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The Rabbit Hole
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Mar 29, 2013 @ 9:33pm
May 6, 2013 @ 8:10pm
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The Rabbit Hole

The Rabbit Hole is an Arena-style 50 Stage Combat Dungeon. How far down will you go?

This is a huge dungeon with progressively difficult enemies. You enter a room, slay all the occupants, and then the door to the next room will appear. This dungeon will intentionally mess with your head, if you aren't on drugs while playing, you will think you are. There are books and people along the way that tell the story of this strange place. In addition to raw, unadulterated combat, there are dozens of secrets, Easter Eggs (literal and metaphorical) and hidden rooms to discover.

If you get stuck/lost in The Rabbit Hole CLICK HERE FOR FULL WALKTHROUGH []

The dungeon respawns itself twice a day, and is engineered to change every time you revisit, encouraging multiple play-throughs. The dungeon will appear on your map immediately after installation (you do not have to find the entrance first) It is located just north-east of Falkreath

Enough with the subjective words, here are the cold-hard stats,
This mod contains:
4+ Hours of gameplay
10 tiers of Combat Challenges
28 Unique New Weapons (including the WabbaWabbit and Spoon of Madness)
15 Unique New Enemies
4 New Followers
3 Fetch Quests
2 New Spells

This mod is fully compatible with DawnGuard and DragonBorn, it does not require either DLC to work.

Please check out my other mod, the Dark Brotherhood Resurrection!

Check out my Developer Blog[]

This mod is now available on the Skyrim Nexus[]

If you have any questions/comments/bug reports please send them to:

Special Thanks:
Lady Gaga
Flo Rida

1.1 + Added more dialogue lines to the Great Rabbit
- fixed followers not being able to leave dungeon
- added 'summon killer rabbit' spell. Given to the player by the Great Rabbit
- added more enemies to the final level

1.2 + added an extra, VERY trippy stage to Level 8
- added magic traps to level6

1.3 + Fixed bug where players could not upgrade Infinity+1 weapons
- added Conjurers who could summon two atronachs at once to Level 10

1.4 + Fixed bug where items in safe room would not respawn by adding containers with items that do respawn
- fixed bug where Rabbit Hole Followers would leave the Rabbit Hole
- added more treasure to the treasure level

- Fixed Navmesh issues in level 10 that prevented followers from making it to the end of the level
- Made Followers a little more hearty
- lowered difficulty of mages in level 10
- added new armor of magic resistance to level 9
- Added a lever in level 9 so you can go backwards
- Fixed dwarven sphere sometimes not popping up for high-level sneaky players

- Fixed bug where players who had more than 5 Easter Eggs couldn't finish the Egg Hunt quest
- Fixed Dwarven enemies not attacking sneaky players
- Minor fixes to Navmesh
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squishward Aug 16 @ 2:16pm 
Honestly, this is one of the best mods I have ever subscribed to! And that's out of all of my games with addons! I have a bunch of other mods for this that helped me get through this, but I still had a hard time with it. Even with a sword thad does 300 DAMAGE without it being improved, enchanted, or buffed up by my armor!

Thank you Jediborg2.
christopherkeveny Aug 12 @ 5:47pm 
Found it upon reload. The odd thing is at level 5 I went to the safe room and didn't see a way to level 6.
christopherkeveny Aug 11 @ 8:13pm 
Can't find this. I am trying to reload
Melnik Jul 2 @ 1:51am 
EXACTLY what i was looking for
steph Jun 24 @ 8:52am 
Love this mod. Played through it a couple times. Great way to test different fighting styles on various monsters. :)
flipkick123 May 20 @ 7:05pm 
I cant physically find it. Like it isnt there. I am where it is supposed to be but nothing is there.
[BOTWG]Kintok May 1 @ 2:52pm 
For those who cant find it, the hole is located northeast of Falkreath
LizTheMemelord Apr 9 @ 8:52pm 
Im stuck on the intermisson? If anyone could help me out that would be great <3
Glowlend Apr 4 @ 5:32pm 
how do get there where is it !!!!
Glowlend Apr 4 @ 5:30pm 
where is it!!!!!!!