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Legends of Etherell: Antavia
Apr 4, 2013 @ 10:28am
Apr 4, 2013 @ 5:43pm
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Windows, Linux, And Mac Accessibility
Legends of Etherell is the introduction of a completely unique iteration of the popular MMORPG genre. The team behind Legends of Etherell has created what they are labeling a “Persistent Online Role-playing Experience” or PORE for short. In Legends of Etherell, all elements play out as they would in a traditional “RPG”, with no deviation aside from the fact that they game can’t conclude as with standard “RPG” titles. We look to present something fresh and realistic compared to the repetition found in the current selection of “MMORPGs” available.

Rather than focusing on the vast amount of characters that can be forced into a zone or region, we are primarily focused on creating the persistent world with a strong focus on the incorporation of traditional “RPG” elements such as NPC interaction, fully voiced dialogue, alternate dialogue choices with varying results, and really deep player progression and advancement. Our goal is to create a fully open, sophisticated, and living world; one in which the player can exist without bounds, and become fully involved with. While the game is expected to have a large following, the current focus isn’t primarily on the massive amount of players we can fit into a given area, instead we are centralized on building the most elaborate rendition of a persistent, and open RPG possible.

To accommodate our style of development it’s most important to develop the game with scalability at its core. Therefore, we’ve chosen to develop our online framework based on new server architecture developed by some of the original software engineers formerly of Turbine. Having worked with such titles as Everquest 1 and 2, they are well adept at persistent online architecture. Our product now features a much more sophisticated, scalable multi-player server solution that allows us to expand the amount of players allowed within the confines our our virtual world as the demands are required.

Product Features:
• Incredibly Lush Historical Literature/Documentation
• Dynamic Event System
• Alignment System
• Unique Travel Systems
• Highly Involving Guild Development System
• Massive Faction Battles (WarFronts)
• Career System
• Profession System
• Romance/Offspring System
• Unique Crafting/Enchanting System
• Elaborate Skill Progression System
• Advanced Attribute/Skill Progression System
• Consequential Death Element
• Fully Voice NPC Dialogue System
• Extremely Advance/ Real-time Combat System
• Robust Class/Sub-Class System
• Open-World PvP
• Imprisonment System
• Bounty System
• Statistic Tracking For Profiles
• Story Driven Gameplay

• Highly Fantastical Medieval Setting
• Dynamic Ecosystem
• Dynamic Weather/Season System
• Seamless Open-World (No Zoning)
• Landscaping System
• Home/Town Building System
• Player-Driven Economy
• Player Influenced Politics
• Provincial/Territorial Domion
• Extensive Geological Literature
• Interactive World Elements

Target Audience:
Many current generation MMORPG players have cried out for something unique and original, something interesting and more realistic; less grind, more role-playing. This is something we are all enthusiastic about. Based on those facts, we have defined our target audience as those individuals; players interested in this nature of product. There is a very strong market demand for a game of this type, so we are more than confident we will receive much more support throughout the development of our product.

Additional Information:
The story take place across a vast landscape where players may journey and venture as they please. The emphasis of gameplay is mainly to give players the ability to pick up a controller or mouse/keyboard, and immediately be able to get into the action. The leveling system is a hybrid mixture of those found in Dungeon Siege II and The Elder Scrolls series; players become most skilled at abilities they use most.. Players can embark on the main quest which will have an undefined ending as it's conclusion will take place live in the persistent world. Based on an overall choices of various players or a single action by one individual, the entire persistent conclusion can be drastically altered. To avoid compromising the story, we aren't addressing this element of the design at all. It is something players will have to experience and work towards. Player can also gather a party and adventure into the massive, persistent world without following the main quest line. There are even “Career Roles” in which players never have to partake in combat and can level up, progressing the same as combat roles, but will offer those players local jobs and eventually ownership of their own businesses in the game.

Each town, city, village, empire, and kingdom will feature unique helpers, companions, enemies, and townspeople. Each of them has their own lives, and destinies that the player can alter. A large amount of these characters will offer side-quest or prestige missions to build your rank. Many expansions are planned as well, making the depth of the story ever-growing. While the player is playing the game, large amounts of data are secretly being saved. This data will later play a huge role in shaping the world in the fourth coming expansions as well as the planned sequel.

As we prepare our return to Kickstarter, we are stronger, our product is more refined, and our business model is well-defined. We'll be offering players early access to the pre-alpha/alpha/beta builds of the game. Players will also be able to purchase acres of land to build homes, storefronts, alchemy labs, guild hall, crafting forges, and farms; the list is growing. For players that want to leave their mark on the world in other ways, we will be offer players the option to create NPCs, exclusive armors/clothes, and even the ability to create unique skill sets for the game. We're working very hard to fulfill our ambitious dream of making the greatest persistent online role-playing experience ever, and we need the help of everyone interested in assisting us. Feedback is always welcomed, whether it be negative or positive in our eyes. No comment or suggestion will be ignored by our development team. As our project is community-driven at its very core, we invite everyone to join our community and share their opinions either here or on those official sites: LegendsofEtherell

Please like and share with your friends to heighten our degree of exposure. If you're a fan of classic MMORPGs with depth, player interaction, world involvement, personal ownership in the world, and deep story elements Legends of Etherell is your online RPG of choice. We look forward to future discussions and feedback from everyone. Thanks for taking the time to read our post, we hope to peak your interest.

Aaron Victoria
Lead Designer/Creator of Legends of Etherell
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Dead game has died.
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is this game still under development or not?
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That'd be great
Silverhelm Studios  [author] Sep 10, 2015 @ 1:31pm 
Sorry it has been so quiet, we are hard at work on the game...

We will be releasing a trailer next month which will be followed by pre-alpha in December.

Stay tuned for more news!
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Looks like this game is dead.
Boses Sep 27, 2014 @ 1:46pm 
is this still alive?
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So did this game get scrapped? No word from devs in months and months, website and FB pages seem to be taken down :/ sadface
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Looks a bit like Skyrim, but please do also First Person ;)
[GOH] Master of Holland Jun 8, 2014 @ 2:49am 
keep going te good work
Dein Xceriis Feb 11, 2014 @ 9:11am 
I love how there's a punishment system to the open pvp etc.