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Left 4 Dead 2

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Kokiri Forest Part 1 of 2
Game Content: Campaigns
Game Modes: Co-op, Versus
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Mar 21, 2013 @ 8:21am
Mar 25, 2013 @ 4:44am
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Kokiri Forest Part 1 of 2

In 1 collection by NickNak
Kokiri Forest
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Make sure you get both parts
You start in the Kokiri Forest and work your way to the Forest temple, fight your way through the temple and have to defeat a truly terrifying Boss monster.
Puzzles, Frustration, Exploration game play and a custom boss fight, what more can you want!

I've updated this since the last verison it's nothing major just a few bits and bobs I've tweaked and added a bit. Nothing game changing/major has been added in other words.
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Dutchy Oct 1 @ 10:54am 
Fun map
黑骑士兵团 Sep 17 @ 8:57am 
Hey, guys. How do you get pass the key problem on Map 2??
origin Sep 2 @ 1:02am 
ゼルダの伝说 时のオカリナ
beam Jul 26 @ 7:49pm 
If you are having errors pop up, check to make sure (in this order):
1. You have both parts downloaded
2. You have checked both parts in the Add on menu (ignoring the fact that you get an incompatability error)
3. You have no other add ons checked

That should fix the map.
Sonic45 Jul 19 @ 12:16am 
This map is good but all tank of the frist level and second level are hard to kill and in the second i need to push back the rock block for pushing in the right way but it not work
踏天 Jul 10 @ 9:31pm 
Where is the fucking key? I just shot it down,but there is nothing in the ground.
TOTTI Jun 23 @ 2:41pm 
Kokiri Forest is an interesting Zelda like map.

I've been playing it on a local server with some people and I got to admit the first chapter and the second chapter are pretty good. I never got the chance to play the third chapter because of the issues im gonna state.

Issue 1: Map crashes my local host / game.

Issue 2: The bots are very .... how do I say .. weird ? They jump off random places and they die because of it and we are kind of forced to go back and try to rescue them.

Lets go on the positive side of this map.

1. It really feels like zelda.

2. The surprises / puzzles are really interesting and fun.

3. Good sounds and visuals

4. Good FPS optimization

Conclusion :

It would have been amazing if I could play the map to the end but because of some issues I stated I wasn't able to but to those who do not have problems with the map I really recommend it.
TheVrilWolf Apr 22 @ 3:09pm 
hey heads up just seen this map stolen if you search kokiri forest you'll find out what i mean
❤ YunYun ❤ Mar 29 @ 3:12pm 
See alot of errors D: anyone know how to fix?
GameLoky Mar 22 @ 7:46am 
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