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The Gallery: Six Elements
Genre: Adventure
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Mar 18, 2013 @ 12:24am
Jan 21 @ 1:09pm
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Exploration School Alpha OUT NOW!!!
Greetings backers! It's finally here!

Video update here:

We put it to a vote in the office. Do we further delay, continue refining, or do we release what we've been working on "worts" and all? This is very much an pre-Alpha release. We have yet to implement a number of features, there are bugs, and we continue to refine and research ideal VR implementations for certain systems (which is a challenge considering that some of the hardware being made to resolve certain issues isn't even available yet!).

That being said your feedback in this process is super important to us so there's no sense in holding back right now! Are we proud of what we've made so far? YES! Do we know this is just the beginning of a longer road? YES! Are we excited to share it with you anyway? YES!!!

Alpha Release Notes and Known Issues

* Movement based microstutter: slight visual stuttering during translation events. (BEING RESOLVED FOR NEXT UPDATE!)
* No DX11 support
* Gamepad & Mouse/keyboard support partially implemented (climbing not yet in place for those controllers).
* Breakables not returning to original state upon respawn events
* Ragdoll system pertially implemented
* Graphical discrepancies related to OVR issues (intermittent shadow pop and water reflection pop)
* Pickaxe cannot be reequipped after dropping
* Physics collision refinements
* Intermittent inconsistency with footfalls
* Intermittent jump interruptions
* Player animations placeholder and or missing for certain events
* Player model placeholder
* Tablet functionality limited
* Placeholder inventory system
* Fire based injury inconsistent
* Paintballs shoot through walls
* Spraycan only useable in pipemaze (forced drop event to limit performance issues)
* Climbing refinements

Download Instructions:

If you didnt have a chance to support our Kickstarter you can get an all access The Gallery: Six Elements per-order right here: . If we are welcomed to Greenlight all orders will recieve a Steam key for their purchase.

Speaking of Steam Greenlight, we really need your help to illustrate to Steam that The Gallery: Six Elements belongs here! This isn't an ordinary game. It is designed specifically for a coming wave of Virtual Reality hardware and it needs a forward thinking company like Valve to give it a home! We would love to take advantage of the Early Access program to iterate our title and make it one of the best VR experiences on market!

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The Exploration School Alpha Release Date
Please Greenlight it!

Positioning ourselves on Steam Greenlight is super important to The Gallery: Six Elements and we need your help to get there! Please take a minute to vote for us on Greenlight so that we can take advantage of their amazing "Early Access" program. This will ensure the very best experience for all of you and future users as we iterate and move forward!

Enough blabber! We can't tell you what your support and your patience has meant to us during this process. We really do appreciate it!

Release date: Q4 2014
"Cross over into painted worlds and randomly generated environments, to unravel the mystery of The Gallery, an immersive first-person adventure for the Oculus Rift"

You don't find The Gallery, The Gallery finds you!


*PLEASE see our Kickstarter campaign for complete project details!*

You are an Urban Explorer. You've done this before, but this time things are different. Something is watching you. Something guides you on a path to the unknown and an esoteric secret lost to time. You must find The Gallery and physically journey into 6 painted portals, individual realities with their own rules, representing the 6 core elements of life: Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Love, and Death. Unravel the true meaning of The Gallery to find 6 sacred, hidden keys. Use your gear, your wits and your imagination to escape The Gallery.

But beware, you are not alone.


Influenced by the Myst series, The Gallery: Six Elements is a transcendental adventure with a heavy emphasis on environmental immersion, exploration & path-finding, physical challenges, puzzle solving and emotional depth.

  • Designed for the Oculus Rift (and future commercial integrations) & Standard Mouse/Monitor configurations
  • Randomized Environments & Path-finding
  • Intuitive Object Interactions (with motion control support)
  • First-Person Mirrors Edge-like Body Awareness/Persistence
  • Immersive, Realistic 3-D Environments, Inspired by the Myst series
  • Natural GUI
  • Physical Challenges
  • Cerebral Puzzles

A Strict "No breaking immersion!" Policy

No cut scenes, no 3rd person, no unnatural interruptions to the game experience. Background loading, natural GUI systems, body persistence/awareness (akin to Mirrors Edge or DayZ), player specific scaling, and intuitive object interactions keep players grounded in the experience at all times.

A big part of feeling like you're there requires a deeper level of care and attention put into thinking about the systems which make us feel grounded and human (not superhuman). The more connected you are to your virtual body the closer you'll be to the experience.

Razer Hydra & Motion Control

Though The Gallery: Six Elements is perfectly playable with a standard mouse/keyboard, or gamepad setup, one of our goals is to include robust support for motion controllers such as the Razer Hydra. We feel that (especially in the context of supporting VR) motion control will be a deeply rewarding tool for interacting with objects and environments. Beyond the obvious control benefits, this extra level of connection with the virtual self will greatly enhance general immersion.

Level Randomization

It happens all the time. You see a game review or playthrough on Youtube only to discover that all the mystery has been stripped out of the game. You've seen all the paths forward, all the solutions. Not so with The Gallery: Six Elements. While some events and game areas are consistent, a large portion of your explorations will occur in randomly generated environments.

You must rely on your mapping, tagging and investigative skills to get you from point A to point B because your journey to those two points will be completely different than that of your friends (and that well meaning Youtube reviewer). You've found The Gallery and want to share that path with a friend? Sorry, your sewer network, your cave, your abstracted landscape, all of these are completely unique to you and your computer.

A Sense of Place

Though The Gallery: Six Elements offers a wide variety of physical thrills, emotional chills and challenges, it is uniquely focused on taking the time to ground you in the experience. We let you set the pace to gain a sense of place, and connection to the experience, for a bigger emotional payoff throughout. Some worlds will make you uncomfortable, some will make you yearn for another visit. In all cases what you'll take with you from The Gallery: Six Elements is a uniquely unforgettable experience driven and paced by you. Something to hold in memory.

The worlds you visit are as diverse as the 6 elements themselves. Explore Water, Air, Earth, Fire, Love and Death themed worlds which exist to unravel the underlying narrative. Puzzle systems and physical challenges are deeply integrated into the fabric of these worlds but they never forget to leave room for quiet exploration and cerebral contemplation.

Tools of the Trade

Tools common to the modern day Urban Explorer are available to you as an aid in overcoming some of the obstacles in your path. Such tools include: a notepad for dynamically charting your location, taking notes and interacting with context sensitive items, a spraycan for tagging areas of interest, a headlamp for much needed light, glowsticks for when the light fails, and a rope for traversing the untraversable.

Virtual Reality & The Oculus Rift

The Gallery: Six Elements will have 2 primary modes of play; standard mouse/keyboard/monitor setup and full Oculus Rift integration with motion hardware controller options.
Some Quick History

For over 20 years gamers and futurists have been awaiting the arrival of truly compelling Virtual Reality technologies. Unfortunately the technology of the 90's didn't quite meet expectations. That all changed in 2012 with the introduction of the Oculus Rift VR headset (developers kit). Receiving 8 awards at CES 2013, rave reviews from industry giants such as Valve, Id Software, engine integrations for Unreal, Unity, Dice's Frostbite engine, and media outlet fanfare from sources as diverse as the New York times to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Our Passion for the Oculus Rift

When we were introduced to the Oculus by Palmer Luckey via the MTBS3d forums (before the Kickstarter insanity) we knew it marked a new future in gaming possibilities. When we mention the Oculus Rift in the context of this campaign, it isn't merely a stretch goal or a secondary "add-on" feature. The Gallery: Six Elements was inspired by and designed for the Oculus Rift.

As an early contributor to the record breaking Oculus Kickstarter campaign, CloudHead Games invested in 2 developer kits with the early intention of building a game specifically for the Oculus Rift. The Oculus Rift appears to be on a course to radically change the gaming market in the very near future and we want to be involved in shaping that future.
Designing Games for VR

We are designing The Gallery: Six Elements from the ground up to take advantage of the unique opportunities virtual reality brings to the format. With that journey comes a responsibility to understand the language of VR and a variety of unique challenges that don't normally apply to traditional "at a distance" gaming monitor experiences.

Being long time VR enthusiasts (Yes, we're that old!), We are uniquely sensitive to not only the issues of VR, but also to the potential it yields. We understand that being creative with game structure as well as understanding VR's limits and strengths is key to making VR work in a way that is rewarding to the senses. Most modern games in fact, don't or won't easily translate into this format because of these differences in approach. A hastily ported game or a game that isn't designed from the ground up to accommodate some of VR's challenges will likely result in an unpleasant experience.

Supporting VR is as much about what you don't do, as what you do do and we are being sensitive to that throughout development.

Calling all Oculus Rift Developers!

We see all of you as brothers-in-arms, brave pioneers of the new frontier! We want you involved, traveling with us on this journey. We would like to invite you into our process, to help us identify issues and to find creative solutions. We want you to learn from our trials and tribulations.
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Laudrac Sep 17 @ 12:39pm 
When will it be possible to get early access on STEM? The possibility have been switch off from your page but nothing has been activated here. so what is the planned dat?
DRGMOD100 Aug 15 @ 4:35pm 
@Cloudheadgames cool can't wait if I hade any money to give I would donate keep up the amazing work dude and will you incorporate full body tracking with the six sence stem
RJ Jul 26 @ 1:27am 
Cloudheadgames  [author] Jun 30 @ 2:02pm 
@DRGMOD100: Yes, in a slightly different form ;)
s2d3ntd1n Jun 26 @ 9:51am 
На русском и я бы поиграл.
DRGMOD100 Jun 10 @ 7:58am 
Will exploration school be in the first version
Frodo May 11 @ 10:27am 
need for Russian language!!!
Frodo May 11 @ 10:21am 
Здорово,я бы поиграл)
Amir Rouichi /OFF/™ Apr 22 @ 12:58am 
Look like cool* need one free when released :D
Phaserlight Mar 16 @ 8:13am 
Definitely looks like it has a strong Myst vibe about it, with some cool added elements. I really like the idea of the Watcher, plus Oculus with Hydra support. Urban exploration, too...