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Caranthir Tower Version 2.0
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Mar 20, 2013 @ 9:06am
Aug 13, 2013 @ 4:13am
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Version 2.0
File Size: Roughly 92MB (Expect a long download time for your Skyrim Launcher)


Caranthir Tower is a mod inspired by the official plug-in for The Elder Scrolls Oblivion called Frostcrag Spire. The plug-in added a wizards tower just outside of the city called Bruma which the player had inherited from a long lost relative. Caranthir Tower was created to bring a wizards tower into the world of Skyrim as it seems to be one of the things missing from the game. Upon entering Caranthir Tower you will notice that much like Frostcrag Spire it is an empty husk which you will be required to slowly fill as you play through the mod. You will first restore the tower to its former glory and then you will have the ability to add your own staff and access many of the towers great features as listed below. I have spent months creating this mod and I will only respond to constructive criticism by people attempting to help make the mod better. Please take this into consideration before leaving comments.


No DLC is required to use this mod, however I do recommend that you have the latest version of Skyrim running on your machine. The mod will look at its best while using the http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/30450[/url][url=https://twitter.com/DarkFox127Pro][img]http://darkfox127
[b]Highlighted Features[/b]

- Massive player real estate with plenty of storage
- Restore the tower from rubble back to its former glory
- Customizable decoration including statues
- Over 40 new spell tomes
- New staves and the ability to craft existing ones (Vanilla game only)
- The ability to recharge staves (This mod and vanilla game only)
- Hire your own staff including merchants and a personal bard
- Hire Guardians to keep watch over your tower, including a dragon for the balcony
- New followers all with their own unique abilities, including the ability not to set off traps
- Conjuration Altar for creating animal followers including Spriggans & a Wispmother
- Portals to major cities in Skyrim
[b]Tower Location[/b]

Caranthir Tower can be seen from anywhere in Skyrim with a clear view of the Winterhold area. To gain access to the tower you must first gain entry to the College of Winterhold and it is best that you become the Arch-Mage, however it is NOT a requirement. You need to make your way into the Arch-Mage quarters and find a strongbox on the table oposite the bed at the back of the room. Once you open the strongbox and retrieve the key and deed, you will be able to read the deed which will show the tower's location on your map. You are now free to head over to the tower and use the key you received to gain entry.
[b]Bug Reports[/b]

If you wish to send me a long detailed bug report or anything like a full TESEDIT error log, then please be sure not to post it in the comments as you will clutter the page with content others do not wish to see. Send the bug report via PM on the Nexus forums or use my websites contact form. Only I need read bug reports so I can fix the issues. Thank You.
[b]Anti-Social Networking Sites[/b]


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Creative Input

Evil MrPumpkins





Those who are having trouble finding anythiung in the tower can visit my new website by clicking on the link below. You will find detailed information on my mods and a guide to the tower. Any further comments asking for help will now be removed as the information is now on my website.

Click Here
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EisenhelmSilverbag (Ger) Dec 14 @ 10:59am 
The key ? :)
OBLOOD Dec 13 @ 4:31pm 
could use some more decor. you got the nice little details but you need the big impressive stuff like a stone of magnus. the gate to the soul cairn. a "more magical" stone flooring. this looks like a house buil for a strong mage but not for a dragonborn mage/ powerful wizard like me.

i'd try and make my own but im afraid would take to long to learn and by the time i do learn how to make a mod i'll probably have a differant intrest.
juliandegner96 Nov 23 @ 1:48am 
The doctor Nov 7 @ 10:43pm 
The doctor Nov 7 @ 10:43pm 
How do i get throught the first room?
Cinder the Victor Shade Oct 24 @ 1:39pm 
This mod is fantastic! Every bit of it. It requires you to be meticulous and scan everywhere. Things hidden in the corners and clues in other places. It's amazing. I love the customization with the floors and banners, etc.

I have one concern though, I have the bow and book for the table in the vault, but when I pull the lever it tells me I lack the required items. I might be a fool, but I even read over the guide for this mod to see if I missed something. Can anybody help me?
Lancet11 Oct 21 @ 10:40pm 
lovethe mod only problem is I cannot use anything in the tower. took a trip to the vault and now it brings up the decision to do stuff but doesnt actually do anything. If theres something to fix this im all ears
Krilon Bane Oct 16 @ 2:21am 
Not sure why but there is a bug where 3 of the beds in the Living Quarters won't show up. After you've bought the furnishings (and activated it to your deed), how ever the room turns out is permanent. Because of this, not all my staff sleep and just stand next to the chests that are in front of where said beds should be. This is really annoying for a vampire trying to feed without getting caught.
Alator Oct 10 @ 8:27am 
I am still unable to figure it out, help please?
Alator Oct 7 @ 10:48am 
How do I get Magetallow candles? Could someone please help me? I couldn't find any clues on even his website :P