make this work? I also have the mod better follower improvements but Lydia (not sure if other companions 2) won't mount her horse :\

If anyone know a way to get this fixed i would appreciate it :) This mod was amazing and i want to make use of it once again :)

16thSami Mar 23 @ 5:24pm 
This doesnt work........
Mr.47 Mar 4 @ 3:46am 
i can band 7 follower , so 7 follower can horseback riding?