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Enhanced Distant Terrain
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Feb 24, 2012 @ 11:14am
Mar 11, 2013 @ 8:45pm
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This small but mighty texture mod enhances the distant low-detail terrain by re-creating from
scratch, a new more detailed and more defined texture map. This makes the distant terrain look
far better because it reduces blotchy patches, makes the terrain blend better, and generally
makes it all look much crisper.

It is a big difference in my view and for such a little mod, it does look much better. Looking at
screen-shots just doesn't do it justice. Go try it for yourself! Over 100k + people didn't
download it for nothing! ;-)

Key Features:
• Affects everything from dirt to snow
• No performance loss
• No known incompatibilities with other mods

Current Version (1.4) Changes:
- Got rid of some random repeated streaks in the texture. (refinement)
- HD version now doesn't look as sharp and off-putting.

Troubleshooting & Help:
I cannot offer help on the Steam Workshop. You'll have to get support from the Skyrim Nexus which is linked below.

Skyrim Nexus Link:

Recommended Mods:
Enhanced Distant Terrain 2 - Trudgement Day [skyrim.nexusmods.com] is highly recommended, but cannot be uploaded to Steam Workshop due to it exceeding Steam Workshop's mod file-size limit.

SparrowPrince - Main Developer
Dead Man Playing - Steam Workshop Maintainer

Uploaded to Steam Workshop with SparrowPrince's permission. Enhanced Distant Terrain may be removed at any point SparrowPrince or Valve wishes. Enhanced Distant Terrain is installed, ran and/or updated at one's own risk. Enhanced Distant Terrain is not accountable for any contaminated save game files, so remember to make back-up saves when testing out any new modification(s). Please see the Skyrim Nexus page linked above to view additional licensing and permission information.
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Destructech_01 Jul 20 @ 1:45am 
Finally no more blur ugly distant stuff
Dragon fire 795 Jul 19 @ 9:51pm 
Dragon fire 795 Jul 19 @ 9:51pm 
I didn,t notice no real diffrences.
MoH-Zatox Jul 16 @ 2:26am 
Made screenshots with and without the mod, changed pretty nothing. Just a few dark colors but clouds can cause that. Any one noticed a difference?
aroundthefur79 Jul 13 @ 7:54am 
I don't go crazy when it comes to modding my skyrim but this turned out to be a must have.Especially if you have a computer that isn't quite built for gaming and have to play on low specs etc. GET THIS MOD!, 5 stars all the way. Like the man said the picture he has posted doesn't do it justice! and also NO PERFORMANCE LOSS!.
RoyalGrue Jul 9 @ 11:04am 
Any other sample photos. I do not notice a difference between your photos.
Rebelpine Jul 2 @ 8:54am 
Broke Hearthfire for me, couldn't build my Morthal house
Imperator Jun 27 @ 2:54am 
thanks,it's great work.
baheko Jun 27 @ 2:34am 
Best mod for skyrim ever
Timesplitter Jun 3 @ 10:50am 
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