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Wear Circlets with Hoods
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Feb 20, 2012 @ 7:44pm
Mar 9, 2012 @ 5:54pm
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Wear Circlets with Hoods

This is for the people who wanted me to add regular hoods to my previous mod allowing circlets with hooded robes. This allows you to wear circlets with any hood, including hooded robes. This is my third mod.

There are far too many hoods to list each one this applies to, but please let me know if I have missed any and I will be glad to add it ASAP.

- There may be some clipping issues with smaller "hoods", such as the Thieves Guild hood.
- This works with Dragonpriest masks as well, since they are considered "circlets" for some reason.
- For my mod with just hooded robes, please visit: but you do not need it if you are already subscribed to this one.
- This does NOT affect other modded hoods. If you would like to be able to do this with other people's hoods, you will have to talk to the developer of those mods and request that they remove "circlet" from the highlighted slots in the item info.

My file on Nexus:



Using the "Weapon and Armor Fix" mod changes the ability to wear a circlet with the Archmage Robes. I have enabled it, again.
NOTE!!!: You must make sure that this mod is loaded AFTER the fixed mod (make sure it is further down in the list in the "Data Files")


- SO! I recently reported that there was a bug with the thieves guild armor, and I thought my mod had lost the textures. I have figured out that applying my change to "Thieves Guild Hood Alt" and "Thieves Guild Variant Hood" (both of which I'm pretty sure are not equippable, anyway) caused the CK to lose some of the thieves guild textures, for some reason. I have removed those changes, and now my mod is fully functional again! Please don't stand too close to me, as I am flinging sweat off my forehead in every direction.
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TheWeedWizard Jul 5 @ 4:31am 
can you put in the vampier hood fore dawngaurd?
KerooSeta Jun 28 @ 1:01pm 
How was this not already in the game. A++
tombombadilthe3rd May 31 @ 12:25pm 
This mod is my soul already, But It also gave me another idea!
Could you make it so clothes can be worn with armor like in morrowind?
Victoryguard May 22 @ 7:43am 
Shrouded Hood, the cloth not the light armor version seems to not accept circlets - don't know why as the ancient shrouded armor and normal shrouded armor have no problems with wearing diadem of the savant. TG armor has some other odd goofs to it viz do not wear the hood if you become a vampire or it will look like the face sculptor took a chainsaw to your hairline.
Nightingale hood? Otherwise, the mod is not working for me
Jo★Ёrudite★Marksman Apr 17 @ 5:52pm 
i never use Circlets , because we cannot wear any hood with any circlets .,the weird thing is , one of the follower names Serana, the vampire one., she can perfectly wear circlets with her own hood .,there's no problem at all before any mod installs....

i thought what's point of circlets, looks somehow useless in game., now this mod makes whole thing different.., great idea, thank you very much, appreciate what you have done.,
Vattende Mar 19 @ 1:36am 
it's a great idea, but work mostly only with standart hoods, and some don't nore, like the shrug. But i nice step in the good direction.
Thanks for the mod !
.rimE Feb 8 @ 7:33pm 
Finally, i can equip my Mage Circlet and an adept mage hood
Weeaboo Jan 10 @ 4:55pm 
Will i be able to equip a circlet and my dragon preist mask (Morokei)?
Antares Dec 29, 2015 @ 3:20am 
Just cheking all my mods, to see if I have the THUMBS UP activatet on all the mods i uns, which all you creative people out there deserve!
And to use this opportunity to say thank you once again for all that work!

Thank you all for adding your own special touches, the humor, sharing your ideas, solving problems and (dang, what is ther word...?) .............needs!
Making Skyrim an even better place and an endles game:
Allways some new things to discover and try!

To all of you the best wishes for the New Jear, in private as well and here in Skyrim.