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The Real Death Toll
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Mar 27, 2013 @ 7:15pm
Mar 28, 2013 @ 5:13pm
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Shutdown all lights in your computer room, grab food and supplies, and.. guns. Get ready to not end eaten alive in a dark corner!

This Addon replace the Death Toll atmosphere by a new, alternative one (darker and also a different tint).
Best played with realism gamemode, for those who think L4D2 is too eazy.

Inspired by Princess Luna's 'The Real Parish' great Addon (try it if you didnt yet!), this one changes Death Toll in a similar way.

Also: The Real Dead Center

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Update notes: - Testing several tweaks on forest's darkness (item will auto-update: if you suscribed to any version, no need to manual update).
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Jul 1 @ 10:10am
Requests for updates goes in here!
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Davo Nov 2 @ 1:45am 
Silver  [author] Oct 25 @ 9:14am 
Thank you :)
About the mod: it is client sided only, but it is multiplayer compatible, so you can use it while playing on any server!
I dont think it is possible to make it server sided. It uses athmospheric post production settings (lights & shadow colors modifier, fog tint and effects tints) is considered as minor graphic change by valve so it is not server-checked because there is no risk of cheating when changing those settings.
Looks amazing man, great job! Can it works "server-sided" ? I have a dedicated server to test it if you want...
Silver  [author] Oct 22 @ 9:05am 
@staryoshi: nope, its a recolorisation of the original campaign!
staryoshi06 Oct 22 @ 1:38am 
Is this a separate campaign?
Khufu Aug 30 @ 10:32pm 
please make more, these are awesome
Karma [102] Jul 15 @ 11:35am 
Please Create: The Real Swamp Fever
❅ Snow White Jul 6 @ 2:05pm 
dude,but if i had tactical flashlight(from workshop)? is it still will be a challnge?
Silver  [author] Jul 1 @ 9:52am 
Thanks you all :)
About doing this for other campaigns, there is a huge issue: some of the lightning files (the mod change that) are used in multiples sequences and in different campaigns. so when i change one of these, it will also change the color of some other campaigns (if the mapper re-used the same file instead of creating a dedicated one).
Sometimes it doesn't fit well to the other campaign.
Its an annoying conflict and it makes the other maps very hard to change without unwanted sideeffects.
Also the maps i changed were the most badly lightned of the game, so that was 'easy' to fix, compared to some other campaigns where devs made a far better work on lights.

The only campaign where i can really improve something is Dark Carnival. But there is already somebody else that did a similar mod for Dark Carnival (but he made it too dark to my tastes).
dog May 29 @ 10:42am 
This is excellent. Compared to this the other maps seem to be lit by massive fluorescent lamps. The only way forward is to go...darker. If you could do more campaigns that would be very welcome.