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Enhanced Cities: Helgen
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Mar 13, 2013 @ 2:54pm
Mar 16, 2013 @ 10:03am
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Enhanced Cities
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Now you can rebuild Helgen and make it beautiful! If you enjoy this mod, please rate, subscribe and favorite it . You can find all my other mods just here. [ http]


Adds hundreds items to the city, including:

• Trees and plants
• Animals and Insects
• Light sources
• Containers
• Furniture
• 21 unique NPC (including merchants, bard, blacksmith)
• 6 new interiors (inn, house, player house)


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• Is that mod compatible with the main quest and the DLC?
==> This mod is fully compatible with the main quest of Skyrim and the DLC (they are not required).

• How can I rebuilt the city?
==> To repair the city, you should go talk to the architect who is in the jarl house of Whiterun. It will cost 30,000 septims.

• The architect don't want to speak with me ...
==> You have to save and load this new save, it will fix that bug.

• I payed 30,000 septims for what?
==> Now you're the owner of the Hunter's House in Helgen with a lot of chest and mannequin.

• The first quest of the main quest is in french!
==> I fix that bug, you have to download the new version of this mod.


This mod is compatible with Dawnguard , Hearthfire and Dragonborn and incompatible with other mods that modify Helgen.
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thegamer695 Sep 7 @ 12:31pm 
I don't like this at all. I downloaded it and my game got corrupted! Worst mod ever.
runemaster200 Aug 21 @ 12:31pm 
fix the stuff thats not working fix the houses and the tower and the people too.
TheUltimateGamer Aug 19 @ 12:13am 
and helgen is part of whiterun
nd also do it so when you "go to jail" the jail is the keep and yeah :P so you dont have to go jail in FALkrEATH
TheUltimateGamer Aug 19 @ 12:11am 
um... a single bed wat if i want to bring my missus to live with me -__-
johnnygui2010 Aug 15 @ 8:31pm 
How do you start the main quest?
TheStalker Aug 9 @ 11:43pm 
Could you make it where the keep is repaired? Dat would be Sweet :D
Merp Jul 23 @ 8:31pm 
I totally agree with EXdevil, but i would need one for windhelm (death to the stormcloaks and all)
Théo Jul 19 @ 4:27am 
Français -> Salut! j'ai cru avoir compris que tu étais français donc ma question est: le mod éxiste-t-il en français (ou as-tu le projet de le traduire) ? Je te fais ma question en anglais au cas où...
English -> Hello! I think you are french (like me) and I want to ask if this mod exist in french or if you can translate it.
EXdevil Jul 12 @ 8:22am 
Can you do a mod that fix whiterun and solitude after then war? I feel bad because I saved Gildergreen (correct me if I spelled it wrong x3) That will use the same architect guy, and that we'll need to pay him.
arsenije13 Jul 6 @ 7:23pm 
How to remove this mode completly. I bought helgen at architect but when i was removed mod helgen wasnt in ruins.HELP