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Agent of Righteous Might
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** (6/14/2013) This version is outdated, you will have to download 1.1.0 version from Nexus.

Skyrim Nexus: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/33766

Agent of Righteous Might


Since the beginning of the 4th era, holy knights and brave warriors have united under the banner of Stendarr to eradicate the enemies of the Nine --- calling themselves Vigilants of Stendarr. The Vigilants uphold the will of the Nine by slaying any and all who show disregard for life and mercy.

Many decades ago, prior to the event of Skyrim, an old imperial veteran named Nirtius Pontanian and his five shield brothers joined the Vigilants and engaged in the most dangerous missions. They raided encampments of witches, cleared caverns inhabited by necromancers, and purified fortresses crawling with werewolves and daedras.

It wasn't long before Nirtius saw that battling these foes resulted in large numbers of casualties amongst his comrades. It seemed to him there was a better way to carry out the mission. Instead of full-on combat he would disguise himself, infiltrate the enemy --- and then destroy them from within. Quickly. Quietly. Safely.

Nirtius, his shield brothers, and those others who trusted him left the Vigilants of Stendarr and founded their own faction, calling themselves the Agents of Righteous Might. Since then, the Agents have successfully used their tactics to infiltrate and destroy numerous unholy factions while suffering the rare casualty within their band of followers.

However, not everything has gone as Nirtius expected. A particularly critical mission against a remnant of the Mythic Dawn went disastrously, resulting in the mortal injury of his most trusted shield brother. Since then Nirtius regularly plots missions to infiltrate the Mythic Dawn but has yet to taste success.

Notwithstanding that he has, nevertheless, come to learn two important facts:

These remnants of the Mythic Dawn are not ordinary daedra worshipers like the ones he had hunted in the past. They are much more organized and disciplined. And, to make matters worse, it also just so happens there is a traitor among the Agents.

Nirtius has started looking for an outsider --- someone with the skill of an assassin and the heart of a martyr...

What to Expect
- Epic adventure requiring both exceptional skill and will to sacrifice.
- Approximately 3-5 gameplay hours involving a role of an undercover agent. (16 new quests)
- 5 new dunegons with challenging enemies.
- 25 new fully voiced NPCs including merchants and trainers.
- Fair amount of (definitely-not-overpowered) loots.
- 6 new unique reward perks/abilities that can be earned throughout the quests in this mod.
- The returning faction from TES4: Oblivion --- Mythic Dawn, with a populated underground hideout.

- TES5: Skyrim with its latest update (1.9 Version as of today).


Mod Team Members:
Kyung-Bum Lee - Mod Author
Chris Gaughf (Aranas) - Sound Editing and Assistance
Keagan Bryson - Warden Speech and Journals

Voice Actors:

Matthew Wade (Lomekian) - Dalamus Arethan, Vaden Arethan, Domas, Snadmund and the Guard Captain.
Chris Gaughf (Aranas) - Fedave Arethan, Ma'Dato, Grand Apostate, Sabinuni and Volemu Camoran
Ben Britton - Gaban Aurielle and the Warden.
Ed Waldorph (Ed) - Nirtius Pontanian
Kliban Katz - Helanu Arethan
Chris Wielink (Sheogorath19) - Lorbul Bogadb and Salms Arethan.
Elijah Lucian - Irbrand Bienne
Reed Scholz - Walyas Hawker
Lynn Kay - Tarene
Martin M (NextMastermind) - Oranius the Chef
Brendan Leigh (Soulstealers) - Vigilant Leader
Ethan Kellogg - Messenger.
Lila Paws (Ellen) - Oleeme

Contact these voice actors at:

Kliban Katz 's blog: http://klibank.wordpress.com/
Matthew Wade's Webpage: http://www.matthewwade.co.uk
Martin's Youtube Channel: http://youtube.com/thatmartinfellow
Elijah L. and his music Band @ elijahlucian.ca
Chris Wielink's Page: https://soundcloud.com/chris-wielink
Lila Paws's Voicework: http://www.ellenmc.com/voiceover/
Lynn Kay's Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2D507C63A33216C9

Resources Used:

Hanaises - Oblivion Gate and Clutter Meshes/Textures

Tools/Softwares Used:

Creation Kit by Bethesda Softwork
TES5: Skyrim by Bethesda Softwork
3DS Max 2011 by Autodesk
Photoshop CS 2 by Adobe
NifSkope 1.1.0 by NifTools
Audacity by Audacity 2.0.3 Development Team
Skyrim Audio Converter by JohnB
NPC Name Generator by Tamriel Rebuilt Team
TES5Edit 3.0.29 EXPERIMENTAL by ElminsterAU

Special Thanks to:


Version History
# Click "Update Log" on the right corner.

Walkthrough Guide
MediaFile: http://www.mediafire.com/?uh1m286i7a3coz8

Common FAQ

Q: How do I start the main quest in this mod? the description doesn't say anything.
A: Once you are out of Helgen, a courier will appear and find you at random. He will give you an invitational letter from Shrine of Stendarr.
If you don't want to wait, just visit the priest in Shrine of Stendarr in Winterhold.

Q: I have Alternative Start mod installed, will there be a conflict?
A: No, there is no conflict between ARM and Alternative Start. Also, you can always start the main quest of ARM by walking into the Shrine of Stendarr in Winterhold.
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sasori.jack Dec 5 @ 3:30pm 
hello i have one problem mods been great so far but on the quest where you have to collect the book the xarxes or something like that im sorry ive got it lying on the floor where i cant pick it up it just keeps saying 'take it' and i keep trying but it wont let me so i cannot complete the quest? also the camerons staff i have no map marker or bit of information on how or where to search and obtain i?
DeadGambler Dec 5 @ 3:02pm 
Something that I'm worried about is Ma'dato. Are his weapons clones of the ones you will get from doing quests, and will talking to him at a low level prevent you from getting a higher level version of any quest reward you purchase from him?
Justin The Wolf Nov 30 @ 1:00pm 
i have a question,,(spoilers)
the guy that left you the note at the end of the mod where is he and who is hunting us and are they really out there
rhutchinson101 Nov 15 @ 6:26pm 
Love this mod.....Nuff said. 10/10
stelioskandias Oct 31 @ 9:54am 
Indeed the game keeps better and better as the plot thickens...
stelioskandias Oct 28 @ 12:00pm 
I haven't yet still finished this mod (i just got mehruns razor from the khajiit trader) and i can say that technically is a 100% professional effort and absolutely bugless. Kudos! Design wise there are some flaws though, showing the ambitions, and at the same time the inexperience of the creators; In the very beginning you have to follow a guy through half of Skyrim, an endless list of ingredients to get is next, a maze like underground complex that frankly is too much and was not needed, and a somewhat bureaucratic logic overall (make a report, get back to Rorikstead, then wait for a reply to get a mission, then get back then again make a report, then wait for a reply, then get back to Rorikstead, then wait for a reply etc). Don't' get me wrong here, i really enjoy playing this mod, and i'm 100% certain it will pick up in pace later on, but it feels like a blockbuster that is 3 hours long and could have easily be edit to 2 hours for a more fleshed out adventure.
Dree [No Mic]  [author] Oct 19 @ 1:58pm 
@ Fluffybob: turn off TCL console command. when you have collision-related console command running, it disables all the scripts waiting for collision trigger.
Hey I had a question, for the quest "One step ahead" (Spoiler alert for those who havent played it) the quest where you follow the Arethans into the portal, i'm having trouble entering is it bugged?
Lt.Zog Oct 6 @ 5:32pm 
Great job. I really like the size and scope. My only complaints (and over all i still very much enjoyed the mod) 1st, really not thrilled with all the parts that require you to follow people, quite a drag and really takes away from the flow. And as impressive as the size of the base is, having to constantly run around over and over again was a serious downside for me. I ended up always turning of clipping to go direct to the next door. But really other than that nice job.
Supernova Sep 27 @ 6:02am 
hey, i'm having a problem here. just finished the infiltration quest and picked up the note that should start the new one, but no quest pop up, nothing happens. can anyone help me?